Kappa Mikey

Season 1 Episode 23

Uh Oh, Guano

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 24, 2007 on Nicktoons Networks
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Uh Oh, Guano
Ozu sells LilyMu's broadcasting rights to America and Mikey is excited. That is until he sees how they edited the show to make Guano the star. Gonard and Lily use their bonuses to hire a native of Buttstonia to be their maid and do chores for them.moreless

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  • Ozu tells the gang that he is starting to sell the show all around the world. Mikey is find that this includes America. Strangely the show's star is Guano. Gonard and Lily fight over a native Buttstonian and give him money so he can do chores for them.moreless

    It starts with Mikey being ried up on a mechanical horse. Gonard hets on another horse and gets a cyber lance that can cut through anything. Mikey and Gonard joust and crash into each other. The director yells "cut," and the scene is over. Ozu tells everyone that he is going to sells the show to the island country of Buttstonia(which in reality does not exist). They have made a few "changes" to LilyMu that include Mitsuki having an evil twin and Gonard being Mikey's father and asking him to come to the dark side. The gang does not like this. Ozu gives them Buttstonian dollars that aren't worth anything in any other country. Later, Gonard meets a Buttstonian native in Japan who's looking for work. The man sees all of Gonard's Buttstonian money, wants to work for him, and makes a mean sandwich. The group finds that the American version of LilyMu is called "The Mighty Go Go Guano." Mikey and Guano fight because Mikey wanted to be the star of the American version since he already bragged to his friends in America that he was the star on the show and also because he just wanted to be. Guano has to be interviewed and freaks out because he hates being the center of attention. He asks Mikey if he could do it for him and Mikey has a plan. Mikey goes on the show Star Talk as Guano in a giant suit. He beat boxes and shows off. Then he takes off the suit and says that he should be the real star, but no one listens. Even though Mikey does a great job, the crowd still loves Guano. About 3 seconds later you see Guano running away from a stampede of paparazzi. Gonard and Lily fight over the Buttsman and bribe him with money. But because they gave him so much money so he could things, he has now become the richest man in Buttstonia, and tells Gonard and Lily that he doesn't work for them anymore. Guano goes missing and Mikey finds him in a room. Guano is matted and has gome crazy. He talks in random sentences. Mikey tries to help him. Mikey pretends to send him in a suitcase and sends him up to the air balloon where the Buttsman was going back to Buttstonia, but it is really Yes Man. It goes back to the TV show scene they were shooting. Mikey uses Gonard's cyber lance to cut the rope he was tied up in. Mikey hits Gonard with a pole on a block of cement and Gonard falls with a scream.moreless

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    • Gonard: Mikey, to make someone less popular all you have to do is steal their belt.
      (Yoshi walks by, his pants fall down)
      Yoshi: My trousers!
      Gonard: (chuckling and holding up Yoshi's belt) That'll teach him to look at my doughnut.

    • Mikey: Maybe I'll even be on Star Talk. The show where stars talk.
      Lily: The only show you'll be on is America's Next Top Weirdo.
      Mikey: Don't get my hopes up.

    • (talking about Butts, the currency of Buttstonia)
      Gonard: Look, look at the pretty Butts.
      Mitsuki: That's... okay.
      Gonard: Touch them, touch my Butts! Touch my stinkin' Butts!

    • Sergie: I have earned my fortune. It is American dream.
      Lily: This is Japan!
      Sergie: It is Japanese dream then.

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    • Gonard's line "My kingdom for a Guano!" is a reference to the Shakespeare play Richard III in which the unseated rider says "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"

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