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  • Kappa Mikey the show that is funny and cool and makes you want to watch it more and more those were the days.

    A show that I love at heart and still love even when it left us. I think other shows like and other should be put off the air because most of the shows are lame and not funny at all. Kappa Mikey was a god to most of us. Even when we hate him he came back to us now the Idol Mikey has left us all. We will never for get when you made us smile Kappa Mikey we will away love you no matter what Mikey. Dream on I wish you come back to us and save the day.
  • Probaby the Greatest Nick show ever made!

    It's odd how a Western Style character fits into Japan as a TV super hero, and does so well! Mikey, the goof, always somehow manages to mess something up, whether it's a bonsai tree lit on fire by a SWORD, or turning into a rapper -Big Brozu- It's always comedic. Gonard, the idiot, is hysterical! In -Camp-, when he goes to Cheerleading Camp, priceless. Lily, the pre-madonna and ex-star, is spoiled, and crazy. Take Splashomon, for example. Mikey is NOT her pet. Lol. And Mitsuki, the shy vixen, is caring about animals, and has a crush on Mikey -lucky feller-.

    That wraps up Kappa Mikey!
  • Genius! Kappa Mikey is so damn funny!

    When I first saw the show, I didn't like it too much, but couldn't help but watch it. I found some parts mildly amusing, and finally decided I didn't really like the show. Then I saw the show again and was ready to admit that I enjoyed it. The show has some cool media references (like showing Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, Chii from Chobits, and someone basically based off of Kakashi Hatake). I like being able to say "Oh hey! That's ___ from ___!" Only the true anime fans would be able to point these things out. It's cool how their American characters are drawn cartoon style and have cartoon expressions whilst the Japanese characters are drawn anime style with anime expressions. Very original. The show overall has an excellent sense of humour and good uses of irony. It's hilarious how Mikey does the things any typical American would do in Japan (like playing with katanas). Anyone who doesn't like this show either dislikes anime or has an underdeveloped sense of humour.
  • "If only we had brought mayonnaise!"

    This show was definitely a funny show, rather than just making into an anime with comedy it was made a parody that was nothing but comedy, granted it wasn't the "perfect show" but it certainly was a very good show

    It ended far too quick to be a considered a great show and even though it ended without finishing everything that should have been shown (like Mitsuki telling Mikey she liked him) you cant go wrong with what was shown like the crazy antics of Gonard, he was no doubt one of the things that made this show so great

    Pretty good show that ended quick and is underrated/disliked for many for no real good reason
  • How could anyone hate this?

    Only reason people hate this is because they think it makes fun of anime, which it doesn't! It's an anime parody! There is a huge diffrence between mockery and parodies. It's funny and original. What's not to like about it? I just don't understand. It's a great nicktoon, but it has so many haters but it does have a lot of fans as well. This is a very funny nicktoon and it's great. The plot is a plot to adore, the animation is great, characters are all so funny, and the theme song is catchy. This is one of the nicktoons that's really fun to watch.
  • just another nick screw up.

    this show is about a guy named kappa mikey who wins a contest and goes to japan. (or at least thats all i got out of it)but if u ask me from how it looks its just gonna be one of many horrible nick shows to come. i was about half way through the show when i though is supose to be funny or did a bunch or morons with 2 much time on their hands decide to get together and make a half a** atempt at making a show? to tell the truth im still not sure. i feel sorry for nick all they got going for them now is drake and josh and avatar. o well i guess one channel can't be amazing forever.
  • Kappa Mikey?! What the heck does "Kappa" mean? That was the question I asked myself when I first saw this show on my TV guide. I decided to check it out. Little did I know what I was in for...

    What word can describe Kappa Mikey? Well, let’s take a look at what this show’s all about. The main idea of the story is that a normal American boy wins a contest to become the star of a once-popular anime TV show, called LilyMu, in Japan. Not knowing what he’s in for, he takes the opportunity and runs with it. When he arrives in Japan, he finds that things are a lot different than anything in America. His costars are all drawn in anime style and are VERY emotional.

