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  • Decent comedy

  • I'll surely come to see the man Kappa Mikey.

    A great mix of anime and american animation.

    Loved the way it was produced. WHY WAS IT CANCELED!!!!!!!!!! Why man why!
  • One of the greatest Nicktoons in the world

    Cartoon meets anime, best idea ever! This show was funny, but the Christmas one was a little dramatic, but very touching.
  • Great cartoon

    Even though this show was a parody of anime, it was very entertaining to watch.
  • I Remember This :D

    Aww, I loved how this show mixed two types of art styles together. I, in college to be a cartoonist, respect it in a way. It was a funny, cute show that had Anime and American style in it, thus making it quite interesting to watch. Can't believe they canceled it, tho... I guess that's just Nick for ya. Canceling good TV shows ard replacing them with crap.
  • Kappa Mikey the show that is funny and cool and makes you want to watch it more and more those were the days.

    A show that I love at heart and still love even when it left us. I think other shows like and other should be put off the air because most of the shows are lame and not funny at all. Kappa Mikey was a god to most of us. Even when we hate him he came back to us now the Idol Mikey has left us all. We will never for get when you made us smile Kappa Mikey we will away love you no matter what Mikey. Dream on I wish you come back to us and save the day.
  • "If only we had brought mayonnaise!"

    This show was definitely a funny show, rather than just making into an anime with comedy it was made a parody that was nothing but comedy, granted it wasn't the "perfect show" but it certainly was a very good show

    It ended far too quick to be a considered a great show and even though it ended without finishing everything that should have been shown (like Mitsuki telling Mikey she liked him) you cant go wrong with what was shown like the crazy antics of Gonard, he was no doubt one of the things that made this show so great

    Pretty good show that ended quick and is underrated/disliked for many for no real good reason
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    Kappy Mikey is a show about a guy named Mikey he lived in America but he got trencfered to japan because he found some compition and he scratched it and won it so he went to japan and went to the adition and won it so Mikey is the star of a show called lilymu with lily gonared micukey and guono I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this show it is amazing and if you have not watched it you shoud and to tell some things about the charecters Mikey likes lily and thinks that lily likes Mikey lily hates Mikey Micukey likes Mikey Gonared LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Samwiches and Guono is afraed of girls lights and furnicher by.
  • I can't stand this show at all!!!

    Ok ,I don't get it.First off , who in the right mind would stick an Amarican style cartoon character along with a Japan style Anime?Doesnt look good at all.The show animators really over use the Anime style like the large head,vains and the sweat bead.It just doesnt see right to have the whole world around "Kappa Mikey" to be Anime based while he is Amarican style based.Maybe if the change it around abit, I might actully watch this.Even after I saw the way everything was drawn,I changed the channel to the Discovery Channel, I was that desprite to get away from it.
  • Kappa Mikey?! What the heck does "Kappa" mean? That was the question I asked myself when I first saw this show on my TV guide. I decided to check it out. Little did I know what I was in for...

    What word can describe Kappa Mikey? Well, let’s take a look at what this show’s all about. The main idea of the story is that a normal American boy wins a contest to become the star of a once-popular anime TV show, called LilyMu, in Japan. Not knowing what he’s in for, he takes the opportunity and runs with it. When he arrives in Japan, he finds that things are a lot different than anything in America. His costars are all drawn in anime style and are VERY emotional.

    So how’s Mikey going to be able to fit in? Well, he doesn’t. Luckily, that is exactly what the audience wants; Mikey’s American touch causes LilyMu to soar back up in the ratings. He quickly becomes the favorite on the show, causing the other actors to become less popular. Most of the cast doesn’t care, except for Lily, the ex-star of LilyMu, who starts trying to get Mikey fired. As opposed to Lily, there’s Gonard and Guano, who quickly become Mikey’s best friends. Unknowingly, Mikey also has a secret admirer named Mitsuki on the set as well.

