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  • I can't stand this show at all!!!

    Ok ,I don't get it.First off , who in the right mind would stick an Amarican style cartoon character along with a Japan style Anime?Doesnt look good at all.The show animators really over use the Anime style like the large head,vains and the sweat bead.It just doesnt see right to have the whole world around "Kappa Mikey" to be Anime based while he is Amarican style based.Maybe if the change it around abit, I might actully watch this.Even after I saw the way everything was drawn,I changed the channel to the Discovery Channel, I was that desprite to get away from it.
  • Kappa Mikey serves one purpose and one purpose only.

    And that purpose is to show how Japanese animation has completely dominated our society.

    I have not really watched this show (only a little bit of one episode and the commercials), so you probably think I have no right to say anything bad about it. What I am about to say isn't necessarily bad; it's just the message I got from seeing previews and that little bit.

    Like I said in the beginning, this show is a blatant representation of how anime is number one these days and American-style cartoons just don't measure up. See how Mikey sticks out like a sore thumb amongst his anime counterparts? How he tries to mimick their face-faults, sweatdrops, and everything? It's actually kind of sad, but goes to show us that American cartoons just aren't as great as they might have once been.

    I'm not saying ALL American cartoons aren't good, but seeing this old-school-style character in a high-style world...it just says something. And that something is that anime is in; cartoons are out.

  • good,good,good show not bad...not bad

    I know that I gave it a low rating but I'm on the good side I dont know why but when I watch it it kind of gives me a good feeling its really funny and I mostly love to watch it with my friends, not alone because I like to share the laughter this show is kind of awkward but I still like it and since I dont have nicktoons network channel means I dont get to watch it but the last one I saw was "a christmas Mikey" which I liked alot!!!!! and I got so surprised at the end...like woah man...well if you wanna watch it I guess you have to wait till christmas ok good bye
  • Mikey Simon wins a trip to japan, and gets to act in a TV show called "LILY-MU".

    I like this show, it's funny and it's cool how they Are Drawn Different in the show. Guano is cool, and Mikey too. I dont like lily, she is mean to the other actors. It's a silly show with funny gags, the Computer Animation is done well too. Thanks for Reading My review. ^_^
  • Wow what took you guys at TV.com so long to put this on here? Oh right, I like it I truly do but the first couple episode were meh worthy. It's good so far.

    I'm just suprised that this show wasn't on TV.com when it came on Nicktoons Network I think back in february. Anyway the show is pretty good so far but as I said the first few episode before The fugi-kid, one of my favorite episode, got on. Though ship of fools was good too. The only thing I have to complain about the show is the animation is iffy most of the time. Somtimes the characters facial expression are really really odd. So far it's good and I'm suprised by the score it got, I was expecting a 7.somthing score. Well I don't really have much to say about the show, except what took ya so long TV.com?
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    Kappy Mikey is a show about a guy named Mikey he lived in America but he got trencfered to japan because he found some compition and he scratched it and won it so he went to japan and went to the adition and won it so Mikey is the star of a show called lilymu with lily gonared micukey and guono I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this show it is amazing and if you have not watched it you shoud and to tell some things about the charecters Mikey likes lily and thinks that lily likes Mikey lily hates Mikey Micukey likes Mikey Gonared LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Samwiches and Guono is afraed of girls lights and furnicher by.
  • I never liked japanese styled shows ...

    and thats why i like kappa mikey, its apparently a parody of japanese animation and despite the annoying animation i get some relief when mikey is the main character (the flash style animation isnt my fave either but at least he moves...) and whenever he's presented in the show. anyway i think the show is funny and for the first time theres an animated show that can make me laugh out loud! Gonard Guano and Mikey are my favourite characters cause Mikey is.... w'ever! Gonard is... well just funny and i'm a sucker for small furry things so Guano is an immediate fave
  • Better Than My Gym Parter's A Monkey & Origenal Too

    Kappa Mikey is an anime about a boy who wishes to be a star & won a trip to japan charater are just like Bobobo-Bobo-Bobob & Super Milk-chan cambined That voices are perfect for any charter & better than the worst shows ever [My Gym Parter's a Monkey, Johnny Test, 6teen]

    Nicktoons keep up the good work
  • This show is very underappreciated. Too few people like it.

    I think this show will do well on television. I have seen only a few of the episodes, and I loved them. This is one of Nick's new shows that I like. Nick is currently going into a dark era, but this is one show that the channel needs. I don't understand why everyone hates it. It's funny, but it has some annoying characters. Gonard is an idiot. I think he's mildly annoying. Lily is a control freak, and I hate people who act like that. Everyone else is great, even Ozu. It's OK that he acts bossy because he is the boss. This is a great show.
  • Oh, come on! No one would have an idea like this back then! Why hate the show? Because it's an anime rip-off? Not!

