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  • Now I know Lilymu towers is in Tokyo.

    I love KAppa Mikey it is a great show. I want more epsidoes this is a cool show. Now this show makes me say I like it so much I want more Newer episodes. Mikey is my favorite character. I can't beleive Mitsuki seems to like him as they say. We learn in this show that Lilymu towers is in Tokyo. i didn't evenknow anything about that till I watched the show. Did you know before you started watching the show? Wow! This is so cool I have to say it again! I just wish for more newer episodes in '08 and/or late '07!
  • Even though it is not that poular, it is ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS IN THE WORLD!!! ^_^

    Like I said, evem though the show is not that popular, it is on my personal favorites! I you don't know what this show is, I will explain it to you. Kappa Mikey is a animated show about a 18 year old named Mikey Simons who didn't get the role of a main charactor of a play. After that, he is sitting on the street. Then, a scratch card flys into his face. He scratches it and wins a role on a Japanese TV show, LilyMu. When he gets there, the cast have a wild time around Tokyo. If this show sounds intersting, check your local listings for Kappa Mikey!!
  • Kappa Mikey's about a teenage american actor who by winning a contest gets to star in the hit show in Japan LilyMu and has crazy adventures with his castmates offset and adjusts to and comes to love his crazy life in Japan.

    Kappa Mikey is hilarious. I can never wait till it comes on. I like Gonard, Mikey, Mitsuki, Yesman,the Recycling song, & the dancing sushi. There should definitely be a season three since the other seasons all went over so well. So far my favorite episodes are A Christmas Mikey, Sumo of All Fears, Mikey Likes It, Lilyboo, & La Femme Mitsuki.
    I feel bad for people who can't get the channel for this show who are true fans and thus I'll set up videos on Youtube and other sites so that they can enjoy all that Kappa Mikey has to offer. Enough said.
  • Try it, you will love it!

    Alright you all now hate me now because of this reveiw, but Kappa Mikey is an alright show. Splashomon was great with all the very odd and silly stories. I thik it is one of the most underated shows I have ever seen. It is a funny show, any questions, good then watch and be amazed. Mikey is and Amarican actor who won a scatch off card and the you ask, he is now the number one tv star in all of Japan. Now he lives in Tokyo doing an anima show called Lily Mu and he always messes up on stage. It is so FUNNY!
  • Decent show and it is interesting to see a show that parodies anime rather than copy it, all around not a bad show.

    At first admitedly I hated this show but then again I was closed minded at the time when it came to most anime-related stuff. The show can be kinda bland to good at times. The characters are decent and its funny to see Mikey with thick outlines which is probably joking with the fact anime's have much skinier outlines most of the time. The one thing I don't like about the show is 89% of the time a character runs its in chibi, why? But then again why not? I wish the limo driver would pop-up more, he's the guy in the intro that looks like Speed Racer but somewhat older and chubbier, is he growin' up to look like Pops? By all means give this show atleast one shot before bashing it for mocking anime.
  • Probaby the Greatest Nick show ever made!

    It's odd how a Western Style character fits into Japan as a TV super hero, and does so well! Mikey, the goof, always somehow manages to mess something up, whether it's a bonsai tree lit on fire by a SWORD, or turning into a rapper -Big Brozu- It's always comedic. Gonard, the idiot, is hysterical! In -Camp-, when he goes to Cheerleading Camp, priceless. Lily, the pre-madonna and ex-star, is spoiled, and crazy. Take Splashomon, for example. Mikey is NOT her pet. Lol. And Mitsuki, the shy vixen, is caring about animals, and has a crush on Mikey -lucky feller-.

    That wraps up Kappa Mikey!
  • I never liked japanese styled shows ...

    and thats why i like kappa mikey, its apparently a parody of japanese animation and despite the annoying animation i get some relief when mikey is the main character (the flash style animation isnt my fave either but at least he moves...) and whenever he's presented in the show. anyway i think the show is funny and for the first time theres an animated show that can make me laugh out loud! Gonard Guano and Mikey are my favourite characters cause Mikey is.... w'ever! Gonard is... well just funny and i'm a sucker for small furry things so Guano is an immediate fave
  • Remind's me of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, or The Simpsons.

