Kappa Mikey

Season 1 Episode 5

The Fugi-Kid

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • my favorite episode of the series.

    is it better than "MIKEY IMPOSSIBLE?" heck yeah! is it more funny than "MIKEY LIKES IT?" totally! is it the best episode in the series? yes! this episode has it all. it's really funny, it has action and adventure, and you are laughing and crying at the same time. you really feel sorry for mikey, but at the same time, all this funny stuff is going on! only a few other episodes of kappa mikey is as funny as this one. in fact, "CAMP!" is the only episode that even comes close. i wish they made all the episodes like this! this is not only the best in this series, but i would put it up agianst ANY show.
  • best episode of not just season 1, but probably the funniest episode of the entire show.

    this is prolly the best most laugh out loud of kappa mikey episodes! the introduction of the cat burglar! and agent yosida. who will guest star on the series lots of time. mikey steals an invisible coat and pulls pranks on people. he returns the coat to the set before anyone can notice only to have it be stolen by the cat burgler "who stole over 200 cats" and him getting blamed for the theft. yet again gonard steals the show with his hilarious stupidity. lawyer: mr.gonard...

    Gonard: please....doctor gonard!

    doesn't miss a bit. if you want to get anyone into the series, this is the perfect episode to show them. can't really say much more good things about it without using lots of quotes.