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Kare Kano

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'Kare Kano' is a tale of two freshman high school students, Yukino Miyasawa and Souichiro Arima, who strive to be the best, each for their own reasons. Their desire to be No.#1 has isolated them from their classmates, neither of them having a true friend. When they met, they develop very differing opinions of one another. Yukino is angry with Arima for robbing her of her dream of becoming the class representative, and plans to knock him from his position as the best student in the year. Arima, however, is intrigued by Yukino and will do anything to spend some more time with her. After some initial complications, the two become friends, then more than friends but less than a couple, before finally beginning to date. Deciding to remove the mask they have always displayed to others, they begin to learn how they really are. As the story continues, the couple explore what it can be like to be in a relationship, and also begin to make true friends with school mates for the first time in their lives. This manga and anime series is more than just a simple love story. It not only explores a budding relationship between two teenagers, it also depicts how these new experiences alter how they see themselves. Another important element is the friendships they form with others. Some times a fluffy romance, at others heartbreakingly sad, and often a comic masterpiece, it perfectly depicts the teenage condition. =============== Japanese Name: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyou ================= Company credits Production Companies * Gainax * J.C. Staff * SoftX * TV Tokyo Distributors * JONU Media ================== Show Trivia * The production of the series ran concurrently with the production of the manga so closely that when the production staff of the series caught up with the current events of the manga, they had to fill episodes with more and more recap filler in order to give the manga more time to develop. * While "Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyou" (1998) literally means "The Circumstances of a Boyfriend and Girlfriend", its actual (and official translation used by RightStuf International) is "His or Her Circumstances." While "kareshi" and "kanojo" both mean "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" respectively, they are sometimes used to mean "his" or "her." However, this practice is rarely used outside of textbook Japanese. * The director Hideaki Anno had a disagreement with the "Kare Kano" Manga author and the Gainax studio so he quit working on the anime in the last episodes. He was replaced by an another director. =================== Crazy Credits: The closing credits run over films shot while moving through the halls of an unoccupied Japanese high school ======================= Alternate Versions * The Japanese DVD release has an alternate scene of episode 18 when Yukino and Arima are having intercourse. The Japanese version features some tasteful stills of them. The American release by Right Stuf only features a blank screen. ==================== Also Known As: *Circumstances of a Boyfriend and Girlfriend (USA) *His and Her Circumstances (see: http://www.tv.com/shows/his-and-her/ *Karekano (Japan) *Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyou (Japan) ===================== CREW: Directed by Hideaki Anno Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Hideaki Anno writer Masami Tsuda comic Original Music by Shirô Sagisu Production Design by Akihiro Hirasawa Art Direction by Masaru Satô Other crew Atsuko Enomoto .... singer: "Yume no Naka e" Mai Fukuda .... singer: "Tenshi no Yubikiri" Tadashi Hiramatsu .... character designer Chihiro Suzuki .... singer: "Yume no Naka e" Yuki Watanabe .... singer: "Kaze Hita Yoru" Maria Yamamoto .... singer: "Kaze Hita Yoru" ==================== ENGLISH CAST:
 Carol Jacobanis Maho Isawa Christopher Nicholas Soichiro Arima Ed Paul Toshiharu Shibahime Jessica Calvello Tsukino Miyazawa Joe DiGiorgi Additional Voices Kelli Shayne Butler Hiromi Ikeda, Additional Voices Kristen Nelson Arima's Mother Lea Lane Sakura Tsubaki Leicester Tunks Mr. Kawashima Liam O'Brien Hideaki Asaba Lisa Ortiz Tsubasa Shibahime Mandy Bonhomme Yurika Megan Hollingshead Kano Miyazawa Rachael Lillis Miyako Miyazawa Veronica Taylor Yukino Miyazawa William Hirsh Additional Voices David Brimmer (as J. David Brimmer) Older Man, Narrator Debora Rabbai (as Angora Deb) Rika Sena Oliver Wyman (as Pete Zarustica) Hiroyuki Miyazawa 
Mayumi Shintani

Mayumi Shintani

Tsubasa Shibahime

Takeshi Kusao

Takeshi Kusao

Hiroyuki Miyazawa

Chihiro Suzuki

Chihiro Suzuki

Arima Souichirou

Nozomu Sasaki

Nozomu Sasaki

Takefumi Tonami

Atsushi Kisaichi

Atsushi Kisaichi

Asaba Hideaki

Saeko Chiba

Saeko Chiba

Sakura Tsubaki

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  • I thought i wouldnt like it.

    At first when i started to watch this show i didnt think much of it. But then i started to get into it and i couldnt help but watch it. and now its one of my favorites! i like this show cause of the circumstances it shows and because i can relate a great deal with the show. i wish they would show it again... i havent watched an episode in awhile... and i havent even been able to find manga of it so its kinda a lost cause.... but i wont give up!!! I will find my heartbreaks and disputes!moreless
  • Kare Kano is mianly about yukino and arima who like each other a whole,whole lot talking and hanging out and going to diffrent places like the beach and there friends who also have proplems.It has a amazing story line and has good illistration.Try it Ok.moreless

    I love this show,i mean.It's amazing.Yukino and Arima's family are almost completely diffrent.Arima Suffers just because his dad was bad and is ridiculed by his other family members and yukino used to do amazingly popular until she met Sirachiro Arima.The mian story line is just about Arima and Yukino Miazawa falling in love but there episode show there family and friends lives.One of my fafrite eppisodes was when they went to the beach and it started rianning and miazawa slelt at arima's house and his family was gane and they fell to sleep after makingOut.You should realy try this show.moreless
  • Very good!