    I loved this show ever since it first aired. Gonard and Mikey are so stupid! LOL There has only been a couple episodes I didn't like. I will be so mad at Nick if they cancel this. The theme song rocks, and nobody is evil. Lily can be mean sometimes, but in Mikey at the Bat, she can be good when she wants to be. The Christmas episode makes me cry every time. I had no idea Guano was Ozu's son. I just wish I could see his face. Great show + anime + awesome theme song = Classic!

    P.S Mikey & Mitsuki forever
  • This show is completely crazy! That's why I love it!! Kappa Mikey fits my personally: fun and crazy and also wild!

    People don't really like this show because they believe it's a disgrace to anime. I personally don't really like anime, but this show is different because it has style to it. The show is about an American actor named Mikey who wins a contest and goes to Japa to be on the hottest television show there: LilyMu. His new friends help him through a lot and even though he can be a screw up sometimes, he still makes it though. the show only plays on nicktoons network now and comes on at eight thirty dont miss the awesome show of Kappa Mikey
  • Kappa Mikey is a show with good characters and an interesting concept.

    Many anime fans do not like Kappa Mikey because they feel that it makes fun of anime. But as an anime fan myself, I don't think that's true. The whole concept of mixing standard American animation with what I'll admit as being imitation "Japanese animation" is really a good concept. The characters are all very funny including Mikey and Ozu. And of course, Yes Man. Yes Man is so random sometimes that it's funny. The voice acting is good as well and as almost everyone knows, Goku's voice actor plays Gonard. I'll admit that at first I did not like this show in the least. But I gave it a chance and it grew on me until I became a fan.
  • It is a good cartoon that is better every season and underappreciated

    Kappa Mikey goes over a kid of the USA
    that not more was need by his home , he tries to be actor , but it has go wrong , he had luck when there a paper in his face blow and that there stands that he can go to Japan to be an actor in the popularest serie in Japan :

    He plays in Lili-Mu a hero that with his team save the world from Gonard

    Guano makes the script

    Ozu is the boss

    Mitsuko is Nice and loves Mikey Simon

    Lili plays the boss and hates mikey [Most of the times]

    Brozu is the brother of Ozu

    GoNard plays in Lili-Mu the bad men
    But he should do not a fly pain
    He is some Times Smart and he loves TACO

    Kappa Mikey is a Great NICK. Show ! ! ! !
  • Mikey Simon is funnier than funny

    Personally I love this show. I know at times it has stupid humor, because of Gonard. But still it is a very funny, good show. One of my friends watched an episode and just didnt get it. But you have to understand that they have the smartest stupid on a anime, cartoon show. Yes Kappa Mikey is one of my favorite shows. Its my favorite show that comes on Nicktoons Network. And I fell bad for those who dont have Nicktoons Network, because they will never get to see the off the wall humor of Kappa Mikey. Lilymu is a great show in a show.
  • Anime in a different way.

    This show is soooo funny! It is sort of like an anime, but it is also mixed in with some American-style animation. That's also basically what the story is too. An American actor teenage boy wins a trip to Tokyo, Japan after winning a scratch-off contest. The boy named Mikey settles down in Japan and lands a job as Kappa Mikey on the hit Anime Japanese show Lily Mu! There he meets a whole bunch of funny characters along with a job he'll never forget. There is Lily, Mitsuki, Gonard and lovable Guano. They are the supporting cast of the show Lily Mu. And there is Ozu the manager of the show or something. This show used to air on Nockstoons then Nick and now Nicktoons again, but it is still AWESOME!
  • genius! its really smart in its stupidity. they should make LilyMu an actual show!

    this show is so funny
    im addicted

    people should really give it a chance, i know they would enjoy it!

    one of the greatest things about it are Mikeys parents and their complete randomness.
    for example when Mikey is lonely and he decides to call them. He gets the answering machine of his parents reading random words out of the dictionary just in case he desparately needs to hear a humans voice.

    just great stuff like that.

    not to mention the hilariously great acting talent of the cast of LilyMu. especialy Gonard who plays a great villan but in real life is so sweet and dumb its charming.
    and Lily who in real life hates Mikey with a passion but has to play a girl in love with him.

    so please really watch and enjoy!
    there's some great writing in there ^_^
  • this show.. is very diffrent....

    who thought of this show. it is very diffrent compared to the other shows. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a lol
  • When I first saw this show, I thought, 'Oh. This is dumb.' But at the end of the episode, I was attached to it!

