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  • Season 1
    • It is so Embarassing to be Together Always
      This is the last episode in Karin. How will things turn out? Will Karin become a normal vampire? Will her family be able to escape the wrath of the vampire hunter? Will it be a happy ending?! Watch it to find out!
    • Farewell is so Embarassing
      Usui tells Karin to go be with her family, and Karin learns just how much her parents care.
    • Being Like a Lost Child is so Embarressing
      Karin doesn't know where to go, so she wonders around aimlessly. The battle between Elda and The Vampire Hunter contines. Usui tries to reach Karin, but can't.
    • What should I do, This is so Embarassing
      elda has dicovered a way to make Karin a true vampire. What will Karin do? Will she choose to become a real one and be with her family. Or will she choose to stay a blood-maker and stay with Usui?
    • The First... is so Embarressing
      Usui asks Karin on a date, ans she's estatic. Meanwhile Anju is becoming a vampire, and Maki is depressed over Winner- yet Karin is oblivious to both's unhappiness.
    • Christmas Eve Together is so Embarassing
      It's Christmas time. Karin tries to figure out the perfect gift for Usui, and if she should tell him her feelings.
    • Brother's Secret is Embarassing
      Ren's past. When he was 14, he was placed in a human all boys school, and had a roomate who got picked on a lot because of his girl characteristics. Just another worthless human to Ren, or was he?
    • Farewell Elda, is so Embarassing
      Everybody is having fun at the cutural festival, except Karin who is worried about Usui getting his blood sucked by Elda. If Elda gets her way, all of Usui's feelings of love will be erased!
    • Elda's Love Life is so Embarassing
      Elda is after Usui. We see Elda's past, and why she is so against human and vampires relationships.
    • Elda Appears! is so Embarrassing
      The cultural festival is coming up, but it's not all fun and games for Karin. New problems arise when her gradma(who looks 16 years old) awakens from her coffen.
    • Being Together Until Morning is so Embarressing
      Karin finally realizes her feelings for Usui. Maki stays over at Karin's house for the first time. How will the family react?!
    • Waking Up is so Embarassing
      After trying to bite Usui, Karin feels like she betrayed him, and thinks that he hates her. Meanwhile, Ren is still after Usui's mom.
    • Brother is so Embarassing
      Ren sets his sights on sucking Usui's mother's blood.
    • It's Summer! It's the Pool! It's Embarassing!
      Winner invites Karin to a pool, so Karin decides to act really rude to him. Will her plan to be "unattractive" change Winner's views of her?
    • Papa is Very Embarrassing
      Karin fails a test, so Usui tutors her. Karin's dad plays the over-protective dad, and embarrasses Karin by following them around.
    • Looking back... is Embarassing
      We get to see Anju and Karin's relationship. Anju has flashbacks of her childhood with Karin.
    • Being Discovered is Embarassing
      Karin has an "accident" in the hallway. The hunter suspects Usui of being a vampire when the blood is found. How will Karin and Usui cover this up?
    • Being Chased is Embarassing
      To add to Karin's problems, there is a new, loud mouth, transfer student who claims to be from a long generation of vampire hunters. Will he find out about Karin?!
    • My Lively Mother is Embarassing
      Usui works every day at the restaurant to the point of exhaustion, making him really unhappy. With Karin's "taste" being unhappiness it makes it impossible for Karin to be around him without overflowing.
    • A Family Gathering is Embarassing
      Usui discovers that Karin is a vampire. What will her family do about it?
    • Being Found Out is Embarassing
      Karin decides that she needs to keep Usui happy, so she can maintain apathy for blood. She thinks the best way to do this is make him lunches.
    • Happiness is Embarassing
      Karin tries to figure out what happiness is.
    • My Interests are so Embarassing
      Karin learns that she has a "normal" vampire's trait. She has a preference in blood.
    • Overflowing is Embarassing
      Karin is almost having a regular day at school, but then a new transfer student comes to her school. When Karin finds her new victim and injects her blood into her victim's body, and Kenta sees the whole thing! The next day at school, Karin and Kenta talk, Kenta possibly finds out her secret and Karin has a huge nosebleed...moreless