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Karen Sisco

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Karen Sisco is the television adaptation of the 1996 book Out of Sight by Elmore Leonard, and the 1998 movie starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez (who played Karen Sisco in the movie). Karen Sisco (Carla Gugino) is a United States Federal Marshal on Miami's Gold Coast. Karen must track down fugitives, throughout the southern Florida area Marshall Sisco (Robert Forster) is Karen's father, who is a semi-retired private investigator. Marshall wanted Karen to follow a safer path, but law enforcement was in Karen's blood. Veteran Federal Marshal Amos Andrews (Bill Duke) is Sisco's boss, who likes to give her challenges. ABC aired seven episodes at 10 pm EST Wednesdays and then canceled the series. While the series was still alive, USA repeated the ABC episodes at 11 pm EST on Mondays, and aired the remaining three episodes after ABC canceled the series. The series first went on a break after the Nov. 12th episode, to return in March. But ABC never brought the series back to the air, and USA starting airing the unaired ABC episodes on March 31, 2004. The show was simulcast in HDTV on ABC.


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    • Gugino is a knock-out, sexy, vivacious, and sassy lead actress, but the lack of strong supporting characters, pedantic dialogue, and lack of riveting continual plot threads weakened the show.

      Carla Gugino as Karen Sisco was amazingly hot, brassy, and devoted to her job as U.S. Marshal. Did I mention hot? The best episodes were ones that allowed Gugino to show off her smoldering sexuality in a well-written, tightly plotted script. However, it seemed inevitable that without a strong enough supporting cast, Gugino couldn't carry the show alone.

      She was a hot, sexy, lead actress, and it seemed the network wanted to pull off another Alias, yet the premise wasn't juicy, suspenseful, or glamorous enough to sustain itself. Thus, you needed to rely on character, and making Sisco be a hard-drinking, somewhat depressed and obsessed professional, with a strong father figure, wasn't attractive enough for an audience. The plots tended toward the depressing, while the fuzzy cinematography didn't help in pumping up the action. The contained nature of each episode, didn't provide enough dramatic tension for the audience member to tune in the following week. Additionally, the dialogue was also somewhat pedantic.

      Overall, the show was strongest with Gugino displaying her confident sexuality and brassy personality, but that didn't always shine through in the script, or was reflected off of good supporting characters.moreless

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