    How does this all play out as a TV show? Well, being made as a flash cartoon, it isn’t the best quality show around. However, the characters and story are what attracted me to this show. Every character has their own crazy personality, and they aren’t all attempting to fit in with the society around them, unlike so many of the teen cartoons on TV lately. Personally, I think it’s just what we all needed. Japanese anime is becoming absurdly overdone, and we all needed to see something that’s out of the box. That’s exactly what you get with Kappa Mikey. So what word can describe Kappa Mikey? I don’t think that one word can describe it, so here’s a few: innovative, enchanting, funny, and endearing. If there was any other show on these modern cartoon channels that could have these same qualities, I think that TV would be much more captivating.
  • It's not the best, but it's definitely not as bad as people say it is.

    This show is pretty funny sometimes, but they do sometimes make some stupid, gross jokes. Season 2 wasn't very good, with the exception of a few episodes. Anime lovers think this show is bad and is a disgrace to Japan, but think about it. If it's a disgrace to Japan, then why are there Japanese animators/writers working on the show? HA. Take that, haterz! Anyway, it's a pretty okay show. I would make a few changes though. My favorite character is Lily, because she's funny, even if she's kinda mean sometimes. Anyway, it's a good show, with a few weak spots sometimes. ^-^
  • I was actually really hesitant about this show at first, but once i watched it, I really couldn't get enough.

    I was actually really hesitant about this show at first, but once i watched it, I really couldn't get enough. I love anime to death and to see and American show that has Japanese jokes and influences in it just makes my day. I love the fact they make fun of anime, becuase it already makes it that much more hillarious than it already is. :D
    It's also very nice that it has some sort of plot to it. The show could have easily had no plot what so ever, but they actually made love interests and a goal for them to keep LilyMu on the air. :3
    also, one more thing I'd like to point out:
    Kappa Mikey = Kappa Maki = Cucumber Roll???? @.@
  • This show is insane.

    My 2nd reveiw after the smurfs. This is the funniest show ive ever seen. Gonard is by far the funniest of all because he eats all kind of stuff. He even ate a picture of a sandwich! ha ha. The random dancing sushi is strange and funny.Guano is purple and looks kinda like pikachu. The show is original and cool in its own way. The most hilarious episode has got to be the bikey episode where mikey makes his motorcycle talk. When characters get mad or sad there heads get all huge. I recomend this show to anyone who likes a funny show.
  • Cool show.

    I love Kappa Mikey. My favorite character is Guano. I don't know why, I just like him. Gonard is funny, same with Yes Man. I think Mikey and Lily are mean. Especially Mikey though. I like Mitsuki+Mikey. I don't know how Mikey likes Lily. Ozu is funny too. Gonard is just stupid and funny. This show isn't liked to much, I don not know why, I love it. It is not my favorite show but it is one of my favorites. Guano and Gonard are probably the two most liked characters. They are my favorites too. The action is horrible I think. Mikey always says "stop it Gonard" in a weird way but overall the show is pretty good. I give it a 9.1.
  • the best anime wanna-be, you'll ever see!

    it's funny, it's annoying, it's gross, it's heart warming , it's.... kappa mikey! those things only make me turn back for more. the characters are easy to understand and the whole theme of this show is groundbreaking. people only hate it becuase they think it makes fun of anime. well, i think america made it so much better! i used to watch anime and i thought it was pretty dumb. (with a few execptions.) i love the show. ozu is funny, gonard will knock you out laughing, and the mikey/mitsuki moments will make you smile. mikey is just a big goofball. he thinks he's a great actor even though he can't get a non speaking role at a local YMCA. if it doesn't make you laugh at least once, your either just a big grump or a huge moron who dosn't understand good animation when they see it. hey, if you don't like it... why nag all the fans about it?
  • Great if you love comedy.

