Kappa Mikey

Season 2 Episode 20

Mikey and the Pauper

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 02, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • same old story. great jokes.

    its not the best episode of kappa mikey. but it's one of the top 10. there are great jokes in here. especially how gwano is replaced with a dog and with a tape recorder on the dog's neck. tape recorder: hi. sorry that we're late. please don't be alarmed if i start biting you. it's...heh...just one of those days. and the team doesnt realise it's mikey since they gave their name tags to teh poor people. aslo speed racer limo driver returns to fight and fall in love with a evil octopus!!

    a good episode. lots of laughs. can't go wrong with it.
  • Nothing Write Home About.

    Not one of your better "Kappa Mikey" episodes. Mikey is confronted with his downtrodden double after he decides to see how the other half lives while taking the reluctant Guano with him. Mikey trades places with the pauper, Jermar and Guano trades places (again reluctantly) with Jermar's dog, Mr. Poopers. The story is quite weak with little to no laughs and the anime-drawn "Mikey" does not bear much of a resemblance to the Western Mikey(of course that is my opinion). You would think the writers would have had Mitsuki a bit suspicious as she was with Suave Mikey in the "Ship of Fools" episode. Still there was enough to the storyline to keep you partially interested for 23 minutes...unless you needed a bathroom break.