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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Switch
      The Switch
      Episode 1
      Mikey has trouble finding an apartment and, going with Ozu's advice, moves in with Lily and Mitsuki. At the same time, Guano and Gonard have trouble on the set.
    • Mikey Impossible
      Mikey Impossible
      Episode 2
      Ozu decides to take a vacation- his first in several decades. Before going, he reads off a long list of rules- most importantly, not to harm his prized 500-year-old Bonsai tree. Of course, even before he reads this, Mikey accidentally sets the tree aflame. Now, Mikey and most of the gang (excluding Lily, who is their temporary boss, and doing all she can to keep them busy) must work to replace the Bonsai before Ozu gets back from his unusually short vacation.moreless
    • Ship of Fools
      Ship of Fools
      Episode 3
      A new Kappa Mikey game is released and Mikey goes berserk trying to get a copy. In Mikey's absence, Lily is getting swept into the charm of Suave Mikey, a Mikey look-alike, whom they mistake for the real Mikey. However, Mitsuki is quite suspicious- does Mikey really have a car, a boat, and memories of a trip to Venice?moreless
    • Saving Face
      Saving Face
      Episode 4
      Mikey's status as a teen idol is threatened when he develops a pimple. His efforts to hide the blemish ultimately lead him to betray his friends to an evil tabloid publisher. Meanwhile, Lily finds a new rival in Socky, a hand-puppet who has replaced her as a Beauty Cream spokesperson.
    • The Fugi-Kid
      The Fugi-Kid
      Episode 5
      The LilyMu cast borrows a secret jacket that can turn you invisible for a prop. Enticed by the jacket, Mikey takes it and goes wild in Tokyo. Upon bringing the jacket back though, the coat gets stolen by a one-armed man. Can Mikey prove his innonence and capture the thief?
    • Mikey Likes It
      Mikey Likes It
      Episode 6
      Mikey throws away Mitsuki's treasured photo album after learning the joys of recycling. Eventually, Mikey recovers it only to discover that all the photos have been removed. Now he must somehow get them back... or create new ones in hopes of fooling Mitsuki. Meanwhile, Gonard and Lily are thrown into a relationship by Ozu to stir up publicity, only to have Guano interfere and make a love triangle. Who will win Lily's heart? Will it be Guano or Gonard? Only a duel can solve this!moreless
    • Easy Come, Easy Gonard
      When Mikey’s irresponsible spending causes him to go into debt, he must go into business with Gonard to bail himself out. When the lemonade business sours the two find themselves in debtors’ prison. Lily and Mitsuki must rescue Guano after he is mistaken for a toy by two greedy boys at the mall.moreless
    • Lily Meow
      Lily Meow
      Episode 8
      Mikey finds a cute little kitten and adopts him as a way to gain more popularity. The plan backfires and the entire media forgets about Mikey and focuses on the cat who becomes Japan's newest star and costs the LilyMu cast their jobs. Trying to get rid of the cat, Mikey hires a cat burgler, one that eats cats.

      Meanwhile, Ozu's plans to open a LilyMu superstore run short when he adopts the cat away from Mikey and fires the LilyMu cast. The LilyMu superstore is now changed to the a Kello the Kitten store.moreless
    • The Good, the Bad, and the Mikey
      When Mikey finds out his childhood hero Captain Impressive is reduced to a bad show at Tatami Megastore, he is devastated. So Mikey changes his image to a bad boy in fear of the same fate.

      Meanwhile, Mitsuki gets dating advice from Lily and is shocked when she learns that Mitsuki's crush is really Mikey.moreless
    • The Sumo of All Fears
      After not being able to lift a prob while on set, Mikey decides to go to a gym and get stronger. A sumo named Yokuzuna becomes Mikey's newest rival and a mysterious trainer helps Mikey in defeating him.

      On a tennis court, Gonard is working on his game until he is embarrassingly defeated by the ball machine. When the rest of the cast asks what happened, he describes an assailant that sounds exactly like the ball machine.moreless
    • Lost in Transportation
      The cast is scheduled to perform at the birthday party of the son of a major LilyMu advertiser. Mikey decides he can get there on his own and proceeds to get lost in Tokyo. As the cast does all they can to stall for him, Mikey joins a Tokyo motorbike gang and eventually becomes their leader.moreless
    • Splashomon
      Episode 12
      Ozu's cherished jade tigerfish ends up missing and he's determined to figure out why. He questions the entire cast for answers, but they each respond with different points of view of the crime.
    • Big Trouble in Little Tokyo
      While horsing around, Mikey and the gang discover a secret floor in LilyMu Towers. Inside, they find a mad scientist and his enlarging ray. Gonard gets hit with the ray and now its up to Guano to use it on himself and defeat MegaGonard.
    • The Phantom of the Soundstage
      When Lily gets sick of Mikey's pranks, she becomes allies with the evil Phantom of the Soundstage. After the Phantom takes it too far, Lily must save Mikey before the pranks end his career.