    Kappa Mikey isn't a show that uses much logic. It doesn't makes sense most of the time, but if you need a little humor in your life then you should give this show a try. The characters of this is very unique in their own way. Mike, the main character of the show, is a very lovable guy. He's like a fish out of water, with him being an american acter and all, and come on we can all relate to that. Mitsuki is someone who can really be a good friend. She's probably the nicest character in the show or maybe in all of television. Lily is the mean but pretty one. She can sting as much as a bee, but can seem sweet as a butterfly (seem). Gonard can really be a best friend. He can make almost anyone laugh, and Guenno is the cute one. He's like a fluffy panda, but can be very bossy. Together their possibly the funniest group in all of nickleodian.
  • A very popular show with Japanese anime, and i think is another great one in my opinion.

    I am proud of Nicktoon's Network airing this show, as it is one of my favorites, but i haven't seen this show in ages, as my family and i have lost the station quite some time ago, but i remember seeing it, and i remember the name. And i looked on the names on the summary page and also remembered who they were, Mitsuki is the blue-haired girl while Lily is the blonde. Ozu is the boss of a particular company so Mikey tries to stay out of trouble and avoid the heat. i also remember seeing the episode where i thought it was so funny! Mikey tries to guard an invisible coat but is then framed by the cat burglar (or something like that) and Mikey keeps saying, "It wasn't me! It was stolen by the one-armed man!" Where his arm was just invisible because the coat was on it. That was a good episode on this excellent animated show! i always enjoy to watch it!:) i also think Ozu is pretty funny when he is angry. :lol: Don't touch his Bonzai tree! i wish i could get Nicktoon's Network back to see more of this great show, but then again i can always resort to the internet. Kappa Mikey is so enjoyable! Mikey is so nice too! It would be extremely great if this show would be kept running for more time to come! Kappa Mikey definitely rules! Plus an extra review bonus would be this info.: i have copied Lily's outfit with a similar outfit of my own many times! That shows i am a Kappa Mikey fan! Also may be the reason i put Trendsetter for the heading, or rather category.
  • it's not bad.

    some say it's a disgrace to anime, but i think all animation is the same thing. i actually think it's pretty cool that they put together japanese and american style of animation. lol but this show has random humor and it's really funny. even some of the characters are both random and hilarious. but i'll be neutral about it. the show has almost exclusivley the same storyline. they start lily mu show it and always end up guano saying "CUT!", something happens, mikey screws up something, the problem solved, and ending with a lily mu clip. but the charcters personality is what keeps this show alive. mikey's recklessness and curiosity is humorous. gonard's stupiidity and his intrest for food always make me laugh. lily getting angry and torturing mikey will never get old. and also everyone picking on mitsuki. but i think mitsuki is a very sweet character. she may have an 80's hair do but, her personality shines out and makes her beautiful.

    also i like ozu and yesman. they're nothing without each ther
  • Great Show- Very Funny

    I'll be honest. When I first starting watching Kappa Mikey, I wasn't a fan. The animation seemed crude (especially Mikey) and it took time to get used to the zany cast of characters.

    However, the show's intelligent and self aware humour won me over and now I'm a great fan of the series. The humour isn't just for kids; which is somewhat uncommon in the genre. I find the jokes could easily appeal to a wide range of people; showing the quality of the writing.

    I have to say that Gonard is my favourite character. Overall, he's had the funniest lines and gets himself into outrageous and hilarious situations. I find the anime style (yes, I know it's not true anime) charming and I enjoy the wide range of sound effects the show employs. Instead of silence after a funny moment, the sound effect can make the moment even funnier. The characters are very diverse and likeable (in their own way)maiking for entertaining viewing. Socky the sock puppet is my favourite guest character. Everyone treating 'him' just like any other person makes for great humour.

    The voice acting on the show is VERY good with an impressive and experienced cast doing an excellent job.
    It's also cool that voice actors with anime experience (Sean Schemmel, Annice Moriarty, Michael Sinterniklaas etc.)
    provide voices in this anime satire. It adds a lot to the series and makes it feel more authentic.

    I hope to see more episodes of this show made in the future.
    Give it a chance, the humour will win a lot of people over.
  • It is a good show.

