Kare Kano

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 14 Days -- 6
      14 Days -- 6
      Episode 26
      Tonami shares a brief kiss with Tsubaki.
    • A Story Unlike What Has Gone Before, Part 2
      Yukino's youngest sister believes she is being stalked by a girl from her school.
    • A Story Unlike What Has Gone Before, Part 1
      Arima and Yukino think about their insecurities.
    • 14 Days -- 5
      14 Days -- 5
      Episode 23
      The school festival is approaching, and Yukino is busy with both meetings and rehearsals for the play.
    • 14 Days--4
      14 Days--4
      Episode 22
      When Yukino says that they should do the play for the school festival, Maho, who really dislikes the idea, is reluctantly persuaded to go along. Yukino puts her negotiating skills to work to get the preparations made, including getting class director Kawashima to be their advisor. Arima, meanwhile, is...
    • 14 Days -- 3
      14 Days -- 3
      Episode 21
      Tonami asks Yukino not to tell Tsubaki and company that he went to school with Tsubaki. Yukino and Maho turn up their noses at Aya's suggestion that they do a play for the school festival, but read the script anyway. Yukino's reaction is something else.
    • 14 Days -- 2
      14 Days -- 2
      Episode 20
      Tonami is a transfer student who was teased by Tsubaki for being overweight all through grade school and intermediate school. Determined to change himself, he returns in a very handsome form, practically a different person. Aya, meanwhile, tells Yukino and company that she wants them to act out a play she's written for the school festival.moreless
    • 14 Days
      14 Days
      Episode 19
      It's the first day of planning for the Culture Fair.
    • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
      Arima has suffered grievously over the disappearance of his father.
    • Not at Home
      Not at Home
      Episode 17
      Yukino receives a letter from Arima
    • A Line Stretching to Eternity
      The Miyazawa Family assembles for a trip to Grandfather's house.
    • The Things We See Beyond Voices
      Arima and Yukino are separated from one another by training camp
    • The Story So Far
      The Story So Far
      Episode 14
      Short clips from the past episodes of Kare Kano.
    • The Subjectivity of Happiness
      Tsubasa is opposed to her father's remarriage but gives in. She and her father go to meet her potential stepmothers son, a punk rocker, Kazuma. Shocking results.
    • The Location of Happiness (Shiawase no Ari ka)
      Tsubasa stays at Yukino's house instead of going home.
    • At the End of the First Semester (Natsu no Yasumi no Hajimari ni)
      All sorts of things have happened in the currently ending school term.
    • Everything Starts Now (Subete wa Korekara)
      What with the girls in her class despising her, and an old friend of Arima's giving her the evil eye as well, Yukino is hemmed in on all sides.
    • Atonement for Postponed Debts (MORATORIAMU no Shokuzai)
      Yukino makes the decision to be her real self, but her classmates still treat her as a visitor from outside.
    • Her Day (Sono Hi, Miyazawa Yukino wa)
      One day not long before Summer Vacation, Yukino goes to play at Arima's house.
    • Their estrangement (Futari no Sokaku)
      The relationship between Yukino, Arima, and new friend Asaba gets deeper and deeper.
    • Your Voice That Changes Me (Boku wo Kaeru, Kimi no Koe)
      With summer vacation close at hand, Arima and Yukino date one another constantly.
    • Day of Labyrinth (Kare no Yabou)
      Arima and Yukino finally become "boyfriend and girlfriend".
    • Her Difficult Problem (Kanojo no Nandai)
      The more Yukino learns about Arima, the more attracted she is to him.
    • His Circumstances (Kareshi no Jijou)
      Yukino is not the only one with a secret. Arima begins to fear for their relationship after confessing to her that he too wants to be the center of attention with others. The confession brings about the realization to Yukino that she is in love with Arima.
    • Their secret (Futari no Himitsu)
      Arima blackmails Yukino into helping him with his jobs, spending time with him. Frustrated by her fear that he will reveal her secret and her growing attraction to Arima she is annoyed by her attachment to him.
    • Her Circumstances (Kanojo no Jijou)
      Yukino enters Hokuei Prefectural High School expecting to be the most popular student on campus. Her ideal is thwarted by the presence of Soichiro Arima. A rivalry begins that takes an odd turn when Arima confesses feelings for Yukino. She beats him on the mid-terms and he congratulates her, admitting feelings for her. She refuses him but accidentally tells him her true reasons for her behavior.moreless