Kasamh Se

(ended 2009)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Episode #683
      Episode #683
      Episode 683
      Bani wakes up to break her fast as Bani Walia, not Pronita. After seventeen years, Jai and Bani have a proper meeting and fall in love all over again. They renew their vows once again to not separate from each other, and give thanks to God by visiting temples, churches, and mosques. As Jai and Bani romance, the family tells Jai and Bani's love story to the kids.moreless
    • Episode #671
      Episode #671
      Episode 671
      As Bani cries at Krishna's and Atharva's grave, Mr. Walia plans to move to the USA in three days. Surprisingly, Pia returns to the Walia mansion after seventeen years and reunites with the family and meets the children. However, Jigyasa becomes urked by her entrance, as Rano becomes upset at thinking what motives Pia could have. Will Pia and Rano become sisters again? And how will Jai react seeing his ex-lover?moreless
    • Episode #666
      Episode #666
      Episode 666
      With the aid of Mother Kali, Bani is able to stand up and fight against Meera, but instead has mercy on her and does not kill Meera. However, Meera does not show any remorse and slashes at Bani's head with a trident, rendering her unconcious. Meera finally plans to kill Bani once and for all, but Jigyasa reveals herself to protect her.moreless
    • Episode #665
      Episode #665
      Episode 665
      Meera tries to run from Bani's ghost, but she is led to the same place where she killed Bani seventeen years ago. However, Pronita soon discovers that Meera knew all along who she really was and that Pronita actually is Bani! Shocked by this revelation, Meera takes this opportunity to finish what she started seventeen years ago: killing Bani.moreless
    • Episode #664
      Episode #664
      Episode 664
      Seventeen years have passed since Bani's death, and now the family celebrates Meera's birthday and mourns Bani's death. However, Meera is frightened by coming back to Mount Abu, and Bani's death anniversary does not help her in any way. Meera starts to see Bani's ghost once again, and Pronita decides to finally shed her mask she's been wearing for seventeen years and decides to finally take revenge against Meera.moreless
    • Episode #596
      Episode #596
      Episode 596
      Meera is shocked when she finds out Jai has married Pronita. Not only that, but Meera and Jai are now divorced! With tensions and emotions high, Meera and Pronita launch out into a gigantic catfight and nearly rip each other into shreds. Despite Meera trying to butcher Pronita similar to how she did to Bani, Pronita beats her with the power of Mother Kali.moreless
    • Episode #595
      Episode #595
      Episode 595
      As Meera and Jai plan to get remarried, Pronita starts to concoct a plan to ruin Meera. As the party kicks off with a bang, the future seems to hold a lot of mysteries and surprises for Meera, Pronita, Jai, and the Walia family.
    • Episode #586
      Episode #586
      Episode 586
      Upon finally seeing Meera's face, Pronita goes into a state of shock and realizes she is Bani Walia. Her memory flows back into her and she remembers her life at Mount Abu, her sisters Pia and Rano, her forced marriage with Jai Walia, her exile to Meerut, and how Meera tried to kill her without any mercy.moreless
    • Episode #578
      Episode #578
      Episode 578
      Vicky and Varun return to the Walia mansion after a long time, and the entire family celebrates. As Pronita enters the party, she learns from Rano that the love of this family was created by her eldest sister, Bani.
    • Episode #577
      Episode #577
      Episode 577
      Vicky and Varun are coming back to India, and Rano soon recommends that Ganga should be tutored by Pronita. Pronita, however, still believes Jai killed his wife and soon rescues a desperate girl.
    • Episode #576
      Episode #576
      Episode 576
      As Ganga dances on the dance floor, she meets Rahul. Rahul blackmails her to free his father from prison. Mr. Partho, however, may have a secret linked to Bani's past and Ganga's lie is unveiled to her mother.
    • Episode #575
      Episode #575
      Episode 575
      Pronita believes that Jai Walia killed his first wife Bani himself, and faints near his Mount Abu house. As Rano returns to Mumbai, the family worries over Krishna... But maybe Krishna isn't the one they should be worrying about.