    The show is good. I watched when I was a little younger I use to love this show alot but now I am not so interested in it because it is a really good show for younger children that would like this show. I grew out of it but does not meen I totally hate it. This show was good for Nick but to bad they took it it off. So the show follows a kid named Mikey wants to be a movie star but America does not accept him so he gets to be a big star in Japan and has to work with a crew. Mikey has a big crush on Lily but Lily hates him and Mitzuki likes him and they get along better. Mikey is really good friends with Guano. Ozu is there strict boss.
  • good,good,good show not bad...not bad

    I know that I gave it a low rating but I'm on the good side I dont know why but when I watch it it kind of gives me a good feeling its really funny and I mostly love to watch it with my friends, not alone because I like to share the laughter this show is kind of awkward but I still like it and since I dont have nicktoons network channel means I dont get to watch it but the last one I saw was "a christmas Mikey" which I liked alot!!!!! and I got so surprised at the end...like woah man...well if you wanna watch it I guess you have to wait till christmas ok good bye
  • Kappa Mikey: Never a waste of time.

    Despite the show having an overly American tone rather than a Japanese's one, the "Kappa Mikey" series is entirely addictive. Mikey Simon, a less than talented actor-want-a-be from Cleveland finds a scratch-off ticket blown clear overseas to America from Japan conveniently issuing him the winner to star in a Japanese Anime show. Once in Japan, Mikey's inflated self-image at stardom and his clumsy attempt to adapt to the Japanese lifestyle continuously lands him in trouble. Especially with the producer of the "LilyMu" show, Ozu and it's egotistical main star/diva, Lily.

    What's great about this show are the anime parodies. Guano (Spanish word for bat feces), the director of LilyMu, is a little guy in a Pokemon-style outfit. Gonard resembles Goku of Dragonball Z fame at Super Saiyan 3. Mitsuki's crush for Mikey and the way she fidgets around him can only be reminiscent of Hyuga Hinata of the series Naruto (they even share blue hair), and Lily wears a Japanese schoolgirl outfit similar to the one Kagome wears in InuYasha. Mikey Simon is drawn in the thick outlined Hanna-Barbera style made popular in the late fifties and early sixties. You also will catch a glimpse of parodied anime characters such as Chi the Chobits, Speed Racer and Racer X, Astro Boy, etc.

    Aside from Mikey, the love-stricken Mitsuki adds a lot of flavor to the show. The writers of Kappa Mikey cleverly present her as a neutral character, but many plot situations involves Mitsuki's feelings for Mikey as well as the other character's behavior being influenced by her sense of righteousness or her gentle nature. Also being the butt of an ongoing gag, Ozu and Mikey will sometimes forget Mitsuki's name. The show is lighthearted and funny, though it needs to show more of its Japanese side once in a while. Still, it's that good. The mixture of anime-style animation and Mikey's Western Huckleberry Hound simplicity actual works well together. So much so, that in the end you hardly realize the difference.
  • Too many people think it tries to be anime. It's not.

    First of all this show is not anime. In fact, it often makes fun of anime, referencing all the bizarre head size changes and visual effects that quite frankly annoy the heck out of me. So maybe that's why I like this show. The basic premise of the show is the off-screen lives of the stars of Japan's top anime, LilyMu. Each episode usually has two central themes dealing with two groups of characters, and generally there is somewhat of a lesson to be found at the end. Although I realize this is supposed to be a kids show, the lessons sometimes feel out of place and sort of forced. The strong points of the show make up for that though. The random humor is what really drives this show, although if those kinds of jokes are not your thing, you probably won't enjoy this much. At all. The show does use a little too much crude bathroom humor but again, that is to be expected from a kids show. The jokes are not all funny, though, and it is one of the more inconsistent shows I've seen in that regard. But when it's funny, it is hilarious (as long as you're prepared for the type of jokes you'll be seeing). For those expecting an anime series with a deep, involving plot or lots of character development, well...I'm sorry. None of that here. But for everyone else, it should provide at least a few laughs.
  • Oh, come on! No one would have an idea like this back then! Why hate the show? Because it's an anime rip-off? Not!