    Everyone one of us in life tend to wear masks every time we go out because we are always afraid of being truly seen or opening up our feelings toward another because we fear our feelings will get hurt, identity damaged or just misunderstood. His and Her Circumstances is very much a story about ourselves.

    Based on the manga series, this is indeed a very unique anime because for once it's one where there are no giant mecha, explosions, superpowers, kung-fu, or exaggerated comedy which is a good thing because I find it can distract from story too much or are clichés that have been done to death. Everything in this show just like the manga series takes itself seriously. The romance in the show is similar toward romance stories like the film "Say Anything" as well as the literature of Jane Austin/Henry James. The common thing about those stories are they have a mature approach to romance because they keep it real and make their characters feel like real flesh and blood human beings.

    The series revolves mainly around two characters as well as the couples that parallel them. Yukino is basically an overachieving student who constantly keeps herself busy and gets to the top but in reality she is somewhat lost. It's not until she starts to have a rival Arima who is also at the top. This of course makes Yukino rather jealous and both have sort of a small warfare for at least one of them to be number one. It's not until Arima reveals how he really feels about Yukino that soon rivalry becomes a love relationship.

    One of the things that is interesting with the series which is the same with the manga is the animation experimental expressionism. It constantly reflects the emotions and states of mind all of the characters are going through making them feel real. Even the narration throughout the stories fit in the right place and moments as if were reading someones personal journal. This helps us feel the same things as the characters who can feel insecure, isolated, scared, excited, doubtful, you name it were literally in their mindset. But also has a poetic sensiblity.

    These characters aren't simple anime characters their real human beings who all have the feelings, depth, gradual development, qualities, and weaknesses as us which makes us feel deep pathos for all of them. The romance between these two throughout the show and manga is it feels real. It's a slow but sure development, they don't immediately kiss or have sex until they've spent enough time together. And they don't immediately trust or warm up to each other until those layers of the masks they wear are pealed off which does happen. Both Arima and Yukino's romance together is constantly challenged from external forces like school where both characters started to drop a point or two on grades or people and internal dilemmas mainly Arima's spoiled self centered cousins bullying him because of how he is (which has happened to me in real life) and trauma of abuse and abandonment. Sometimes keep each other at a distance but always seem to come together. They deal with issues of identity, self-discovery, depression, misunderstanding, loneliness, insecurity, and simply communication toward our significant other.

    And communication and those other themes are what revolves around the show and parallel the other characters and their romances. From Takefumi Tonami a rocker who is about to have a young girl Tsubasa as a step sister, both develop a deep bond despite doubts(which turns to more in the manga series). Kasuma an athletic young man who holds a long time hatred toward Sakura an aggressive athletic girl that bullied him when he was little and a weak man, but he soon discovers that his hatred for her is actually feelings of love and that she is a person that has changed. As well as Yukino's parents we see how it at first didn't start out perfectly because the dad was picking on the mom which was really just miscommunication but then became right when we see they warm up to one another. All these romances all started with simple miscommunication but then evolved into something more and continues.

    I'll admit the only flaw with the series was it was a little too short, and the final volume in the DVD series was a disappointment. Despite the show being based on only a few volumes of the series at least the manga series was still running developing the characters and the story even more. I won't tell you how much your'll just have to read the series. So I would recommend getting the TV show but also get the mangas which continue on the story.

    We all where masks in life, it's only when we open our hearts to someone let them into our life can we peel it off where we don't just see them for who they really are but ourselves though their eyes.moreless
  • His and Her Circumstances is a pretty good anime based off the manga Kare Kano.

    His and Her Circumstances follows Yukino Miyazawa and Soichiro Arima who meet and fall in love in highschool. I liked the anime, but didn't love it. First it ends abubtly at episode 26. It doesn't have the emotional impact that the manga does. It doesn't go into details about what happened to Soichiro when he was a kid. Wish they would have did a season to and waited for the manga to come close to ending. It's finished in Japan and is ending in the US in January. So I would recommend anyone who likes the anime to pick up the manga. Kare Kano is perhaps the best manga I've read.moreless
  • You can either love it or hate it, and you'll know straight away

    many people can decide if they like this show or not staright away. Some people are irritated by the lack or magical fantasy stuff thats in most animes. Also the changing style of it can be annoying sometimes too. But if you look past that you have a sweet, funny show that is really sincere about verything in school life. It is very blunt and if you can see the humour then you will appreciate he show. . . . . i love the show, i found it funny and even though its ending was cut short the manga version is always avaliable to read which is a proper continuation.moreless