    • Episode #574
      Episode #574
      Episode 574
      As Pronita's head begins to fill with more questions, Krishna is accused of smoking. Pronita, who is deeply troubled, learns of a house in Mount Abu which belonged to three sisters, nearly twenty-six years ago.
    • Episode #573
      Episode #573
      Episode 573
      As Krishna is punished for going to a disco, Pronita enters an art competition with her finished drawing. At the competition, however, Pronita meets Rano and Jai Walia.
    • Episode #572
      Episode #572
      Episode 572
      As Pronita becomes more and more disturbed at Mount Abu, Krishna begins to have troubles at the Walia mansion. While Krishna is accused of partying at a disco, Pronita finally finishes her sixteen year old sketch.
    • Episode #571
      Episode #571
      Episode 571
      As Pronita visits Mount Abu, she begins to experience strange feelings and visions. Arriving by her own free will at a house, she remembers three sisters and their happy moments there. As she wanders farther in a forest, she comes to a chilling reality of a cold-blooded murder that took place in front of Mother Kali.moreless
    • Episode #570
      Episode #570
      Episode 570
      Jai flat out refuses to wed Ganga into the Khanna family, and he and Rano plan to go to Mount Abu. However, while on the train Rano bumps into Pronita, who is also entering an art contest at Mount Abu.
    • Episode #569
      Episode #569
      Episode 569
      Jai finds out the Khanna family has rejected the marriage relationship because the horoscopes do not match. However, Jai is even angrier when he learns that Mr. Khanna did not even look at Ganga's horoscope.
    • Episode #568
      Episode #568
      Episode 568
      The Walia family plans on getting Ganga married to Rahul, son of the Khanna family. As Ganga and Rahul meet and discover they are nearly opposites, Pronita has strange feelings of going to Mount Abu's temple of Mother Kali.
    • Episode #567
      Episode #567
      Episode 567
      Sixteen years have passed since Bani's death. The Walia family has moved in a more extravagant mansion, and Meera's birthday is a cause for celebration. Krishna, Ganga, and Vidya have grown up and are young women, and remind Rano a lot of her sisters. Jai has accepted Meera as his wife but in Calcutta, a women named Pronita makes a decision to go to Mount Abu.moreless
    • Episode #566
      Episode #566
      Episode 566
      Six months have passed since Bani's death. Jai and Billo Massi take Ganga to the hospital, and Ganga's operation is a success. Soon, Pushkar arrives to take Pia with him to Mauritius as a woman looks at her face after a plastic surgery. She does not know who she is or where she is from, but she knows that she will return to Mumbai one day because of the bonds that bind her there.moreless
    • Episode #565
      Episode #565
      Episode 565
      Pia plans on telling the family that Meera killed Krishna, Atharva, and Bani but Meera blackmails her and says if she does anything, Veer will be hurt. As Pia thinks on what she should do, Jai searches everywhere for Bani, but the police finally announces she's dead. Meanwhile, however, a patient at a hospital wakes up after a terrible accident.moreless
    • Episode #564
      Episode #564
      Episode 564
      Bani tries to escape from the clutches of Meera, but does not escape. However, Bani luckily takes Atharva from Meera and hides him near a small shrine as Meera attacks Bani. Cleverly, Meera throws oil on Bani and lights a match. Before this unhoni can happen, Bani sends a prayer to Mother Kali and begs of her to unite her with her children and gain justice. However, the face of Kasamh Se, the eldest of three sisters, and the beloved of Jai is burned to death.moreless
    • Episode #563
      Episode #563
      Episode 563
      Thanks to Pia, Bani finds out that Aditya killed her children. She tells this to Meera, who takes her outside the house in the forest. However, Bani soon finds out Aditya is not the murderer, but Meera actually is. Meera killed Krishna and Atharva, paralyzed Pia, and murdered Daksh. Bani is now her new target, but will Bani survive from her saut's evil plans?moreless
    • Episode #562
      Episode #562
      Episode 562
