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  • Too many people think it tries to be anime. It's not.

    First of all this show is not anime. In fact, it often makes fun of anime, referencing all the bizarre head size changes and visual effects that quite frankly annoy the heck out of me. So maybe that's why I like this show. The basic premise of the show is the off-screen lives of the stars of Japan's top anime, LilyMu. Each episode usually has two central themes dealing with two groups of characters, and generally there is somewhat of a lesson to be found at the end. Although I realize this is supposed to be a kids show, the lessons sometimes feel out of place and sort of forced. The strong points of the show make up for that though. The random humor is what really drives this show, although if those kinds of jokes are not your thing, you probably won't enjoy this much. At all. The show does use a little too much crude bathroom humor but again, that is to be expected from a kids show. The jokes are not all funny, though, and it is one of the more inconsistent shows I've seen in that regard. But when it's funny, it is hilarious (as long as you're prepared for the type of jokes you'll be seeing). For those expecting an anime series with a deep, involving plot or lots of character development, well...I'm sorry. None of that here. But for everyone else, it should provide at least a few laughs.