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Nickelodeon (ended 2003)


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  • This show is about two guys who are always trying to conquer some random planet. But every time they try, they fail and move on to another planet.

    This is definitely one of my favorite shows. I know the plot is usually the same in every episode, but it's just so funny how those guys can never really rule a planet. It's too bad this show got cancelled for now, but I'll wait until it comes back. Also, I didn't think anyone else even liked or knew about this show, but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, I think this is a good show, and I would really appreciate it if it came back. It seems that there were also new episodes. Another reason I want this show to come back. Also, I have a few questions, which will hopefully be answered eventually.
  • A show that deserved a Lot better than what it got. :idea:

    I've held off on writing a review for this show up until now as the show's description Still said that it was a new series and that it had Not gotten cancelled yet. Yet at this point in time however, I feel that if new episodes haven't been posted up by now, they're not going to get posted up at all. I consider this disappointing as I really liked this show & it Really had a lot of potential to go far. This show might have been ahead of it's time as well. I mean, "Kaput & Zosky" as far as I consider the series, was trying to fill a void left behind by such series such as "Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, The Angry Beavers," and "Catdog." Maybe "Kaput & Zosky" didn't do it Their way, but they tried to do it in a way that was original & for that, I think this show should be saluted! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Bad animation and ridiculous storyline.

    "Kaput & Zowsky" is not only bad when it comes with animation, but the storyline is very boring and lacks that spark to gain the interest of the audiences.

    The plot of the show is simple: two aliens, the smart Kaput and his bumbling pal Zowsky, are partners in-crime, roaming the entire universe to take over one planet at a time. But everytime they do so, the two would come to a staggering obstacle that usually destroys their attempt to dominate their destined planet, forcing them to leave and plan another day.

    Not appealing at all, and possibly the worst I have ever seen.
  • Well done indeed...

    Well done indeed is this show...and the sad truth is that is it remains somewhat obscure but brilliant. My advice is that to all who say that this show is a "rip-off of Invader Zim", you are all wrong and don't knock this show until you have truly tried it. Its classic, simple, and yet brilliant French animation along with the upbeat playback music in the background is what brings this show a formidable amount of justice. Trust me, try this show, sample it well, for it is brilliant, regardless of what some television viewers may or may not be saying.
  • Could use work, bur nice try

    Don't get me wrong, it has a great original storyline, buyt the action lacks. There are at times some surprising things they do, like killing creatures, and sugestive themes, but then at the same time, it just slumps down in the funny area. The humor lacks in this French made cartoon. Animation is good though. They could work on the errors, and fine tweak it.
  • One of my favorite NickToons that I always find humor in every episode.

    Kaput & Zöksy is a very interesting show. I only watch it late at night on NickToons. It’s easily one of the best shows on NickToons. Unfortunately it just falls short of great things.

    The episodes all follow Kaput & Zösky as they travel from planet to planet on a never-ending journey to rule something. All they want his to become Kings and have people grovel before them. The thing is they are really unlucky. When they do find a planet to take over there is either something wrong with it (Dragon roams the land, Vampire live there) or it’s just a lame planet (no one lives there to rule, desolate planet).

    All the episodes start and end the same: Kaput & Zösky in their small ship looking for a planet. After they find one they’ll land and look around. After their takeover fails miserably, they head back to their ship and move on. Even though this formula is rather linear and quite repetitive, it hardly stops the show from being nothing short of funny. The humor of the show can be rather silly at times but I found a few smart jokes in there that made me laugh pretty hard.

    Plus, how can you complain about a show that has 3 episodes per 30 minute block? Kaput & Kösky has become one of my favorite NickToons and I will continue to watch and enjoy every night.
  • A good show, though there's room for improvement

    Well, I watch this show every night, and though I thought it was stupid at first, I've learned to appreciate it. Some of the plots are good, some of the plots are bad. Though, I think Kaput is often funny, and there's often some laughs to be had in some of the episodes. Overall, I'd say this is a pretty good show, and if they could improve on a few of their not-so-good plots, this show would certainly be excellent. I can't say this is one of Nickeloden's better shows, but it's certainly enjoyable enough. I will say that much.
  • This show is okay.

    I find this show to be somewhat okay. This is a very original show in my opinion. I like the art involved in this show. The backgrounds are nearly never the same. There isn't really too much music in it, but it has plenty of good sound effects. I like this show a good amount, and it is fun to watch now and then. I like Kaput because I find him to be funny, and Zozky plays his part very well also. I do consider this show a minor classic because I think it has what it takes to be a good show.
  • once you get past it's crude visual style, this cartoon show will have you laughing at it's stupid jokes and enjoying it's quirky animation.

    once you get past it's crude visual style, this cartoon show will have you laughing at it's stupid jokes and enjoying it's quirky animation.

    it's also one of the few cartoons shows that has been able to make science fiction themes work. mostly because it's crude style allows it to not take itself too seriously.

    give it a chance, you'll enjoy it.
  • This show, to me, is a good show

    This show is good for people who like "taking over stuff". I would be one of them. I like this show to beacues they allow zosky to say "I'm going to vapiroes you,you piles of crud!" I'm happy that SOME nicktoons use thoes words.

    This is how I'm going to rate it


    Caractores: A+




  • Good show!

    I like the music and overall episode storys along with the comedy.
    "Hey Zosky,You never told me the color of whatshisnames White Horse.".
    well every episode they try to take over a planet but fail miserabally[hey they make more episodes this way].
    I like they way the Two characters are different,Kaput is tough and rough and Zosky is soft and smart.
    Overall I give the show a 9.1 outta 10.
  • Its an okay show. I watch every night.

    Kaput and Zosky is a great show, though it doesn't have a very good plot and it is very repitive. But this show is something you should look at otherwise. Most of the episodes are kinda funny, and ya gotta laugh every time Kaput yells: "Ya piles of Crud!" Good show.
  • Its OK.

    It's an alright show. If you watch this show expecting a classic nicktoon like 'Rugrats' or 'Spongebob Squarepants', you're going to be really disappointed. The show is pretty good relative to all the other new nicktoons (not that says a lot). If you watch this show expecting 'As Told By Ginger', you're going to be very happy. This show is the closest any Nick network has come to producing new old school nicktoons in recent years. The show is about two aliens traveling around the universe, going from planet to planet, trying to take over every planet. The show is funny, at times and can be mildly entertaining.