      After several years, Pushkar comes and meets the Walia family and wants to take Pia home so they can live together with Veer. However, Pia is secretly alright and in perfect condition as the family goes to Mount Abu for Meera's birthday. Pia was putting up a charade for several years to save her own sister. When Bani finds out Pia is in perfect condition, she threatens her sister to tell her who killed Krishna and Atharva.moreless
    • Episode #561
      Episode #561
      Episode 561
      Months fly by and it seems like happy times have finally arrived for the Walia family. Ranvir is being cared for and Pia's condition is improving. As Ganga grows and has fun, Bani cares for her own pregnancy. Soon, Bani finally gives birth to twins, who Bani and Jai name Krishna and Atharva.moreless
    • Episode #560
      Episode #560
      Episode 560
      As Daksh dies on the street, Jai is shocked to learn the truth that Bani never loved Daksh. As Jai realizes how much he tortured Bani, Ranvir and Rashi are enjoying their time at Jodhpur. However, Ranvir reveals his true colors when he pushes Rashi off a cliff, but Mother Santoshi is watching everything.moreless
    • Episode #559
      Episode #559
      Episode 559
      Daksh informs Bani that the murderer of the children has an odd shoe size, and the entire family goes to Jodhpur to pray at a temple. As Daksh searches the Walia mansion, he finds out who the murderer is and plans on telling Bani who they are once they reach Mumbai. Ranvir and Rashi plan on staying at Jodhpur together, but Daksh unfortunately dies in an accident but he tells Mr. Walia at least one truth before he leaves.moreless
    • Episode #558
      Episode #558
      Episode 558
      Meera, Bani, and Jai find out that their trap lured Daksh, but Daksh refuses to admit he killed Krishna and Atharva. Soon, Bani discovers she's pregnant and the entire family is in joy. Everyone is jubilant, except for Rano.
    • Episode #557
      Episode #557
      Episode 557
      Meera and Bani bring Pia home and tell Jai that she did not murder the children. However, this upsets the rest of the family members, especially Rano. As Bani, Meera, and Jai create a plan to capture the murderer, Jai begins to doubt his half-brother Nachiket.
    • Episode #556
      Episode #556
      Episode 556
      Jigyasa tells Bani and Meera the truth. Fifteen days after Jai kicked Bani out of the house, Pia recovered and tried to tell Jigyasa who killed Krishna and Atharva. However, another fatal accident caused Pia to become paralyzed and only she knows who the murder is.
    • Episode #555
      Episode #555
      Episode 555
      While in jail, Jigyasa receives a threatening phone call from her blackmailer, who says Ranvir's life is in danger. As Jigyasa worries, Karuna searches for Jigyasa's hidden money. Soon, Jigyasa'a blackmailer visits her in jail.
    • Episode #554
      Episode #554
      Episode 554
      Bani and Rano's hatred for Pia excels to a new level, and they send her to an asylum without a second thought. However, Bani is convinced that Jigyasa did not murder Krishna and Atharva, and she and Meera visit Jigyasa in jail.
    • Episode #553
      Episode #553
      Episode 553
      Caught by the family, Jigyasa finally confesses. Jigyasa had killed Krishna and Atharva five years ago, but claims that she never meant to kill them. Soon, she admits that it was never her idea, but actually Pia's.
    • Episode #552
      Episode #552
      Episode 552
      Pallavi's marriage finally ends, and the family watches her as she leaves the the mansion. However, Jigyasa and Karuna try to move the secret of the outhouse, but things turn haywire when Jai wants to destroy the outhouse. Finally, the shocking outhouse secret is revealed.
    • Episode #551
      Episode #551
      Episode 551
      Bani awakes and tries to tell Jai that something is in the outhouse and blames it all on Jigyasa. However, Jai does not listen and locks her in a room. Soon, Suraj's parents stop the marriage on the account of Jai having two wives.
    • Episode #550
      Episode #550
      Episode 550
      Bani tries to enter the outhouse but Jigyasa tells her to leave. As the wedding finally reaches a close, Jigyasa plans to move the outhouse secret far away from the Walia mansion, but she goes to drastic measures to stop Bani.
