Kappa Mikey

Season 1 Episode 13

Big Trouble in Little Tokyo

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 03, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks
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Episode Summary

Big Trouble in Little Tokyo
While horsing around, Mikey and the gang discover a secret floor in LilyMu Towers. Inside, they find a mad scientist and his enlarging ray. Gonard gets hit with the ray and now its up to Guano to use it on himself and defeat MegaGonard.

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    Marc Diraison

    Marc Diraison

    Dr. Igore

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    Jeffrey John Nelson

    Jeffrey John Nelson

    Hideous Blue Blob

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    Lex Woutas

    Lex Woutas

    Woman in Movie

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • When Gonard and Guano are giant, they're short enough to fit in the lab. But when both of them jump out, all the sudden they're bigger than nearly every building in Tokyo!

      • In the scene where Mikey and Gonard are destroying Dr. Igor's lab, watch closely. There's a scene where Mikey slices up Dr. Igor's bonsai tree. This is the same thing he did in Mikey Impossible to Ozu's bonsai tree, even with the exact same sword.

      • In keeping with the number 13 theme, this is also the thirteenth episode aired.

      • The numbers Gonard hits with his hands, 4 and 9, and when added equal 13, are an allusion to japanese speech, in which 4 is pronounced the same as death, while 9 is pronounced the same as suffering.

    • QUOTES (14)

      • (Mega Gonard rampages around Tokyo)
        Random Man: Oh no! The Fireworks factory!
        (Gonard steps on factory, fireworks shoot up into the sky)
        Random Man: Not the wolf factory!
        (Gonard steps on factory, barking wolves run out of the factory)

      • Guano: Mikey, for once just listen to me. Let's Go!
        Mikey: Not till I touch Gonard with the Death Hand!
        Gonard: Yeah! I wanna know the slumber of lost souls.

      • Hideous Blue Blob: Do not go in there.
        Mikey: You heard the monster. Let's check it out.

      • Lily: Great,now Mega Reject is loose in Tokyo.

      • Mikey: Hey! Look at me! I'm a distraction!

      • Guano: Does this mean you're gonna let me go?
        Dr. Igor: Ha! Of course not. But, I'll try to make this as pleasant as possible. Set the laser to maximum pain!

      • Dr. Igor: Citizens of Tokyo! For too long, you have ignored Dr. Igor! For too long have you denied me the respect I deserve! Now it's- It's-
        Guano: Payback time?
        Dr. Igor: Yes! It's payback time! Unless you give me everything I want, I will use my Size-Mo-Lazer and Guano's Power Crystal to make myself incredibly small!
        Guano: Ahem. Sorry to interrupt, but maybe you should make yourself bigger instead of smaller?
        Dr. Igor: Hmmm... bigger. Good idea. I shall make myself enormous and then I'll- I'll...
        Guano: Destroy all of Tokyo.
        Dr. Igor: Destroy all of Tokyo!

      • Mitsuki: Gonard hit both four and nine and if you add them together you get-
        Gonard: The letter M!

      • Lily: Nobody panic.
        Gonard: Help! I'm too beautiful to swim!

      • Ozu: For you.
        Yes Man: A sandwich? This is the nicest thing you ever gave me!
        (Ozu's phone rings)
        Ozu: Hello?
        Lily: Ozu! We're stuck in an elevator and we gotta rescue Guano!
        Ozu: Not now! I just gave Yes Man a sandwich full of painful spicy Wasabi.
        (Yes Man takes a bite of the sandwich)
        Yes Man: Why would you do this?!
        Ozu: It's a blooper!
        Yes Man: But there's no camera!

      • Dr. Igor: All the classic movie monsters were my inventions! Mega-Rat! Mega-Snake! Mega-Mom!
        Mikey: Yeu made all these?!
        Dr. Igor: Forbes helped out.
        Forbes: I designed the monster's butts.

      • Gonard: Look! It's the moths from the movie, "Attack of the Mega-Moths."
        Mitsuki: And his death ray from "Mega Night of the Death Ray"!
        Mikey: Sweet! Dracula's retainer and the long lost ending to "Mega-zilla 7: Birth of Mega-zilla!"

      • Guano: Movie time's over.
        Mikey: Come on! The three-headed Mega-Dragon's gonna fight a Mega-Turtle with four butts!

      • Ozu: New, from LilyMu! It's the "LilyMu: Super Bloopers" DVD! On sale for only five thousand yen!
        Yes Man: Bargain of the century!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • The line "The wolves can open doors now" (said by the panicking man on the roof)may be a reference to Whitley Streibers book "Wolfen" (later made into a famous horror movie". In the book the wolfen are revealed to be intelligent wolves with amongst other abilities prehensile paws that can open doors.

      • The title is a reference to the movie "Big Trouble in Little China" about a trucker getting dragged into a battle in Chinatown.