    I can see it alright! It's not an anime nor a real "common cartoon" you see in the telly. Who would even think of an idea of an American guy going to Japan ending up in "star-dom". It's like worlds collide! An American character in Japanese environment! Now, about the show. It's indeed funny, only a stoic person would laugh at this! The plots usually change and sometimes... no plots at all (as those who said in some website)! The voice acting is good, I barely saw any flaws with the show, unlike some shows made in Macromedia Flash (Kappa Mikey is made in Macromedia Flash!) which have some problems with mouth movement and graphics. Hey, I'm not trying to offend shows! Many of the characters are usually cute when in "chibi" form (when they have small bodies pretty large heads and cute expressions) besides Guano, he's already cute in his... uhh... costume or form? W'ever! I can see Lily is pretty (yeah, pretty arrogant!) in some ways, except when she's mean to people. She's my younger sister's fave character of the show, I also like Lily because I'm just as notorious as she is (Bwahahaha), if someone insults me! I really admire Mitsuki (Oh, come on. She's my account picture!) for her compassion to people. Plus, she's hotter than Lily! She also looks good as a spy (I know it already happened in one episode)! I only like Gonard in his "chibi" form, he reminded me of Mint in "Galaxy Angel", despite Gonard's a moron! In conclusion, I gave this show a 9.5 for it's "fun to watch" thing, the characters, the storyline, and concept (maybe). The missing .5? They're using some characters from other anime without permission to it's creators (originality, please)! Creativity rules in this show! This show rocks!
  • This show is insane.

    My 2nd reveiw after the smurfs. This is the funniest show ive ever seen. Gonard is by far the funniest of all because he eats all kind of stuff. He even ate a picture of a sandwich! ha ha. The random dancing sushi is strange and funny.Guano is purple and looks kinda like pikachu. The show is original and cool in its own way. The most hilarious episode has got to be the bikey episode where mikey makes his motorcycle talk. When characters get mad or sad there heads get all huge. I recomend this show to anyone who likes a funny show.
  • this is like the most boring cartoon show ever.i attualy want to put zero score on this

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  • Kappa Mikey is one of the best shows I have seen in quite a while.

    Kappa Mikey is one of the best shows I have seen in quite a while.
    In this cartoon, every nation has it's own animated style and all television shows are done with "live" actors. So what happens when an american actor works on a japanese anime? Pure hilarity.
    In this American made anime, Mikey Simon, a struggling Ohio actor wins a contest on a scratch-off ticket and lands the starring role on LilyMu, Japan's former favorite anime.
    Since he is Flash animated, like many American cartoons nowadays, Mikey stands out in Japan like a sore thumb. Luckily for him, that is exactly what Japanese fans love about him... and what viewers love, too.
  • Decent show and it is interesting to see a show that parodies anime rather than copy it, all around not a bad show.

    At first admitedly I hated this show but then again I was closed minded at the time when it came to most anime-related stuff. The show can be kinda bland to good at times. The characters are decent and its funny to see Mikey with thick outlines which is probably joking with the fact anime's have much skinier outlines most of the time. The one thing I don't like about the show is 89% of the time a character runs its in chibi, why? But then again why not? I wish the limo driver would pop-up more, he's the guy in the intro that looks like Speed Racer but somewhat older and chubbier, is he growin' up to look like Pops? By all means give this show atleast one shot before bashing it for mocking anime.
  • It\'s a good show in it\'s own little way.

    Kappa Mikey is probably one of weirder shows I\'ve seen. The art style is absolutely killer: combining American and Japanese animation = sweet! Although this show only airs on Nicktoons TV. It\'s a decent show in my opinion. Not that bad for a 0 not that good for a 10 but it\'s special in it\'s own little way. I like the main plot sub plot story system and the characters are absolutely hilarious. The little transactions between each scene are neat (if not a tad disturbing). I mean come on, how can you go wrong with a show that features a little peice of sushi dancing.
  • Great Idea, Wrong Approach

    I think this actually could have been one of the better new shows pulled off by nickelodeon, but i know its done with flash and all but thats no excuse, Foster's Home does it perfect. But the one think that bothers me not as much as all the generic anime is Mikey, I Mean come on, if a whole show was animated in such a simplistic way it wouldn't of even got past a pilot. On to the anime, they really don't know what anime is all about. with anime; yes the expressions and the chibi makes it all funny but there still is a stronghold and a good background to make everything work, But Kappa Mikey doesn't have that. and i also know there not really going for a Long Run show here, But a story that doesn't feel like it runs for 11 hours might be nice.