    • Episode #549
      Episode #549
      Episode 549
      Rano ponders over how she and her sisters have separated over the course of these ten years, and vows to make a difference. Meanwhile, Karuna gets a new haircut and Jigyasa plans to hide the secret of the outhouse so no one can find out.
    • Episode #548
      Episode #548
      Episode 548
      Bani finds out that Jai was searching inside the outhouse for something and they spend the entire night together, unifying themselves. However, the next morning Jai accepts Meera as his only wife.
    • Episode #547
      Episode #547
      Episode 547
      In the middle of the night, Ranvir leaves the mansion for some unknown reason. The next day, the family goes on a picnic but Bani soon finds out that Jai is secretly searching for something in the outhouse.
    • Episode #546
      Episode #546
      Episode 546
      Bani searches the outhouse and realizes somerthing is living inside it, and desperately tries to tell Mr. Walia. However, he refuses to listen to Bani, and Billo Massia leaves the mansion for a pilgrimage.
    • Episode #545
      Episode #545
      Episode 545
      Ranvir declares his true love to Rash and vows to be with her his entire life. Meanwhile, Jai refuses to listen to Dadi's belief that someone is in the outhouse, which causes Bani to search for herself.
    • Episode #544
      Episode #544
      Episode 544
      Meera invites Daksh to the Walia mansion, but Ganga soon learns that she will die, just like her siblings. Meanwhile, Jigyasa rushes to the outhouse and finds an unconscious Dadi.
    • Episode #543
      Episode #543
      Episode 543
      Ranvir shows his true colors as he embraces Rano, which creates a huge commotion in the mansion. Ranvir is forced to leave, but things may not look as they seem. Soon after, Dadi goes to the outhouse and her life is put in danger.
    • Episode #542
      Episode #542
      Episode 542
      Jai once again becomes cold and angry after Bani's revelation, and Ranvir tries to adapt to the family. He meets his daughter Vidya, but is shcoked to learn Meera is Jai's wife.
    • Episode #541
      Episode #541
      Episode 541
      Ranvir's return has shocked the entire family, but they reluctantly let him stay in the Walia mansion. Meanwhile, Jai is heartbroken and shocked to hear the Bani's one and only love is her brother-in-law Daksh.
    • Episode #540
      Episode #540
      Episode 540
      Jai is still drowning in his sorrows, but meanwhile Bani receives a mysterious phone call and disappears. As Pallavi's wedding ceremonies continue, Meera realizes her place is somewhere else.
    • Episode #539
      Episode #539
      Episode 539
      Bani settles into the outhouse, but she a stone pillar falls onto her, giving her a serious head injury. Jai, who is totally broken, does not know what to do, and seeks comfort from Billo Massi.
    • Episode #538
      Episode #538
      Episode 538
      Jai is shocked by the truth, and he seeks Billo Massi's help. Meanwhile, Jigyasa worries and frets over the outhouse and what is inside it. What is the secret of this outhouse?
    • Episode #537
      Episode #537
      Episode 537
      Meera tries to tell Jai that Bani has remained faithful to him, but he is too confused. After confronting his inner self Jai goes to meet Daksh, who tells him the entire truth. Bani and Daksh are just friends, and he is her brother-in-law.
    • Episode #536
      Episode #536
      Episode 536
      Bani and Jai leave the mansion to get Ganga's medicine, but their car breaks down. They both have to stay in a hotel room together, but little do they know someone is behind all of this.
    • Episode #535
      Episode #535
      Episode 535
      Pallavi's wedding ceremonies continue, and Rano gets disturbed by the fact that Rashi visits Ranvir. However, the workers' belief that the outhouse is haunted may be a reality.
    • Episode #534
      Episode #534
      Episode 534
      The outhouse undergoes some renovations, but some workers feel there is a malevolent spirit inside it. Meanwhile, Jai's belief that Bani loves Daksh gets stronger.
    • Episode #533
      Episode #533
      Episode 533
      Rano develops a bond with Ganga, and prays that she will become alright. Meanwhile, Bani makes an agreement with Meera and decides to live in the outhouse, which greatly frightens Jigyasa.