    So how’s Mikey going to be able to fit in? Well, he doesn’t. Luckily, that is exactly what the audience wants; Mikey’s American touch causes LilyMu to soar back up in the ratings. He quickly becomes the favorite on the show, causing the other actors to become less popular. Most of the cast doesn’t care, except for Lily, the ex-star of LilyMu, who starts trying to get Mikey fired. As opposed to Lily, there’s Gonard and Guano, who quickly become Mikey’s best friends. Unknowingly, Mikey also has a secret admirer named Mitsuki on the set as well.

    How does this all play out as a TV show? Well, being made as a flash cartoon, it isn’t the best quality show around. However, the characters and story are what attracted me to this show. Every character has their own crazy personality, and they aren’t all attempting to fit in with the society around them, unlike so many of the teen cartoons on TV lately. Personally, I think it’s just what we all needed. Japanese anime is becoming absurdly overdone, and we all needed to see something that’s out of the box. That’s exactly what you get with Kappa Mikey. So what word can describe Kappa Mikey? I don’t think that one word can describe it, so here’s a few: innovative, enchanting, funny, and endearing. If there was any other show on these modern cartoon channels that could have these same qualities, I think that TV would be much more captivating.
  • Okay, as soon as I saw commericials for this show I wanted to see it. I just wanted to see what it was like. Now I'm always watching it. Why? It is HILARIOUS!

    I love all of the parodies Kappa Mikey has, especially the Phantom of the Soundstage one (hehe Fart). I also like how they didn't do Mikey in anime to show that he sticks out. Oh and I always love it when someone is pounding the crud out of Yes-man, "For the Greater Good!". Gounard is pretty funny too, I can't get the picture of Mitsuki pulling a cow out of his mouth out of my head. And then, Ozu! I always think its a riot when he screaming and yelling one second then he is all calm and peaceful the next.
  • A very popular show with Japanese anime, and i think is another great one in my opinion.

    I am proud of Nicktoon's Network airing this show, as it is one of my favorites, but i haven't seen this show in ages, as my family and i have lost the station quite some time ago, but i remember seeing it, and i remember the name. And i looked on the names on the summary page and also remembered who they were, Mitsuki is the blue-haired girl while Lily is the blonde. Ozu is the boss of a particular company so Mikey tries to stay out of trouble and avoid the heat. i also remember seeing the episode where i thought it was so funny! Mikey tries to guard an invisible coat but is then framed by the cat burglar (or something like that) and Mikey keeps saying, "It wasn't me! It was stolen by the one-armed man!" Where his arm was just invisible because the coat was on it. That was a good episode on this excellent animated show! i always enjoy to watch it!:) i also think Ozu is pretty funny when he is angry. :lol: Don't touch his Bonzai tree! i wish i could get Nicktoon's Network back to see more of this great show, but then again i can always resort to the internet. Kappa Mikey is so enjoyable! Mikey is so nice too! It would be extremely great if this show would be kept running for more time to come! Kappa Mikey definitely rules! Plus an extra review bonus would be this info.: i have copied Lily's outfit with a similar outfit of my own many times! That shows i am a Kappa Mikey fan! Also may be the reason i put Trendsetter for the heading, or rather category.
  • This has to be the most pathetic American-Made Show out there.

    You have to be a little kid who never saw Anime in your life to like this show, although this is not even close to it, it's garbage. Stupid Random Humor makes it even worse. I actually can consider it a twisted stereotype of Japanimation/Anime. The creator had to be "on something" when he came up with the idea for this show. I think it's the worst show on Nick and poorly animated. I would rather watch Pokemon Marathons than this. I apologize to all who like this show for me flaming it, I just can't stand how pathetic and stupid it is.
  • just another poorly done american anime to add onto an already long list of poorly done american anime.

    hmmm, where to start where to start? First off, the voice acting is terrible, the anime is not that amazing, and it's basically the same thing in every episode. Mikey does somthing stupid, Ozu fires him, Mikey in some crazy way solves the problem, Mikey gets job back. It's just another person trying to cash off on the anime-craze. Well you ain't getting a cent out of me!! If your looking for a good american anime, skip this mess and watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. It has much better voice acting, beautiful art, amazing storyline, and you never know what will happen at each turn. Trust me, you will thank me
  • Because I wanna strangle them!

