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  • Kappa Mikey: Never a waste of time.

    Despite the show having an overly American tone rather than a Japanese's one, the "Kappa Mikey" series is entirely addictive. Mikey Simon, a less than talented actor-want-a-be from Cleveland finds a scratch-off ticket blown clear overseas to America from Japan conveniently issuing him the winner to star in a Japanese Anime show. Once in Japan, Mikey's inflated self-image at stardom and his clumsy attempt to adapt to the Japanese lifestyle continuously lands him in trouble. Especially with the producer of the "LilyMu" show, Ozu and it's egotistical main star/diva, Lily.

    What's great about this show are the anime parodies. Guano (Spanish word for bat feces), the director of LilyMu, is a little guy in a Pokemon-style outfit. Gonard resembles Goku of Dragonball Z fame at Super Saiyan 3. Mitsuki's crush for Mikey and the way she fidgets around him can only be reminiscent of Hyuga Hinata of the series Naruto (they even share blue hair), and Lily wears a Japanese schoolgirl outfit similar to the one Kagome wears in InuYasha. Mikey Simon is drawn in the thick outlined Hanna-Barbera style made popular in the late fifties and early sixties. You also will catch a glimpse of parodied anime characters such as Chi the Chobits, Speed Racer and Racer X, Astro Boy, etc.

    Aside from Mikey, the love-stricken Mitsuki adds a lot of flavor to the show. The writers of Kappa Mikey cleverly present her as a neutral character, but many plot situations involves Mitsuki's feelings for Mikey as well as the other character's behavior being influenced by her sense of righteousness or her gentle nature. Also being the butt of an ongoing gag, Ozu and Mikey will sometimes forget Mitsuki's name. The show is lighthearted and funny, though it needs to show more of its Japanese side once in a while. Still, it's that good. The mixture of anime-style animation and Mikey's Western Huckleberry Hound simplicity actual works well together. So much so, that in the end you hardly realize the difference.
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