    • Episode #532
      Episode #532
      Episode 532
      Jigyasa is horrified that Meera wants to bring Bani into the Walia mansion, and Dadi is forced to slap her. Meera, however, gives up her wedding necklace and wants Jai and Bani to get back together.
    • Episode #531
      Episode #531
      Episode 531
      Bani spends the day praying at the temple for Ganga's well-being, and the family tries to overcome this horrid fact. Jai soon learns that to save Ganga's life, he and Bani must have another child.
    • Episode #530
      Episode #530
      Episode 530
      Jai is shocked at the news that Ganga is his own daughter, and makes a decision that he will never let her go away. However, the news of Ganga's cancer shakes up the Walia family.
    • Episode #529
      Episode #529
      Episode 529
      Under the pressure of Meera, Jai agrees to go to the hospital and has a bone marrow test done on him. However, the bone marrow does not match Ganga's, but Meera has another surprise up her sleeve.
    • Episode #528
      Episode #528
      Episode 528
      As Bani admits Ganga into the hospital, she learns a shocking and devastating truth. Meanwhile, Jai becomes abusive towards Meera and plans to give her a child.
    • Episode #527
      Episode #527
      Episode 527
      Jigyasa cunningly tells Ganga that Jai truly is her father, making Ganga very happy. However, when Jai finds out that Ganga is Bani's daughter, Pallavi's engagement party goes haywire.
    • Episode #526
      Episode #526
      Episode 526
      Jigyasa tries to show Jai that Bani is at the party, but she fails miserably. Luckily, Meera is able to keep Bani safe from any other eyes at the party. However, Jigyasa comes up with a new plan to tear Jai from Ganga forever.
    • Episode #525
      Episode #525
      Episode 525
      As the party continues, Jigyasa is shocked that her brother has given Meera the keys to the safe. Meanwhile, Meera secretly sneaks Bani into the party so she can see Ganga.
    • Episode #524
      Episode #524
      Episode 524
      Bani tells Meera the entire truth. Meera finds out Maithali is Bani, Ganga is truly Jai's daughter, and that Bani has blood cancer.
    • Episode #523
      Episode #523
      Episode 523
      As the party continues, Jai feels more and more sorry for yelling at Meera. Disturbed by these emotions, Jai tries to find Meera and apologize to her but instead finds Bani.
    • Episode #522
      Episode #522
      Episode 522
      Ganga is able to escape from the frightening outhouse, but she accidentally angers Jai. Jai is furious about the pictures of Krishna and Atharva that Ganga unknowingly brings, and disrupts the party.
    • Episode #521
      Episode #521
      Episode 521
      Bani learns that the Walia mansion is going to distribute food to the poor, and she plans to go there to put some kumkum on Ganga. As Ganga tries to find something to do to help Meera at the party, she enters the forbidden outhouse.
    • Episode #520
      Episode #520
      Episode 520
      Ganga tries to adapt to the Walia mansion, but Jigyasa is appalled by how popular she is within the family. Angry by this, Jigyasa plans to torture Ganga like her mother. Meanwhile, Rashi takes a secret trip to jail to visit her ex-husband.
    • Episode #519
      Episode #519
      Episode 519
      Jai agrees to adopt Ganga, and Meera goes to fetch her from Maithali's house. Ganga is brought into the Walia mansion, but she can't forget about her mother. Bani cannot forget about her daughter, but she knows its for the best.
    • Episode #518
      Episode #518
      Episode 518
      Meera visits Bani, and is shocked by the rude way she treats her daughter. Appalled by this behavior, Meera takes a drastic decision and decided to finally adopt Ganga and make Ganga her own.
    • Episode #517
      Episode #517
      Episode 517
      Bani begins to ignore Ganga even more, and soon after Bani goes to work. Meanwhile, Meera's talkative sister comes to the Walia mansion for her engagement party. As Bani goes to work, she gets stuck in an elevator with Jai Walia.