    This is one of the worst shows out there! An insult to Anime! The over use of emocionics is truely sad, an insult to my senses. And just how many episodes do the creators hope to get out of a show about a show?! The way they portray the Japenease culture sickens me!I hate American attempts at an anime! In my opnion this show has no potenial, no one can relate to it, AND the animation and dialog sucks! What exactly is that purple thing supposed to be?! Nickalodean have really tested my faith before (cancling Invader Zim) but this is just terrible!
  • I can't figure out why so many people don't like this show.

    This show has to be one of the most unfairly disliked shows on air right now. I can't figure out why this is so.
    Maybe it is because it's a parody of anime, and many rabid anime fans would die before allowing their favourite genre to be parodied and get away from it.
    Maybe it is becuase it follows some of Nick's greatest shows and many people can't imagine anything measuring up to (what are admittedly) Nick classics like Fairly OddParents and Jimmy Neutron, which isn't hepled by the fact most of the new Nicktoons are total crap.
    Anyway, the show revolves around the life of Mikey Simon, a 14 year old American who is the star of LilyMu, a Japanese anime show, and his antics around Tokyo. He is joined by Gonard, his best friend on the set; Mitsuki, a sweet girl who has a crush on him; Lily, a proverbial b!tch who Mikey himself has a crush on; Ozu, his stern and fatherly boss and Guano, the show director who appears to be a parody of a Pokemon.
    Generally, this show differs from the rest of the new Nicktoons in that it is actually funny.
    In no way is it in the class of what preceded it, but it is funny (if a little cheesy at times) and can keep me entertained for the whole duration of one episode. Can I ask for more from TV?
  • What the hell? Another blasted show by Nickelodeon? but this time with Anime and American animation combined.

    This show really is crazy and yes it is an insult to anime makes fun of it yes girls in it can be annoying but they are more annoying in this pile of crap and Mikey Simon the main character is the only one who does'nt look like an anime character meanwhile the others look like anime characters and act even worse than they did in the actual anime shows but Nick have gone too far come on Nick cancel shows like this it's getting pretty boring and it sucks i completely hate this show and will never like it.
  • Anime at its worst...

    This is what happens when an animated character stars into an anime show which in this show , it's mostly anime where as of the main character is well... unexpectingly annoying to say at least.

    Kappa Mikey is like I said , an Anime show at its worst. This show dosen't even have any taste for anything that's releated to my favorite shows with this. All it has is the plain wackiness of any show that's actually over the line of what I watch. The characters are too either stupid nor such general people who they work for a Japanese show. BTW , this is another show created by in my opinion the worst Nicktoon company ever , Animation C.

    Overall , this is something no one would watch that this show not only offends anime but the face of wackiness with dancing sushi , a villian who is actually stupid out of a show with random thoughtouts that are more annoying then Billy or Ed , and the rest is history.

    A 1.0 out of 10.0
  • If it wasn't for Nickelodeon advertising this crap without mercy, you'd be completely lost in the first 2 minutes of it!

    I dunno about in the US, but here Nickelodeon would not stop advertising this show... and more often than not, over-advertising is a sign of sucky quality. This is no exception.

    Mikey, an American idiot with an oversized outline, becomes a star in a Japanese series. Therefore, everyone else is intended to look like an anime character. But, of course, it looks nothing like an anime or even an Amerime.

