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Kare Kano

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'Kare Kano' is a tale of two freshman high school students, Yukino Miyasawa and Souichiro Arima, who strive to be the best, each for their own reasons. Their desire to be No.#1 has isolated them from their classmates, neither of them having a true friend. When they met, they develop very differing opinions of one another. Yukino is angry with Arima for robbing her of her dream of becoming the class representative, and plans to knock him from his position as the best student in the year. Arima, however, is intrigued by Yukino and will do anything to spend some more time with her. After some initial complications, the two become friends, then more than friends but less than a couple, before finally beginning to date. Deciding to remove the mask they have always displayed to others, they begin to learn how they really are. As the story continues, the couple explore what it can be like to be in a relationship, and also begin to make true friends with school mates for the first time in their lives. This manga and anime series is more than just a simple love story. It not only explores a budding relationship between two teenagers, it also depicts how these new experiences alter how they see themselves. Another important element is the friendships they form with others. Some times a fluffy romance, at others heartbreakingly sad, and often a comic masterpiece, it perfectly depicts the teenage condition. =============== Japanese Name: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyou ================= Company credits Production Companies * Gainax * J.C. Staff * SoftX * TV Tokyo Distributors * JONU Media ================== Show Trivia * The production of the series ran concurrently with the production of the manga so closely that when the production staff of the series caught up with the current events of the manga, they had to fill episodes with more and more recap filler in order to give the manga more time to develop. * While "Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyou" (1998) literally means "The Circumstances of a Boyfriend and Girlfriend", its actual (and official translation used by RightStuf International) is "His or Her Circumstances." While "kareshi" and "kanojo" both mean "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" respectively, they are sometimes used to mean "his" or "her." However, this practice is rarely used outside of textbook Japanese. * The director Hideaki Anno had a disagreement with the "Kare Kano" Manga author and the Gainax studio so he quit working on the anime in the last episodes. He was replaced by an another director. =================== Crazy Credits: The closing credits run over films shot while moving through the halls of an unoccupied Japanese high school ======================= Alternate Versions * The Japanese DVD release has an alternate scene of episode 18 when Yukino and Arima are having intercourse. The Japanese version features some tasteful stills of them. The American release by Right Stuf only features a blank screen. ==================== Also Known As: *Circumstances of a Boyfriend and Girlfriend (USA) *His and Her Circumstances (see: http://www.tv.com/shows/his-and-her/ *Karekano (Japan) *Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyou (Japan) ===================== CREW: Directed by Hideaki Anno Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Hideaki Anno writer Masami Tsuda comic Original Music by Shirô Sagisu Production Design by Akihiro Hirasawa Art Direction by Masaru Satô Other crew Atsuko Enomoto .... singer: "Yume no Naka e" Mai Fukuda .... singer: "Tenshi no Yubikiri" Tadashi Hiramatsu .... character designer Chihiro Suzuki .... singer: "Yume no Naka e" Yuki Watanabe .... singer: "Kaze Hita Yoru" Maria Yamamoto .... singer: "Kaze Hita Yoru" ==================== ENGLISH CAST:
 Carol Jacobanis Maho Isawa Christopher Nicholas Soichiro Arima Ed Paul Toshiharu Shibahime Jessica Calvello Tsukino Miyazawa Joe DiGiorgi Additional Voices Kelli Shayne Butler Hiromi Ikeda, Additional Voices Kristen Nelson Arima's Mother Lea Lane Sakura Tsubaki Leicester Tunks Mr. Kawashima Liam O'Brien Hideaki Asaba Lisa Ortiz Tsubasa Shibahime Mandy Bonhomme Yurika Megan Hollingshead Kano Miyazawa Rachael Lillis Miyako Miyazawa Veronica Taylor Yukino Miyazawa William Hirsh Additional Voices David Brimmer (as J. David Brimmer) Older Man, Narrator Debora Rabbai (as Angora Deb) Rika Sena Oliver Wyman (as Pete Zarustica) Hiroyuki Miyazawa