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  • it's not bad.

    some say it's a disgrace to anime, but i think all animation is the same thing. i actually think it's pretty cool that they put together japanese and american style of animation. lol but this show has random humor and it's really funny. even some of the characters are both random and hilarious. but i'll be neutral about it. the show has almost exclusivley the same storyline. they start lily mu show it and always end up guano saying "CUT!", something happens, mikey screws up something, the problem solved, and ending with a lily mu clip. but the charcters personality is what keeps this show alive. mikey's recklessness and curiosity is humorous. gonard's stupiidity and his intrest for food always make me laugh. lily getting angry and torturing mikey will never get old. and also everyone picking on mitsuki. but i think mitsuki is a very sweet character. she may have an 80's hair do but, her personality shines out and makes her beautiful.

    also i like ozu and yesman. they're nothing without each ther