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  • Mikey Simon wins a trip to japan, and gets to act in a TV show called "LILY-MU".

    I like this show, it's funny and it's cool how they Are Drawn Different in the show. Guano is cool, and Mikey too. I dont like lily, she is mean to the other actors. It's a silly show with funny gags, the Computer Animation is done well too. Thanks for Reading My review. ^_^
  • I love Kappa Mikey so much I made my own site at www.kappamikeyfans.net

    The thing I love the most about \"Kappa Mikey\" is the fun inventive way it makes fun out of popular culture. Another animated series that is brilliant in the art of molding itself with the times are the long running animated series \"The Simpson\'s\" and \"South Park.\" If \"Kappa Mikey\" follows their successful recipe this show has the potential of running for a long time.

    I really like Mikey because he\'s flawed; which makes him the most human. He\'s always doing stupid things and messing up, but in the end seems to come out of it wiser.

    Mitsuki is the sweetest most caring character of the bunch therefore I think she\'s the most likeable. She has forgiven Mikey on many occasions even though he\'s done dumb things to her. I think that makes for a very admirable quality even for a cartoon character.

    Lily is quite self centered and loud; she\'s always screaming at Mikey. Although this does make for some funny moments so I wouldn\'t want her any other way.

    Guano\'s character is kind of still developing in my opinion Gonars and as well.

    I like Ozu He\'s older and wiser, but still makes mistakes.

    And last but not least the dancing susi I just love them.

    Plus: We have will posting our new exclusive interview with the creator of Kappa Mikey, Larry Schwarz. Check out: episode photo captions, fan art, fan fiction, and stop by our forum to discuss the Lilly Mu gang.
  • Kappa Mikey serves one purpose and one purpose only.

    And that purpose is to show how Japanese animation has completely dominated our society.

    I have not really watched this show (only a little bit of one episode and the commercials), so you probably think I have no right to say anything bad about it. What I am about to say isn't necessarily bad; it's just the message I got from seeing previews and that little bit.

    Like I said in the beginning, this show is a blatant representation of how anime is number one these days and American-style cartoons just don't measure up. See how Mikey sticks out like a sore thumb amongst his anime counterparts? How he tries to mimick their face-faults, sweatdrops, and everything? It's actually kind of sad, but goes to show us that American cartoons just aren't as great as they might have once been.

    I'm not saying ALL American cartoons aren't good, but seeing this old-school-style character in a high-style world...it just says something. And that something is that anime is in; cartoons are out.

  • About an kid who stars in his own tv show.

    Its an very cool show.I mean the character design is amazing.Even though Mikey is normal cartoon style and the others are liked almost japanase style.But this is pretty good.I mean he has an crush on Lily.But Mitsuki,has an crush on him.Even though he doesn't really see it.This show is awsome.It would be cool if it was more anime style and stuff.My favorite character are Mitsuki and Lily.That is only my fav character.I didn't see the first episode of this show.But I did catch some episodes.I find it interesting.I mean whats not to liked about this show? I liked animes.But this is pretty good.
  • What's the guy from Futurama doing in Tenchi Muyo? Oh wait...

    This show is another in a long line of other anime-oriented toons. I think it is a pretty good idea like chocolate and peanut butter together but all I got were cheap laughs in here. The show just looked like it was aimed at children and those new to anime. It's a slice of life show which starts off as an action show. The story of an American tourist in Japan, getting used to its customs and all that, all while starring a leading role in a TV show. What first throws this series off is the character design. First, since Mikey is the American, he gets the black outlines, the wrinkle-free clothes, a lip-synched mouth and four fingers. Everyone else is given their traditional anime design, but almost looks like the designer took lesson off those How-to-draw anime books. And I do not mean those thick, expensive japanese books. The show throws in little animated segments of dancing pieces of dim sum between scenes (ala Pokemon 1st Movie's Pikachu's Vacation), which I believe what occupies the empty spaces the show itself won't fill up. It's hard to find anything funny in this show, except some surprise cameos appearances, and the jokes are like "I've heard that before" or "Nice try" at times. And with higher-rated anime-oriented shows like Teen Titans, Super Robot Monkey Team and the Boondocks still on the air, this show just can't seem to catch up. But this review will be subject to change.
  • It\'s a good show in it\'s own little way.

    Kappa Mikey is probably one of weirder shows I\'ve seen. The art style is absolutely killer: combining American and Japanese animation = sweet! Although this show only airs on Nicktoons TV. It\'s a decent show in my opinion. Not that bad for a 0 not that good for a 10 but it\'s special in it\'s own little way. I like the main plot sub plot story system and the characters are absolutely hilarious. The little transactions between each scene are neat (if not a tad disturbing). I mean come on, how can you go wrong with a show that features a little peice of sushi dancing.
  • Wow what took you guys at TV.com so long to put this on here? Oh right, I like it I truly do but the first couple episode were meh worthy. It's good so far.

    I'm just suprised that this show wasn't on TV.com when it came on Nicktoons Network I think back in february. Anyway the show is pretty good so far but as I said the first few episode before The fugi-kid, one of my favorite episode, got on. Though ship of fools was good too. The only thing I have to complain about the show is the animation is iffy most of the time. Somtimes the characters facial expression are really really odd. So far it's good and I'm suprised by the score it got, I was expecting a 7.somthing score. Well I don't really have much to say about the show, except what took ya so long TV.com?
  • A new favorite show of mine.