    Like I said before, all the advertising Nick did about the show explained what it is about. Had it been not for that, you wouldn't be able to understand what the hell was going on.

    The only reason I didn't rate it a 0 were because of the characters Gonard and Yes-Man, both of which are mildly amusing. Gonard is the idiot who plays the bad guy, while Yes-Man is just plain weird. Everyone else is almost as lame as the show.
  • Kappa Mikey was one of those shows you've never heard of but eventually come across and come to either love it's originality and parody of anime or hate it because of the way it makes fun of the shows you love.

    I have never even heard of this show until a few weeks ago. I was watching Invader Zim or some other show on the Nicktoons Network. It was just playing in the background and it caught my eye. I didn't know what this was about or if it was any good. I wasn't paying much attention to the show at first but became engrossed after I watch a few minutes of it. The theme song is done by the Beat Crusaders and quite catchy. I find myself humming it or singing it to myself on more then a few occasions.

    Kappa Mikey is an anime show made in America about an anime show made in Japan. So the show is animated different then most. The main character is outlined in black like most "western" cartoons. Similar to Powerpuff Girls, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, etc. The rest of the cast, crew, and charcters are all animated anime-style.

    The star of both "Kappa Mikey" and "LilyMu" is Mikey Simon, an actor from Cleaveland, Ohio. He wins a trip to star in Japan's once great anime "LilyMu" from a scratch-off ticket. His co-stars don't really think that he is the right choice for the show but all of Japan thinks differently and "Lilymu" becomes a top-rated show again.

    "LilyMu" has a small cast of only 5 actors. Guano is a purple thing that writes, directs, and acts in the "LilyMu" show. While filming, his only lines are his name. He's basically a Pokemon that can fire a beam from a gem on his chest. Next is Gonard. He is the villian of the show. Off set though, he's just a big loveable guy. He is a bit stupid though. Which may be why he's Mikey's best friend. Together they cause all kinds of mischief and mayhem wether it be buying video games from pirates or selling lemonade then giving away the money to compete for popularity.

    Now for the females of the group. Lily plays a sweet innocent girl on set but off, she's actually very cruel and is always trying to ruin Mikey since he came to Japan. She lives together with Mitsuki in LilyMu Towers. Mitsuki is just the opposite of Lily. A short-tempered, butt kicking kind of gal. While Lily despise Mikey with a passion, Mitsuki has a crush on Mikey. Mikey likes Lily though and is oblivious to the fact Mitsuki likes him.

    The crew consists of the boss Ozu, the Yes-Man, and Yoshi the camera man. Not much to be said here except that the Yes-Man is always around Ozu with a witty phrase to be said after Ozu "lays down the law." Yoshi seems to appear at random intervals. Wether it be on a pirate ship or helping Mikey fool Mitsuki.

    Through the episodes, Mikey and the gang encounter many different parodied anime characters, go on lots of adventures, and cause lots of trouble. All in all, I recommend watching a couple episodes and then deciding for yourself if you like this show or not.

    The only downside is that not everyone has the Nicktoons Network. So unless you have Digital Cable or Satellite, you probably will not be able to see it and be missing out. Other then it airing only on a channel most people don't have, I rate this show a 10/10 and mark it as one of my all-time personal favorite shows.
  • What happens when you combine American and Japanesse animation with both humor from the countries? You get Kappa Mikey.

    When I first saw it, I thought just another Nicktoons Network, might as well see it. Who knew it would be one of my most favorite shows I watch on TV? The animation comes combines America and Japan style with some great humor thrown into the mix. This show might upset some anime fans and might not appeal to a lot of people, but it is actually a great show for everyone!
  • A Fabulous mix of Anime/American Cartoon Style!

