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  • A very popular show with Japanese anime, and i think is another great one in my opinion.

    I am proud of Nicktoon's Network airing this show, as it is one of my favorites, but i haven't seen this show in ages, as my family and i have lost the station quite some time ago, but i remember seeing it, and i remember the name. And i looked on the names on the summary page and also remembered who they were, Mitsuki is the blue-haired girl while Lily is the blonde. Ozu is the boss of a particular company so Mikey tries to stay out of trouble and avoid the heat. i also remember seeing the episode where i thought it was so funny! Mikey tries to guard an invisible coat but is then framed by the cat burglar (or something like that) and Mikey keeps saying, "It wasn't me! It was stolen by the one-armed man!" Where his arm was just invisible because the coat was on it. That was a good episode on this excellent animated show! i always enjoy to watch it!:) i also think Ozu is pretty funny when he is angry. :lol: Don't touch his Bonzai tree! i wish i could get Nicktoon's Network back to see more of this great show, but then again i can always resort to the internet. Kappa Mikey is so enjoyable! Mikey is so nice too! It would be extremely great if this show would be kept running for more time to come! Kappa Mikey definitely rules! Plus an extra review bonus would be this info.: i have copied Lily's outfit with a similar outfit of my own many times! That shows i am a Kappa Mikey fan! Also may be the reason i put Trendsetter for the heading, or rather category.
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