    Finally, The ultimate way to pull this off is getting loads of the Shonen Jump writers and artists and stick them in a room with the orange nickelodeon table and see what they come up with.
  • This show about Anime people in Tokeo can be interesting to some people but not to me.

    This show about American Mikey living in an Anime world is not very interesting. Its an ok show if your five not that smart and still play pretend. I really do not get the point of this show and why people like it. Tell me people how can you stand this show? I can't figure out what is so interesting about this show. The only thing I like about the show is the anime drawings and Mikeys not even an anime drawing which I gusse gose with the an american living in a anime world theme. Thats just my opinion of the show I'm sure pleanty of people enjoy whaching the show but I think it just dosn't make much seance.
  • okay show

    the show is okay in many ways. i don't really enjoy the annoying little dust mite characters every 5 seconds but other than that the show is pretty comedic... is that a word? anywho i like how you see all these japanese characters and then you see this floppy american guy. ha ha. it's so funny. Gonard is funny with his random lines. "if only we had brought mayonnasie" nobody knows i watch and enjoy this show but i can't help that kappa mikey is mildly entertaining. after all, who can? ......... . ....... .... ..... ... ...... ..... ... .
  • the best anime wanna-be, you'll ever see!

    it's funny, it's annoying, it's gross, it's heart warming , it's.... kappa mikey! those things only make me turn back for more. the characters are easy to understand and the whole theme of this show is groundbreaking. people only hate it becuase they think it makes fun of anime. well, i think america made it so much better! i used to watch anime and i thought it was pretty dumb. (with a few execptions.) i love the show. ozu is funny, gonard will knock you out laughing, and the mikey/mitsuki moments will make you smile. mikey is just a big goofball. he thinks he's a great actor even though he can't get a non speaking role at a local YMCA. if it doesn't make you laugh at least once, your either just a big grump or a huge moron who dosn't understand good animation when they see it. hey, if you don't like it... why nag all the fans about it?
  • Too many people think it tries to be anime. It's not.

    First of all this show is not anime. In fact, it often makes fun of anime, referencing all the bizarre head size changes and visual effects that quite frankly annoy the heck out of me. So maybe that's why I like this show. The basic premise of the show is the off-screen lives of the stars of Japan's top anime, LilyMu. Each episode usually has two central themes dealing with two groups of characters, and generally there is somewhat of a lesson to be found at the end. Although I realize this is supposed to be a kids show, the lessons sometimes feel out of place and sort of forced. The strong points of the show make up for that though. The random humor is what really drives this show, although if those kinds of jokes are not your thing, you probably won't enjoy this much. At all. The show does use a little too much crude bathroom humor but again, that is to be expected from a kids show. The jokes are not all funny, though, and it is one of the more inconsistent shows I've seen in that regard. But when it's funny, it is hilarious (as long as you're prepared for the type of jokes you'll be seeing). For those expecting an anime series with a deep, involving plot or lots of character development, well...I'm sorry. None of that here. But for everyone else, it should provide at least a few laughs.
  • this show.. is very diffrent....

    who thought of this show. it is very diffrent compared to the other shows. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a lol
  • This show has given me a reason to watch T.V. I've never seen anything like it, and that's one more reason why I love it. "Guano Guano!"

    The producer, cast, and everyone else have done a brilliant job on this show. I love Cartoons, and Anime as well, so piling them together in an original fashion was an excellent idea. I'd miss almost anything just to see a re-run, it's that good. You can relate to many of the characters, and the often extreme scenarios make the show so much easier to watch. With such hilarious characters and well written storylines, you never know what will happen next, but it's sure to be enjoyable. Even if Anime or cartoons aren't your thing, I highly encourage you to check it out; I guarantee you won't be that disappointed.
  • A parody of anime, that oddly enough stars quite a few anime VAs!

    The show\'s premise is that an American actor(Mikey Simon) wins a job on a Japanese action show, The boss yells alot(Mr. Ozu), and comes complete with his own brown noser(Yes Man), the director is a furry little pokemon-like animal(Guano), his co-stars consist of a raging diva(Lily) a sweet, but kind of ditzy girl(Mitsuki), and a loveable idiot!(Gonard)
    The show is riddled with pokes at various anime, in one episode there was a detective who bears a striking resemblance to a character from Fooly Cooly.
    By the end of the episode the characters usually end up learning a lesson of sort, sandwiched between two takes of the show in a show(Lili-Mu)
    There's also these weird intermissions with cute dancing...sushi...things...
    The artwork is good, though Mikey is drawn in a completely different style then every one else(part of that whole, American character on a Japanese show idea.)
    It\'s a good show for kids too, in fact it\'s something you can watch WITH your kids! Flash cartoons like this are easier and cheaper to produce then traditional animation so here\'s hoping that also means a long run!
  • Kappa Mikey is a show with good characters and an interesting concept.