      Guano's suit starts to break down and now he has to deal with what life will be like outside of his costume.moreless
    • Battle of the Bands
      After coming across a bunch of musical instruments in the audio booth, the gang decides to start a band. Unfortunately, they are really bad. When Ozu listens however, he mistakes Mikey's cell phone ring tone for their music and turns "LilyMu" into an act to take advantage of their musical prowess. They go along with the lie for a bit until a group of girl rockers call them out. Then it's time for a Battle of the Bands.moreless
    • La Cage Aux Mikey
      La Cage Aux Mikey
      Episode 16
      A reporter from Mikey's hometown of Cleveland comes to the set. When doing the story on Mikey, he deceives the reporter to make himself seem more important. Now his parents are coming to visit because of the story and Mikey must convince his friends to play along.

      Meanwhile Ozu and Yes-man try to create a weather machine for a mysterious reason.moreless
    • Reality Bites
      Reality Bites
      Episode 17
      When Guano gets writer's block, Ozu puts the cast on a reality show to fill time. Because of the always filming cameras invading their lives, the gang takes severe measures to escape from the show and it's new reality twist.
    • A Christmas Mikey
      A Christmas Mikey
      Episode 18
      When Mikey feels like Ozu doesn't need him he is tempted to go back to America. The night before his flight, Mikey is visted by his guardian Angel. They show him what his castmates lives would be like without him. Meanwhile Ozu is visited by the ghosts of Japanese Christmas to try and show him the error of his ways.moreless
    • The Lost Pilot
      The Lost Pilot
      Episode 19
      Mikey Simon is trying to make his mark in showbiz in his hometown of Cleaveland, Ohio. Down on his luck, he comes across a scratch-off ticket and ends up winning a trip to Japan to star on the once great anime "LilyMu." Time will tell wether Mikey will become Japan's next big star or its next big flop.moreless
    • With Fans Like These...
      Mikey hangs out with the shows fans to boost his ego. He winds up getting kidnapped when the fans can't tell what's real and what's not.

      Meanwhile, Guano is forced to place subliminal messages in LilyMu advertisements so that Lily and Gonard will receive free gifts.
    • Big Brozu
      Big Brozu
      Episode 21
      Ozu gets a vist from Brozu, his cool and irresponsible brother. Because he was born first, he owns 51% of "LilyMu" and decides to run things. He ends up firing his own brother Ozu and making Mikey the producer. Now the cast must learn to deal with Mikey's unusual management style or wind up fired themselves.moreless
    • The Man Who Would Be Mikey
      Mikey releases a magical sword from a stone while filming on location at a park. The gang wants Mikey to use the sword for their own amusement but wind up rescuing him when he gets taken by a dragon.
    • Uh Oh, Guano
      Uh Oh, Guano
      Episode 23
      Ozu sells LilyMu's broadcasting rights to America and Mikey is excited. That is until he sees how they edited the show to make Guano the star. Gonard and Lily use their bonuses to hire a native of Buttstonia to be their maid and do chores for them.
    • Like Ozu, Like Son
      Like Ozu, Like Son
      Episode 24
      Ozu, who realizes Mikey doesn't have a father figure anymore, decides to take him under his wing. While bonding on a deep sea fishing trip, tempers flare when a shark attacks the boat.

      Elsewhere, Guano winds up adopting a Jungle Crow and attempts to raise it in Tokyo.
    • La Femme Mitsuki
      La Femme Mitsuki
      Episode 25
      Mitsuki is discovered to have led a life of espionage when a mysterious stranger tries to convince her to return to her past life.
    • The Oni Express
      The Oni Express
      Episode 26
      Mitsuki, Lily, and Gonard are members of a secret society called the Order of the Oni. The members are among the most powerful men and women in Tokyo. Now Mikey wants to join. The question is wether or not he will be successful.
  • Season 2