    I can see it alright! It's not an anime nor a real "common cartoon" you see in the telly. Who would even think of an idea of an American guy going to Japan ending up in "star-dom". It's like worlds collide! An American character in Japanese environment! Now, about the show. It's indeed funny, only a stoic person would laugh at this! The plots usually change and sometimes... no plots at all (as those who said in some website)! The voice acting is good, I barely saw any flaws with the show, unlike some shows made in Macromedia Flash (Kappa Mikey is made in Macromedia Flash!) which have some problems with mouth movement and graphics. Hey, I'm not trying to offend shows! Many of the characters are usually cute when in "chibi" form (when they have small bodies pretty large heads and cute expressions) besides Guano, he's already cute in his... uhh... costume or form? W'ever! I can see Lily is pretty (yeah, pretty arrogant!) in some ways, except when she's mean to people. She's my younger sister's fave character of the show, I also like Lily because I'm just as notorious as she is (Bwahahaha), if someone insults me! I really admire Mitsuki (Oh, come on. She's my account picture!) for her compassion to people. Plus, she's hotter than Lily! She also looks good as a spy (I know it already happened in one episode)! I only like Gonard in his "chibi" form, he reminded me of Mint in "Galaxy Angel", despite Gonard's a moron! In conclusion, I gave this show a 9.5 for it's "fun to watch" thing, the characters, the storyline, and concept (maybe). The missing .5? They're using some characters from other anime without permission to it's creators (originality, please)! Creativity rules in this show! This show rocks!
  • Why do people hate it?

    i have heard of many people saying that this is just a bunch of 'crap' and what not. honestly, i think this idea is very amusing. I mean they make use of the american way of cartoon drawing and put it with Japanese Anime. Honestly, some of their jokes are lame. But there are plenty that made me laugh till tears swelled my eyes(if i used the term correctly).
    I love Gonard. He is the one that brings the funny to the show. I dont really like Mikey though. I mean his jokes are like really lame. Conclusion: Its a nice show.
  • Very,Very good.

    "Kappa Mikey" is an awsome show. It IS kind of wierd the way Mikey is just american cartoon and the rest are anime but its cool the way they mix it together like that. It seems liek ti makes fun of anime which is why I didnt give it a perfect score. I love anime and I cant stand when shows make fun of it. My favortie character is Gonard because he is extremely funny. Infact, this whole show is really funny. This show should really come back to the orgininal Nickelodeon where it really belongs. I ahte not being able to watch it. Awsome show
  • I can watch the show but I won't be completely entertained.

    The show is about a boy named Mikey and he came to Japan to be on a tv show. Well the reason I watched the show is because I like to guess the shows or characters they put in the show.If you look real close in the opening you can see a copy of a character of Chobits. Yeah the show is corny. It is so corny, it ain't even funny. Besides it is making fun of anime. Mitsuki,who likes Mikey, doesn't keep it furtive.

    In animation, you have to. At first, I thought "Holy Cow, she's a stalker!" Til I found out it was a crush. Anyway it has its funny moments so just go watch it.
  • okay show

    the show is okay in many ways. i don't really enjoy the annoying little dust mite characters every 5 seconds but other than that the show is pretty comedic... is that a word? anywho i like how you see all these japanese characters and then you see this floppy american guy. ha ha. it's so funny. Gonard is funny with his random lines. "if only we had brought mayonnasie" nobody knows i watch and enjoy this show but i can't help that kappa mikey is mildly entertaining. after all, who can? ......... . ....... .... ..... ... ...... ..... ... .
  • Something keeps me wanting more!

    Even though im not partiularly crazy about the animation, I do in fact love how every episode is written. The concept of a show about a show is great and every single character is unique. I even love how they incorporate some USA cartoon techniques with some Anime styles, thats plain tight. The animation is rather stiff and weak but, to be honest, my drawing is also stiff and weak so I can relate. But if you ignore the actual animation and focus on the actual show, you too will also see something that will keep you coming back. We just got to give it a chance!