    This show is terrific. Although it didn't look too good at first, it proved to be excellent. The first couple of episodes weren't that great, but the show quickly improved. And the plots don't usually take themselves that seriously, but they're not really supposed to, and usually end up being hilarious. Mikey usually gets himself into some situation, which almost always results in hilarity. The characters are loveable, too. Gonard makes for a fun villain on Lilymu, and is funny offstage, because of how dumb he acts. Lily and Mitsuki are funny, too, as they're parodies of girls from girl animes, such as Sailor Moon. Guano is just plain interesting. As is Mikey, especially considering he's often getting in trouble with Ozu, his boss. Also, the Lilymu show that Mikey and his friends star in is fun, and I enjoy all the fights in it. This show is great, and makes fun of anime in a funny way. And it also makes fun of itself, too, sometimes which is a good thing. While I don't quite get some of the Japanese stuff it makes fun of, I get most of it, and I love the show for what it is. Yep. This is excellent.
  • There is good times, and bad, andthis is has more good times, then bad.

    It's hilarous at times with off the wall comedy and humor. The characters seem fresh and funny and the colors are good. The backgrounds and side animations don't always make since, but it's meant to be a big spoof off anime, and it does a great job. You'll see anime characters from real Japanese cartoons spoofed up and made fun of in this show, which I think is quite funny. :) Animation is good in the terms as it's supposed to make fun of, and the story lines are often so goofy, it's not supposed to make sense. A great show from creator Larry Scwartz, who for a long time tried getting a full time cartoon series. Other shows he made was the animated short "Leader Dog." on Nicktoons Network. Don't turn the how off if you don't like the animation, becuase it really is funny and deserves to be on other channels since not everyone gets the channel it is on.
  • Kappa Mikey is one of the best shows I have seen in quite a while.

    Kappa Mikey is one of the best shows I have seen in quite a while.
    In this cartoon, every nation has it's own animated style and all television shows are done with "live" actors. So what happens when an american actor works on a japanese anime? Pure hilarity.
    In this American made anime, Mikey Simon, a struggling Ohio actor wins a contest on a scratch-off ticket and lands the starring role on LilyMu, Japan's former favorite anime.
    Since he is Flash animated, like many American cartoons nowadays, Mikey stands out in Japan like a sore thumb. Luckily for him, that is exactly what Japanese fans love about him... and what viewers love, too.
  • Kappa Mikey was one of those shows you've never heard of but eventually come across and come to either love it's originality and parody of anime or hate it because of the way it makes fun of the shows you love.

    I have never even heard of this show until a few weeks ago. I was watching Invader Zim or some other show on the Nicktoons Network. It was just playing in the background and it caught my eye. I didn't know what this was about or if it was any good. I wasn't paying much attention to the show at first but became engrossed after I watch a few minutes of it. The theme song is done by the Beat Crusaders and quite catchy. I find myself humming it or singing it to myself on more then a few occasions.

    Kappa Mikey is an anime show made in America about an anime show made in Japan. So the show is animated different then most. The main character is outlined in black like most "western" cartoons. Similar to Powerpuff Girls, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, etc. The rest of the cast, crew, and charcters are all animated anime-style.

    The star of both "Kappa Mikey" and "LilyMu" is Mikey Simon, an actor from Cleaveland, Ohio. He wins a trip to star in Japan's once great anime "LilyMu" from a scratch-off ticket. His co-stars don't really think that he is the right choice for the show but all of Japan thinks differently and "Lilymu" becomes a top-rated show again.

    "LilyMu" has a small cast of only 5 actors. Guano is a purple thing that writes, directs, and acts in the "LilyMu" show. While filming, his only lines are his name. He's basically a Pokemon that can fire a beam from a gem on his chest. Next is Gonard. He is the villian of the show. Off set though, he's just a big loveable guy. He is a bit stupid though. Which may be why he's Mikey's best friend. Together they cause all kinds of mischief and mayhem wether it be buying video games from pirates or selling lemonade then giving away the money to compete for popularity.

    Now for the females of the group. Lily plays a sweet innocent girl on set but off, she's actually very cruel and is always trying to ruin Mikey since he came to Japan. She lives together with Mitsuki in LilyMu Towers. Mitsuki is just the opposite of Lily. A short-tempered, butt kicking kind of gal. While Lily despise Mikey with a passion, Mitsuki has a crush on Mikey. Mikey likes Lily though and is oblivious to the fact Mitsuki likes him.

    The crew consists of the boss Ozu, the Yes-Man, and Yoshi the camera man. Not much to be said here except that the Yes-Man is always around Ozu with a witty phrase to be said after Ozu "lays down the law." Yoshi seems to appear at random intervals. Wether it be on a pirate ship or helping Mikey fool Mitsuki.

    Through the episodes, Mikey and the gang encounter many different parodied anime characters, go on lots of adventures, and cause lots of trouble. All in all, I recommend watching a couple episodes and then deciding for yourself if you like this show or not.

    The only downside is that not everyone has the Nicktoons Network. So unless you have Digital Cable or Satellite, you probably will not be able to see it and be missing out. Other then it airing only on a channel most people don't have, I rate this show a 10/10 and mark it as one of my all-time personal favorite shows.
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