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Kappa Mikey

Season 1 Episode 18

A Christmas Mikey

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Dec 07, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks
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Episode Summary

A Christmas Mikey
When Mikey feels like Ozu doesn't need him he is tempted to go back to America. The night before his flight, Mikey is visted by his guardian Angel. They show him what his castmates lives would be like without him. Meanwhile Ozu is visited by the ghosts of Japanese Christmas to try and show him the error of his ways.moreless

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    well, what can i say. this episode has it all. the "mikesuki" ending was heartwarming. the guano and ozu ending had it all. the plot was funny, and shocking. you can see they had fun with the episode. you can only see it once or twice a year. even if it's not christmas, it's fun to see this in july or october and start counting down the days till christmas comes. this may or may not be my favorite episode but it's probley the most memorable. the mikey/mitsuki moments are so cute. and guano actualy has a background. WHO KNEW!?! bottom line is, watch it, love it, good!moreless
  • This is the best Kappa Mikey episode.

    It is Christmas and Mikey wishes he never went to Japan.Lots of things happen.Things that you'd never guess had to do with Mikey.I like the ending the most.Nobody would guess Guano is Ozu's son.Although it is not mentioned in future episodes.I also was glad the future ghost told Ozu that he would be reunited with his son.I did not want Ozu to ruin Christmas.Except he knew his son all along.So I like this and it started to get me into this show.moreless
  • A special holiday episode with a special holiday ending!!

    Mikey decides to go back to America after Ozu refuses to give him a new contract. He is visited by his guardian angel, who grants his wish of never coming to Tokyo. Mikey then sees all his friends lives without him, and realizes how horrible everything would be. Guano becomes a chimney sweep, Gonard is evil since no one yelled \"Cut!\" during the last LilyMu taping, Lily is a mother of at least a dozen kids, and Mitsuki is-- I\'d rather not say. Meanwhile, Ozu- the Japanese Christmas Scrooge- is visited by the ghosts of Japanese Christmas past and present. After looking into his past and seeing how his family left him on Christmas, however, they decide not to help him like Christmas, but to destroy it. While on the verge of destroying the LilyMu Christmas party, Ozu is interrupted by the third ghost, the ghost of Japanese Christmas future! after being set straight, Ozu becomes a cheery old man again, while Mikey learns his lesson and his angel returns everything to normal. After Ozu and Mikey rejoin the group for the Christmas party, Guano learns of Ozu\'s horrible Christmas past. He then realizes the truth. He reveals to Ozu his true identity. Very good episode!moreless
  • It had everything i ever wanted in any episode of anything!

    the season on Kappa Mikey is over. so Mikey has to talk about reknewing his Contract.

    Mitsuki with hearts aroundher-Awsome job Mikey!

    Lily- whatever...

    Mikey talks to 0zu about his contrac but because of 0zu's hate for Christmas, Mikey gets affended. and decides to go back to America.

    Mikey meets his Gardian Angel and 0zu gets a vits from a host. sldy, 0zu has a great reason for hating christmas. he left his family, wife& son,not seen, to make money and when he came back they were all gone. Sadden by the story, the 1st-Ghost hates Christmas too. the 2nd-ghost comes and is sadden by the story...


    Mikey tells his Angel he wishes he never came to Japan. so eh sees life without Mikey.

    so, someone else won the contest so Lily Mu was canceled.

    Gawno lost his hope in directing so he became a chimney swip.

    Mikey-is that why he has that accent?

    Angel-no, that's just Gwao trying to be cool.

    Gonard never heard Cut so he never stopped acting like a villain

    Lily got really fat, married Yoshi and has street kids following her, i don't know why.


    0zu and theghosts are ruining the Christmas party the Lily Mu cast made. the 3rd ghost came in,

    Future Ghost- Harry, James? what are u guys doing?

    Past Ghost- hey Greg, we're ruinng Christmas.

    the Future Ghost tells 0zu he will find his son on Christmas so he changes his heart. the other 2 host are morons.


    Mikey looks for Mitsuki. she was a big hit for a while but it didn't last long. so she wnt insane with a monkey.

    MIkey can't stand how miserble his friends are so he stays and goes to 0zu's Christmas Party. everyone's happy, 0zu is happy and sorry.

    the cute part is at the end Mikey kisses Mistuki under mistoe. she faints, he blushes it's all cute.

    plus, Gwano is 0zu's son!moreless
  • More animation, more Mikey, and more Japanese snow? Yeah... Read this review to see hw I Don't really explain myself. :)

    This was one of the best Kappa Mikey episodes up to date. The animation as the season goes on, you can see, has really improved. This episode features many different backgrounds, that are new, with actual full character animation instead of sectioned animation. Everything about this episode is better, along with the plot line. Sure it is randomly funny still, but it's got a more deep plot line referring to Ozu's past, and Mikey Simon wanting to leave Lily Mu? Don't want to give it all away, but you should check out this special Christmas special for the Nicktoons original series, Kappa Mikey. :)moreless
Lex Woutas

Lex Woutas

Japanese Ghost of Christmas Present

Guest Star

Dan Green

Dan Green

Japanese Ghost of Christmas Future

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Mikey: Gonard, you're not evil! Gonard: Thanks. I've been using a new deodorant.

    • Gonard: You're good, Kappa Mikey. Real good.
      Mikey: The best.
      Guano: Cut? (excited) Cut! That's a wrap, people!
      (crew cheers)
      Mitsuki: Mikey, that was amazing.
      Lily: Yeah, for once you didn't destroy the whole set.
      Mikey: Ain't no thing but a sumo ring. (tips over a camera and chaos quickly ensues) Sorry.
      Guano: You know what, who cares? We're done for the season!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Mikey and Mitsuki share a breif kiss under the mistletoe.

    • I'm appalled that no one added this:~
      throughout the episode, it is slowly revealed that Ozu lost his son long ago. Finally, at the end of the episode, we find out that Guano is truly Ozu's son, not only solving the mystery of Ozu, but also the mystery of Guano.

    • There is only one LilyMu scene in this episode, since the cast finished the scene perfectly in the first take.

    • This marks the first time an episode didn't end with a LilyMu segment and the first time a segement went by perfect without Mikey destroying the set.

    • This episode first aired as part of Nickelodeon's "Ha-Ha Holidays" segment in December 2006.


    • Mikey said he would like metal wings. This could be a reference to Archangel of the X-Men, who had feathered wings, then they got replaced with metal ones by Apocolypes.

    • What happens to Mikey in this episode is a parody of Frank Capra's 1946 classic film "It's A Wonderful Life". About a man named George Bailey who wishes that he had never been born, and then gets to see what the world would have been like without him.

    • Mitsuki's alternate situation (living in a delusional state alone in a mansion) is an allusion to the 1950 feature film Sunset Boulevard, about a former silent film star who slips into madness after fading into obscurity.

    • Ozu's plot to wreck the cast's Christmas Party was similar to How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss.

    • The title and what happens to Ozu is a reference to the movie "A Christmas Carol" about Scrooge being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.