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  • Oh, come on! No one would have an idea like this back then! Why hate the show? Because it's an anime rip-off? Not!

    I can see it alright! It's not an anime nor a real "common cartoon" you see in the telly. Who would even think of an idea of an American guy going to Japan ending up in "star-dom". It's like worlds collide! An American character in Japanese environment! Now, about the show. It's indeed funny, only a stoic person would laugh at this! The plots usually change and sometimes... no plots at all (as those who said in some website)! The voice acting is good, I barely saw any flaws with the show, unlike some shows made in Macromedia Flash (Kappa Mikey is made in Macromedia Flash!) which have some problems with mouth movement and graphics. Hey, I'm not trying to offend shows! Many of the characters are usually cute when in "chibi" form (when they have small bodies pretty large heads and cute expressions) besides Guano, he's already cute in his... uhh... costume or form? W'ever! I can see Lily is pretty (yeah, pretty arrogant!) in some ways, except when she's mean to people. She's my younger sister's fave character of the show, I also like Lily because I'm just as notorious as she is (Bwahahaha), if someone insults me! I really admire Mitsuki (Oh, come on. She's my account picture!) for her compassion to people. Plus, she's hotter than Lily! She also looks good as a spy (I know it already happened in one episode)! I only like Gonard in his "chibi" form, he reminded me of Mint in "Galaxy Angel", despite Gonard's a moron! In conclusion, I gave this show a 9.5 for it's "fun to watch" thing, the characters, the storyline, and concept (maybe). The missing .5? They're using some characters from other anime without permission to it's creators (originality, please)! Creativity rules in this show! This show rocks!