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  • Kappa Mikey?! What the heck does "Kappa" mean? That was the question I asked myself when I first saw this show on my TV guide. I decided to check it out. Little did I know what I was in for...

    What word can describe Kappa Mikey? Well, let’s take a look at what this show’s all about. The main idea of the story is that a normal American boy wins a contest to become the star of a once-popular anime TV show, called LilyMu, in Japan. Not knowing what he’s in for, he takes the opportunity and runs with it. When he arrives in Japan, he finds that things are a lot different than anything in America. His costars are all drawn in anime style and are VERY emotional.

    So how’s Mikey going to be able to fit in? Well, he doesn’t. Luckily, that is exactly what the audience wants; Mikey’s American touch causes LilyMu to soar back up in the ratings. He quickly becomes the favorite on the show, causing the other actors to become less popular. Most of the cast doesn’t care, except for Lily, the ex-star of LilyMu, who starts trying to get Mikey fired. As opposed to Lily, there’s Gonard and Guano, who quickly become Mikey’s best friends. Unknowingly, Mikey also has a secret admirer named Mitsuki on the set as well.

    How does this all play out as a TV show? Well, being made as a flash cartoon, it isn’t the best quality show around. However, the characters and story are what attracted me to this show. Every character has their own crazy personality, and they aren’t all attempting to fit in with the society around them, unlike so many of the teen cartoons on TV lately. Personally, I think it’s just what we all needed. Japanese anime is becoming absurdly overdone, and we all needed to see something that’s out of the box. That’s exactly what you get with Kappa Mikey. So what word can describe Kappa Mikey? I don’t think that one word can describe it, so here’s a few: innovative, enchanting, funny, and endearing. If there was any other show on these modern cartoon channels that could have these same qualities, I think that TV would be much more captivating.
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