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A vampire clan that settled in Japan has been feeding on human blood for years. But now the family's middle child has a freakish secret to keep. Instead of not producing enough blood, she produces too much. And instead of sucking blood, she injects her prey with her excess.
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  • Karin is definitely worth watching for light, fluffy, romantic fun.

    Karin can be described by simply using the word; odd. The entire premise of the show is based on our main heroine Karin Maaka (or Marker depending on your subtitle of choice). She and her family all live in the shadows as vampires. Everybody in her family is a normal blood sucking vampire as we all know them to be. Karin is what you would call a reverse vampire in that she produces blood and has to get rid of it instead of suck it. If she doesn't rid herself of her excess blood, she has what looks to be a cataclysmic nosebleed. Not only that but she functions just fine in the daytime and lives life just as a normal schoolgirl. Aside from the fact she's a vampire of course. Karin may not be groundbreaking or a masterpiece, it is quite an amusing addition to the romantic-comedy genre. For me what really made the series enjoyable was the cute and well-done romance between Karin and Kenta and the antics of Karin's family. While the other side-characters were occasionally amusing, it was really the family dynamics that helped make the show for me. The dopey dad, pushy mother, suave older brother (Ren), serious and brilliant younger sister (Anju) with her loud-mouth puppet and the later addition of the strong-willed (and well-preserved) grandmother all helped fuel moments of comedy and provided some of the most memorable characters.

    The anime is more of an anime series like Saiunkoku Monagatari as different things happen in each episode. For example, Karin's brother's story and Karin failing her English test, etc. Eventually we have a funny ending which is hard to comprehend, but in overall, the series is very entertaining and suitable for children to watch. Some episodes don't relate much to the story itself, but when you treat it like a series; you just wish it'll never end.moreless
  • I love it! I love it, I love it, I love it!

    Karin, otherwise known as Chibi Vampire, is a fabulous anime. I love it and I find it completely funny and packed with everything an anime needs--a good, clever, original plot, a good set of characters, and a strong support throughout the story that keeps everything in balance. Karin has it--something other anime have yet to do. The main character, Maaka Karin, is a vampire who has extra blood, so she suffers intense nosebleeds if she doesn't bite somebody. How much more creative can you get? Karin is a sure-fire hit--funny, romantic, action-y, clever. The adventures of Karin, the Maakas, and Kenta will have you addicted by the first few minutes of Episode 1.moreless
  • Karin and Usui forever!!

    Karin's a really cool shoooww! I think Elda's **SPOILER** story was sooo sad. Poor alfred...POOR ELDA!! I thought Ren was kinda dumb, I mean, his story and all. That stupid boy that looks like a girl. I thought that at the end he was gonna come clean saying hes a girl. But it didnt happen T_T

    Anju is incredible. I love her^^

    Kain is kinda annoying though, not everything is so "embarassing" sheesh.

    I wish Winner and Maki got together. Winner needs to get over Karin!! Maki likes you!! Jimmany Christmas (or however you spell that XD)

    I also extremely dis-like the opening. *sheilds eyes* my virginity is gone!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • This is a funny anime and romance. About a vampire girl keeping a secret from humans and this new kid from school he started to be aware of her.

    This anime is amazing! This vampire girl her name is Maaka karin. This show also call Chibi vampire on the Manga in American. Karin has startd school then she saw this new student his name is Kenta Usue. When karin look at him her blood stsrted to increase. She can't figure out becuase she was acting weird and she said somehow she attrcted to his blood. She has family that live in the mansion she had a older brother his named is ren and a little sister name anju and she also had parents. Karin's life has been a twist ever since she saw Kenta and her adventure has started. Her mission is too keep secret from humans. If the humans figure out they had forcely to leave the country. Karin must keep her secret at all purpose.moreless
  • it's pretty cute and has alot of elements a good anime needs.

    Karin Maaka is an attractive, sweet, cheerful teen vampire. though there is something wrong with her, acorfing to her family. instead of sucking blood, she gives blood and has extreme nose bleeds.

    she meets an unhappy guy called Kenta Usi. because of her condtion, she often has nose bleeds around him. that lead to him finding out about her being a vampire. he promised he wouldn't betray her and they became friends. over time Karin falla in love with Kenta which made things more compilacated.

    Kenta Usi- unhappy kid, has to work to help support his single-mom. he plans to have a good future and later has feelings for Karin. he really likes the food she makes.

    Anju Maaka-Karin's little sister, emotionless but love her big sister very much. she controls bats and always needs to help her big sis when she gets herself in trouble. she has an annoying doll called Boogie-kun who often teases Karin, he's Anju closest friend. Anju's taste in blood is jealousy. she was always my favorite character.

    Ren Maaka- Karin& Anju's older brother. he's a pure vampire, only cares about feeding on attracive women, and tries to get as many as he can. he hates humans and thinks they're only meals. is very mean to Karin though he does care about her, usually prefers Anju more. his taste is stress.

    Calrea Maker- Karin, Ren& Anju's mom. Kept his American name. 0verbearing, harsh and will hit Karin& Henry with a slipper if she doesn't like what they say. though she cares for her family will not show it. she likes the taste of Liars.

    Henry Maker- Karin's father, kept his American name. Protective of Karin and doesn't like her relationship with Kenta. he shows more compassion than Calrea and shows to be a little clumsy. his taste is pride.

    Maki something- Karin's bestfriend, doesn't know she's a vampire til the end. a good friend that's always there for Karin but gets jealous when Winner pays more attetnion to Karin than her. she's sweet but is not a pushover.

    Winner Sinclair- only in the anime- is a handsom vampire hunter that's in love with Karin. isn't good at being a hunter and always fights with Kenta for Karin's attention. Kenta doesn't usually fight back and Karin doesn't show to feel a lot towards him.

    Elda Maaka- Henry's mother, and Grandmother of Anju, Karin& Ren. she's over 2OO but looks exactly like Karin, except for hair, eyes and smaller breast. not ur average grandma, she still has a lot of energy and doesn't know when to stop at something. her and Calrea don't get along, Calrea locked her in a coffin for 1OO years, hoping she'd turn to dust, Henry respects his mommy but doesn't like the fighting. Elda cares abotu Karin but doesn't like her relationship with Kenta [her human relationship ended in pain, and gave her a scar] and how Karin's has larger breats than her. Anju doesn't like how Elda treated Karin which leads to her not trusting Grandma too much. Ren is scared to death of his grandma because she shows him too much affection.

    it's funny, with a little perveted humor at times, romantic while still heartbreaking. a great anime that is worth watching every episode of.moreless