    Many anime fans do not like Kappa Mikey because they feel that it makes fun of anime. But as an anime fan myself, I don't think that's true. The whole concept of mixing standard American animation with what I'll admit as being imitation "Japanese animation" is really a good concept. The characters are all very funny including Mikey and Ozu. And of course, Yes Man. Yes Man is so random sometimes that it's funny. The voice acting is good as well and as almost everyone knows, Goku's voice actor plays Gonard. I'll admit that at first I did not like this show in the least. But I gave it a chance and it grew on me until I became a fan.
  • I was actually really hesitant about this show at first, but once i watched it, I really couldn't get enough.

    I was actually really hesitant about this show at first, but once i watched it, I really couldn't get enough. I love anime to death and to see and American show that has Japanese jokes and influences in it just makes my day. I love the fact they make fun of anime, becuase it already makes it that much more hillarious than it already is. :D
    It's also very nice that it has some sort of plot to it. The show could have easily had no plot what so ever, but they actually made love interests and a goal for them to keep LilyMu on the air. :3
    also, one more thing I'd like to point out:
    Kappa Mikey = Kappa Maki = Cucumber Roll???? @.@
  • Anime in a different way.

    This show is soooo funny! It is sort of like an anime, but it is also mixed in with some American-style animation. That's also basically what the story is too. An American actor teenage boy wins a trip to Tokyo, Japan after winning a scratch-off contest. The boy named Mikey settles down in Japan and lands a job as Kappa Mikey on the hit Anime Japanese show Lily Mu! There he meets a whole bunch of funny characters along with a job he'll never forget. There is Lily, Mitsuki, Gonard and lovable Guano. They are the supporting cast of the show Lily Mu. And there is Ozu the manager of the show or something. This show used to air on Nockstoons then Nick and now Nicktoons again, but it is still AWESOME!
  • An American actor cant get work anywere in the states when he wins a scratch and win game he gets cast for an anime show in japan and whacky hijinks happen.

    this shows isnt bad i was expecting another horrible show along the line of Totaly Spies (and other shows that pretend to be anime and arent) although im an anime fan and i thin that the overuse of anime facial expressions can get old real quick but hey its a tv and its a fairly new show so give it time i guess simply put if you want a reasonably enjoyable show watch this show.Its alot more enjoyable than alot of cartoons out there now like (Totaly Spy,The X's, Yackity Yack,)
  • This show is completely crazy! That's why I love it!! Kappa Mikey fits my personally: fun and crazy and also wild!

    People don't really like this show because they believe it's a disgrace to anime. I personally don't really like anime, but this show is different because it has style to it. The show is about an American actor named Mikey who wins a contest and goes to Japa to be on the hottest television show there: LilyMu. His new friends help him through a lot and even though he can be a screw up sometimes, he still makes it though. the show only plays on nicktoons network now and comes on at eight thirty dont miss the awesome show of Kappa Mikey
  • Mikey Simmons es llamado para unirse al elenco de LilyMu. Sus protagonistas podían darse cuenta que algo andaba mal. Pero el público piensa lo contrario, y de repente, Mikey es la nueva estrella del Japón, lanzando los ratings del sho

    ¡La primera comedia espontánea de la Televisión! Cuando Mikey Simmons, actor desempleado de la ciudad de Cleveland, es llamado para unirse al elenco de LilyMu, conocido antiguamente como el show japonés animado más popular, parecía que la mezcla no cuajaba bien. Sus co-protagonistas podían darse cuenta enseguida que algo andaba mal con su personaje. Pero el público piensa lo contrario, y de repente, Mikey es la nueva súper estrella del Japón, lanzando los ratings del show LilyMu de nuevo a la cima. Kappa Mikey es la historia de Mikey y su épica lucha para ganarse el cariño de sus compañeros, aprender algo de la cultura japonesa y verse cool mientras logra pelear contra escarabajos gigantes.
  • One of the greatest Nicktoons in the world

    Cartoon meets anime, best idea ever! This show was funny, but the Christmas one was a little dramatic, but very touching.
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