    Kappa Mikey is a show about an American actor, Michael Simon, who recently missed out on getting a role in a play. Feeling bummed, he finds a ticket, saying that he won a role in the hit Japanese TV show, Lily Mu! At the airport, he meets with his co-stars, Guano, Gonard, Lily, Mitsuki, and his boss, Ozu. Guano is a purple furry creature, but it is later revealed that it is just a costume. Gonard is obsessed with sandwiches. Mitsuki has a crush on Mikey, but he is oblvious. Lily hates Mikey, but he has a crush on her. These five always get mixed up in crazy situations, and you have to watch to see!
  • This show has given me a reason to watch T.V. I've never seen anything like it, and that's one more reason why I love it. "Guano Guano!"

    The producer, cast, and everyone else have done a brilliant job on this show. I love Cartoons, and Anime as well, so piling them together in an original fashion was an excellent idea. I'd miss almost anything just to see a re-run, it's that good. You can relate to many of the characters, and the often extreme scenarios make the show so much easier to watch. With such hilarious characters and well written storylines, you never know what will happen next, but it's sure to be enjoyable. Even if Anime or cartoons aren't your thing, I highly encourage you to check it out; I guarantee you won't be that disappointed.
  • It's Futurama in Japan.

    It's unpredictable, nostalgic, and uproariously funny. The greastest thing is that Sean Schimmel (Goku from Dragonball Z) does so many voices for this show. Kappa Mikey does a great job parodying anime. Because the show is so random, all the absurd things work, too. It lso reminds me of Futurama (Fry and Mikey have a lot in common) I think Yesman and Gonard are the funniest characters because of their dialogue and their actions.
  • Kappa Mikey is the best dumb/funny show ever!

    Who could not like this show?! It is more than fantastic it is... Kappa Mikey! I just needed one episode to become a Kappa Mikey fan! Not only for Mikey, who is very funny, but for the group! Gonard, who could be less dummy than Gonard?! Mitsuki with her crush on Mikey, Mikey with his crush on Lily and Lily with her hate on Mikey! Some say Lily should get out of the show for being so mean, but I think it is just her characteristic and there are in life people who really are that way, in almost every place. Plus, I think she is a element that makes this show sooooooo funny!
  • This Show Is So Hillarious

    The Show Is So Funny. Especially Gonard and Mikey!! They Are so stupid together tho. When I watch this show i feel like im about to die of laughter.It is So Funny My friends say im a loser for watching it but i ignore them thats how funny this show is. Im glad the new Season is here cause this show needs to go on for ever and ever...(Like a Bar Notation). I need some oxygen when i watch this show. Its Not perfect its not bad it is in beetween. I hope this show comes out on DVD so i can watch it over and over!
  • I`m glad this was all that was on when it first aired...

    I thought it was an interesting show after seeing many commercials while watching Nicktoons Network one day. Now, I can`t keep my eyes off of the tv whenever this is on! Its a great show in my opinion, no matter how many real anime geeks bash and flame this show, I still like it. Mikey is so funny how he manages to get the whole gang into trouble about every day of the week. But Lily is just plain evil. She deserves to be thrown down a well for treating Mikey like dirt. I`m just really glad that I made a liking to this show and I`m also glad it has made it into a second season. See you next time!
  • I gave this show a chance when it first aired and I'm glad I did.

    I watched this show when it first aired and I'm glad I did.I watched the advirtisments for this show and the ads made this show look cool.So I watched it and the first two minutes were a little boring but then when the episode began it was great.I liked Guano because he is cute and reminds me of Pikachu from Pokemon.And Mitsuki was cool because she is nice and not all girly.Mikey was as funny as Gonard and maybe even funnier.As for Gonard well,I don't really care for him but he's an idiot and we gotta respect an idiot.The only one I hated was Lily because she is evil.Well shows do need jerks like her but she crossed the line.Other than that I love this show.
  • This show is so hilarious! (Gonard is the funniest)

    This show is so hilarious! I cant believe I never watched this when it came out, I thought it looked stupid, but I thought of that to a lot of shows that turned out to be awesome, this is one of them, cool anime, and mostly everything about this show is cool.

    I give this show a 10
  • A Fabulous mix of Anime/American Cartoon Style!

