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  • Great Show- Very Funny

    I'll be honest. When I first starting watching Kappa Mikey, I wasn't a fan. The animation seemed crude (especially Mikey) and it took time to get used to the zany cast of characters.

    However, the show's intelligent and self aware humour won me over and now I'm a great fan of the series. The humour isn't just for kids; which is somewhat uncommon in the genre. I find the jokes could easily appeal to a wide range of people; showing the quality of the writing.

    I have to say that Gonard is my favourite character. Overall, he's had the funniest lines and gets himself into outrageous and hilarious situations. I find the anime style (yes, I know it's not true anime) charming and I enjoy the wide range of sound effects the show employs. Instead of silence after a funny moment, the sound effect can make the moment even funnier. The characters are very diverse and likeable (in their own way)maiking for entertaining viewing. Socky the sock puppet is my favourite guest character. Everyone treating 'him' just like any other person makes for great humour.

    The voice acting on the show is VERY good with an impressive and experienced cast doing an excellent job.
    It's also cool that voice actors with anime experience (Sean Schemmel, Annice Moriarty, Michael Sinterniklaas etc.)
    provide voices in this anime satire. It adds a lot to the series and makes it feel more authentic.

    I hope to see more episodes of this show made in the future.
    Give it a chance, the humour will win a lot of people over.