    This is one of my Favourite and Funniest Cartoons Ever!
    It is so Hilarious, but it's very Entertaining as well. It can Easily keep someone Occupied for a long Time. The Humor is Quite Unique, and Oftenely Unexpected. When I saw the Commercial I wasn't Expecting Something Interesting, I Actually thought it was going to be Lame. But then I decided to see it. Right Away I started Loving it! This is a Show with a Very Original and Cool Idea. I also think this show is a Bit Underapreciated, I mean Really. This is Definately a Great Show, there are Barely any shows Similar to this One. This is a One of a Kind!
  • wow this show about a kid who lives in japan and has his own tv show...

    i really like it this cartoon shows how japan is like a little and the drama is so funny too and its a really new idea if you like shows that are real life cartoons with funny stuff like scbooy-doo i think you will like this i know scbooy-doo is old and can not be replace but if you watch both of them and think about for a while there a little same but you know what i mean now if your like me you will love it tell me if you agree or not over all tvrocks06 says this show rocks
  • This is a very funny show.

    This show is a great one and I like it and it's really funny and all. The show is a parody of japanese animation in which it makes it even funnier and the things the characters do are very funny too and the episodes are special and they deserve respect but I like them in all ways and everything the show contains it's comedy and by that is a great Nickelodeon show that I like and many more people like. I think this show can be more successful if it had more action and comedy in it and it could even surpass several nicktoons from time to time if they keep airing this great show in tv.
  • Really great show don't know why people hate it? Maybe because some people think it makes fun of anime.

    When I first saw the commercial for this show I thought it would be stupid but, one day i changed the channel and it was on I decided to watch it and well... I liked it.

    It was halariuos(spelling) after that I kept on watching episodes. This show is underappreciated many people hate. I think it's mainly anime fans because it "makes fun of anime" well in what why does it make "fun of anime" please tell me because I just don't see it I watch anime and still watch this show and still don't get how it makes fun of anime?

    Well, anyway this is a turly funny show that no one should miss.
  • I gave this show a chance when it first aired and I'm glad I did.

    I watched this show when it first aired and I'm glad I did.I watched the advirtisments for this show and the ads made this show look cool.So I watched it and the first two minutes were a little boring but then when the episode began it was great.I liked Guano because he is cute and reminds me of Pikachu from Pokemon.And Mitsuki was cool because she is nice and not all girly.Mikey was as funny as Gonard and maybe even funnier.As for Gonard well,I don't really care for him but he's an idiot and we gotta respect an idiot.The only one I hated was Lily because she is evil.Well shows do need jerks like her but she crossed the line.Other than that I love this show.
  • Not Shakespeare, Not Trying to be

    When I first saw the promotional for Kappa Mikey, I thought it was another stupid show that was not worth my time, man... was I wrong. Kappa Mikey pokes fun at your typical anime show while managing to be a decent anime show itself. The characters are cliche, but they are supposed to be. The premise is unique and winning, an american cartoon becomes the new star of a failing anime show and rockets it to #1 in tokyo. The day to day work of the crew as they try to live and work in japan brews much comedy.

    Above all, this show is flipping hilarious. Give it a chance. Watch 2 or 3 episodes, if you do not laugh, then it is probably not for you.
  • When I first saw this, I expected neigh-sayers, but I like it. There's a very good reason here that some biased people don't see.

    Okay, let's get one thing straight. For all you who think this is another anime show to make American TV look better, if it was made in America, it's not anime. It's just meant to make fun of anime, and they do it rather well. Basically, the characters are average anime stereotypes like the ones used in South Park, only much more biased. For one thing, Ozu's yes-man is a psychopath who talks too fast. Ozu is a kiss-up who only treats the best guy with respect. Gonard is your average stupid anime boy while Guano is a stereotypical anime spaz. (He's my favorite character. All the best humor derives from him!) Mitsuki is the average teenaged girl who has a crush on the cute boy but never shows it and Lily is the angry girl who gets mad at everything the main character does, even if it's not offensive. Basically, the best thing about the humor is that is makes fun of both cultures, American slob with emotional Japanese guy.