    This is one of my Favourite and Funniest Cartoons Ever!
    It is so Hilarious, but it's very Entertaining as well. It can Easily keep someone Occupied for a long Time. The Humor is Quite Unique, and Oftenely Unexpected. When I saw the Commercial I wasn't Expecting Something Interesting, I Actually thought it was going to be Lame. But then I decided to see it. Right Away I started Loving it! This is a Show with a Very Original and Cool Idea. I also think this show is a Bit Underapreciated, I mean Really. This is Definately a Great Show, there are Barely any shows Similar to this One. This is a One of a Kind!
  • How could anyone hate this?

    Only reason people hate this is because they think it makes fun of anime, which it doesn't! It's an anime parody! There is a huge diffrence between mockery and parodies. It's funny and original. What's not to like about it? I just don't understand. It's a great nicktoon, but it has so many haters but it does have a lot of fans as well. This is a very funny nicktoon and it's great. The plot is a plot to adore, the animation is great, characters are all so funny, and the theme song is catchy. This is one of the nicktoons that's really fun to watch.
  • This is a very funny show.

    This show is a great one and I like it and it's really funny and all. The show is a parody of japanese animation in which it makes it even funnier and the things the characters do are very funny too and the episodes are special and they deserve respect but I like them in all ways and everything the show contains it's comedy and by that is a great Nickelodeon show that I like and many more people like. I think this show can be more successful if it had more action and comedy in it and it could even surpass several nicktoons from time to time if they keep airing this great show in tv.
  • Great Idea, Wrong Approach

    I think this actually could have been one of the better new shows pulled off by nickelodeon, but i know its done with flash and all but thats no excuse, Foster's Home does it perfect. But the one think that bothers me not as much as all the generic anime is Mikey, I Mean come on, if a whole show was animated in such a simplistic way it wouldn't of even got past a pilot. On to the anime, they really don't know what anime is all about. with anime; yes the expressions and the chibi makes it all funny but there still is a stronghold and a good background to make everything work, But Kappa Mikey doesn't have that. and i also know there not really going for a Long Run show here, But a story that doesn't feel like it runs for 11 hours might be nice.

    Finally, The ultimate way to pull this off is getting loads of the Shonen Jump writers and artists and stick them in a room with the orange nickelodeon table and see what they come up with.
  • I can't figure out why so many people don't like this show.

    This show has to be one of the most unfairly disliked shows on air right now. I can't figure out why this is so.
    Maybe it is because it's a parody of anime, and many rabid anime fans would die before allowing their favourite genre to be parodied and get away from it.
    Maybe it is becuase it follows some of Nick's greatest shows and many people can't imagine anything measuring up to (what are admittedly) Nick classics like Fairly OddParents and Jimmy Neutron, which isn't hepled by the fact most of the new Nicktoons are total crap.
    Anyway, the show revolves around the life of Mikey Simon, a 14 year old American who is the star of LilyMu, a Japanese anime show, and his antics around Tokyo. He is joined by Gonard, his best friend on the set; Mitsuki, a sweet girl who has a crush on him; Lily, a proverbial b!tch who Mikey himself has a crush on; Ozu, his stern and fatherly boss and Guano, the show director who appears to be a parody of a Pokemon.
    Generally, this show differs from the rest of the new Nicktoons in that it is actually funny.
    In no way is it in the class of what preceded it, but it is funny (if a little cheesy at times) and can keep me entertained for the whole duration of one episode. Can I ask for more from TV?
  • Really great show don't know why people hate it? Maybe because some people think it makes fun of anime.

    When I first saw the commercial for this show I thought it would be stupid but, one day i changed the channel and it was on I decided to watch it and well... I liked it.

    It was halariuos(spelling) after that I kept on watching episodes. This show is underappreciated many people hate. I think it's mainly anime fans because it "makes fun of anime" well in what why does it make "fun of anime" please tell me because I just don't see it I watch anime and still watch this show and still don't get how it makes fun of anime?

    Well, anyway this is a turly funny show that no one should miss.
  • Okay, as soon as I saw commericials for this show I wanted to see it. I just wanted to see what it was like. Now I'm always watching it. Why? It is HILARIOUS!

    I love all of the parodies Kappa Mikey has, especially the Phantom of the Soundstage one (hehe Fart). I also like how they didn't do Mikey in anime to show that he sticks out. Oh and I always love it when someone is pounding the crud out of Yes-man, "For the Greater Good!". Gounard is pretty funny too, I can't get the picture of Mitsuki pulling a cow out of his mouth out of my head. And then, Ozu! I always think its a riot when he screaming and yelling one second then he is all calm and peaceful the next.
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