Kappa Mikey

Season 2 Episode 18

Mikey's Memoirs

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 17, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • best episode in the whole season! even funnier than the musical episode!

    mikey thinks writing is easy. so he puts off writing his autobiography. of course he eventually discovers writing is hard. so he asks guano for help and they end up making up lies about them stealing a platinum album from the band which is a kiss rip off "the rockuza" well turns out there was a recent platinum stolen from the rockuza. and mikey and guano have to find it and give it back. the episodes highlight as usual is gonard! who it turns out is a prince. and heir to the thrown. he destroys the castle witha fart. and battles with his evil third cousin groomnard. also the cat burgler returns and uses the cats as weapons! great episode! made me laugh silly!
  • So funny!

    Mikey has to write a chapter for his book before tomorrow morning. But later that night, he gets writers block. So he drinks strong coffee and goes really crazy and talks to yes man for half of the night. So before the next morning, he goes to Guano for help, and Guano says yes. So the two make up lies, including stealing a platinum album form a band called the Rockuza. Later, the Rockuza confront Mikey and Guano, thinking they actually stole the platinum album.

    Meanwhile, Gonard is heir to the throne of his grandfather (Gonard W.Japan), and Lily and Mitsuki join him on his trip to the palace. Since Gonard is a prince, Lily wants to be his duchess. But, Gonard doesn't know how to be a prince, so a Japanese lady teaches him how to.

    This episode to me is VERY funny! I like a lot of parts of it. My final grade: A+ + + +!1 ^_^