    Now, it's not the best quality, for it is done in flash. Still, it's so slapsticky and random that you just have to love it. It's not the best take on anime I ever saw, but the fact that it makes fun of anime and American cartoons so well is just impressive.

    All in all, it's a pretty worthwhile show, and if not, at least it's good for when you're bored and have nothing better to do on your free time.
  • Great if you love comedy.

    Kappa Mikey isn't a show that uses much logic. It doesn't makes sense most of the time, but if you need a little humor in your life then you should give this show a try. The characters of this is very unique in their own way. Mike, the main character of the show, is a very lovable guy. He's like a fish out of water, with him being an american acter and all, and come on we can all relate to that. Mitsuki is someone who can really be a good friend. She's probably the nicest character in the show or maybe in all of television. Lily is the mean but pretty one. She can sting as much as a bee, but can seem sweet as a butterfly (seem). Gonard can really be a best friend. He can make almost anyone laugh, and Guenno is the cute one. He's like a fluffy panda, but can be very bossy. Together their possibly the funniest group in all of nickleodian.
  • Why do people hate it?

    i have heard of many people saying that this is just a bunch of 'crap' and what not. honestly, i think this idea is very amusing. I mean they make use of the american way of cartoon drawing and put it with Japanese Anime. Honestly, some of their jokes are lame. But there are plenty that made me laugh till tears swelled my eyes(if i used the term correctly).
    I love Gonard. He is the one that brings the funny to the show. I dont really like Mikey though. I mean his jokes are like really lame. Conclusion: Its a nice show.
  • I Remember This :D

    Aww, I loved how this show mixed two types of art styles together. I, in college to be a cartoonist, respect it in a way. It was a funny, cute show that had Anime and American style in it, thus making it quite interesting to watch. Can't believe they canceled it, tho... I guess that's just Nick for ya. Canceling good TV shows ard replacing them with crap.
  • Great Show- Very Funny

    I'll be honest. When I first starting watching Kappa Mikey, I wasn't a fan. The animation seemed crude (especially Mikey) and it took time to get used to the zany cast of characters.

    However, the show's intelligent and self aware humour won me over and now I'm a great fan of the series. The humour isn't just for kids; which is somewhat uncommon in the genre. I find the jokes could easily appeal to a wide range of people; showing the quality of the writing.

    I have to say that Gonard is my favourite character. Overall, he's had the funniest lines and gets himself into outrageous and hilarious situations. I find the anime style (yes, I know it's not true anime) charming and I enjoy the wide range of sound effects the show employs. Instead of silence after a funny moment, the sound effect can make the moment even funnier. The characters are very diverse and likeable (in their own way)maiking for entertaining viewing. Socky the sock puppet is my favourite guest character. Everyone treating 'him' just like any other person makes for great humour.

    The voice acting on the show is VERY good with an impressive and experienced cast doing an excellent job.
    It's also cool that voice actors with anime experience (Sean Schemmel, Annice Moriarty, Michael Sinterniklaas etc.)
    provide voices in this anime satire. It adds a lot to the series and makes it feel more authentic.

    I hope to see more episodes of this show made in the future.
    Give it a chance, the humour will win a lot of people over.
  • it's not bad.

    some say it's a disgrace to anime, but i think all animation is the same thing. i actually think it's pretty cool that they put together japanese and american style of animation. lol but this show has random humor and it's really funny. even some of the characters are both random and hilarious. but i'll be neutral about it. the show has almost exclusivley the same storyline. they start lily mu show it and always end up guano saying "CUT!", something happens, mikey screws up something, the problem solved, and ending with a lily mu clip. but the charcters personality is what keeps this show alive. mikey's recklessness and curiosity is humorous. gonard's stupiidity and his intrest for food always make me laugh. lily getting angry and torturing mikey will never get old. and also everyone picking on mitsuki. but i think mitsuki is a very sweet character. she may have an 80's hair do but, her personality shines out and makes her beautiful.

    also i like ozu and yesman. they're nothing without each ther
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