Kappa Mikey

Season 1 Episode 7

Easy Come, Easy Gonard

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 27, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks
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Easy Come, Easy Gonard
When Mikey’s irresponsible spending causes him to go into debt, he must go into business with Gonard to bail himself out. When the lemonade business sours the two find themselves in debtors’ prison. Lily and Mitsuki must rescue Guano after he is mistaken for a toy by two greedy boys at the mall.moreless

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  • Mikeys irresponible spending puts him in 20 million yen in dept. Gonard suggests a lemonade stand which makes them millions which they end up giving away in hopes of kids saying that there lemonade is better. This gets them into debters prisonmoreless

    Kappa Mikey is one of the best shows on TV, espicailly for comedy. About 50% of what people say is extremely pointless but there aren't many TV Shows that are better. Not the best episode but certinaly one of them. Gonards humour always seems to make me laugh no matter how I'm feeling. Of course a lemonade stand doesn't make you millions of yen in mere hours which once again made it just as funny. How Mikey is always managing to find himself in trouble like this near seizes to amaze me. Definately one of the best episodes yet. Those of you with a sense of humour will love it.moreless
Lex Woutas

Lex Woutas

Poor Boy

Guest Star

Bella Hudson

Bella Hudson

Mr. Tatami's Kids

Guest Star

Dan Green

Dan Green

Mr. Tatami

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Zoe Martin

Zoe Martin

Mikey's Mom

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    • Mikey: This is embarrassing, Gonard. Only kids sell lemonade!
      Gonard: Not true. Those kids over there are selling particle accelerators.
      Kid at Particle Accelerator Stand: Frankly, I'm embarrassed for you.

    • Mitsuki: Ooh! Let's go to the Tatami megastore. They've got everything!
      Gonard: Yeah! That's where I bought my virtual reality machine.
      (places toaster on head,covering his eyes)
      Mikey: Awesome!
      Guano: It's just a toaster he found in the street.
      Gonard: It's like I'm... on a roller coaster! Woo hoo! (runs hard into a wall) Oof!

    • Mikey: Talking dogs, check. Lasers, check. Talking dogs with lasers, check!
      (adding nothing but toys to his shopping cart)

    • Mikey: Well, I'm out of schemes. You got any ideas, Gonard?
      Gonard: Yes, but I need forty stout men, a car made of chocolate and all the pickled clams we can lay our hands on.
      Mikey: Oookay, any other ideas?
      Gonard: About pickled clams?

    • (Team Lilymu is escaping from the Tatami Room):
      Gonard: I wasn't cool at the lemonade stand either. Buds again?
      Mikey: Sure. You can't put a price on a good friend.
      Gonard: Even 50 gajillin megabillion?
      Mikey: (intrigued)I'm listening.

    • Gonard: (to Mr. Tatami) You're stupid Tatami Room doesn't scare us!
      (Mikey places a ViewMaster in front of Gonard's eyes)
      Gonard: See? That doesn't look so--(Mikey hits the slide button on the ViewMaster) Oh, the humanity!

    • Guano: I am not a doll!
      Mr. Tatami: That's exactly what our dolls are programmed to say.

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