    • Episode #516
      Episode #516
      Episode 516
      In the middle of the night, Bani goes to visit Daksh and Billo Massi quietly follows her. Bani finally declares her love for Daksh, but under the interrogation of Billo Massi the truth is finally told by Daksh. Bani has blood cancer, and is going to die.
    • Episode #515
      Episode #515
      Episode 515
      As Bani's frustration grows, Meera becomes more and more worried for Ganga. Bani refuses to pay for Ganga's dress and says she wants to live life for herself. What has caused this abrupt change in Bani?
    • Episode #514
      Episode #514
      Episode 514
      Meera drops Ganga off at Bani's house, and surprisingly Bani becomes more aggressive. After ignoring and misbehaving with her daughter and having a mental breakdown, Bani opens the door to meet a surprising someone.
    • Episode #513
      Episode #513
      Episode 513
      Bani is shocked to learn the devastating truth that Meera is married to Jai Walia, and the next day she travels to meet a mysterious person related to the secret of the envelope. In doing so, she completely ignores Ganga.
    • Episode #512
      Episode #512
      Episode 512
      Bani is able to stop Billo Massi from seeing the envelope, and she is soon invited to the ceremony of married women. Meera comes, too, and Ganga is able to bring Jai to the temple. With Ganga next to her father, and Bani next to the second wife, who knows what will occur!moreless
    • Episode #511
      Episode #511
      Episode 511
      Jai refuses to give Bani money, but luckily Meera finds out what happened to Ganga and pays the money. Once Jai finds out what has happened, he arranged for the blood transfusion. Once Ganga is finally alright, Meera finally asks Billo Massi if she could adopt Ganga.
    • Episode #510
      Episode #510
      Episode 510
      Bani, who is unusually tense, goes to the park so Ganga can play. However, Ganga trips on the slide on falls down leading to a fatal injury. Desperate to find money, Bani goes to the only one person who can help her.
    • Episode #509
      Episode #509
      Episode 509
      Meera takes Vidya and Ganga to a fun center where they spend the rest of the day. Surprisingly, Jai arrives there and plays with Ganga. Soon after, however, Jigyasa tries to persuade Meera to adopt Ganga.
    • Episode #508
      Episode #508
      Episode 508
      Jigyasa fakes a heart attack to stop her brother from finding out that Bani is Ganga's mother, and it actually works. Meanwhile, Bani frets over the secret in the orange envelope and tries to hide it from anyone else.
    • Episode #507
      Episode #507
      Episode 507
      Nobody agrees to dance with Ganga at Vidya's birthday party, let alone socialize with her. Taking advantage of the situation, Jigyasa makes Jai and Ganga dance so they can become closer, and so her plan of Ganga becoming adopted will succeed.
    • Episode #506
      Episode #506
      Episode 506
      Rashi prays for Ranvir to come back into her life, and Rano is perplexed at her desires. As Ganga gets ready for going to Vidya's birthday party, Bani has plans of her own. Bani secretly obtains an envelope which might change her life forever.
    • Episode #505
      Episode #505
      Episode 505
      Jigyasa plans to somehow make Meera and Jai adopt Ganga, but Karuna doubts her plan. Meanwhile, Meera tries her best to find Bani in a hotel but fails. Maithali, on the other hand, meets Meera instead.
    • Episode #504
      Episode #504
      Episode 504
      The question of the relationship between Bani and Daksh stirs some problems and causes the priest's daughter's relationship to be rejected. Feeling its all her fault, Bani plans to leave Mumbai with Billo Massi and Ganga, but Jigyasa now does a totally different move.
    • Episode #503
      Episode #503
      Episode 503
      Jigyasa meets Bani and Billo Massi, and soon bribes the Thakurain to kick Bani out of Mumbai. Meanwhile, Rashi receives some help from a mysterious women who prmoises to give her an agnipariksha, a test of fire.
    • Episode #502
      Episode #502
      Episode 502
      Billo Massi finds out about Bani working under Jai Walia, and Bani's sickness worsens. Jai uses Meera as a way to make Bani jealous and humiliated, which causes Meera to think Jai truly loves her. However, Meera finds out Jai was using her to get to Bani, and now she sets her priority on finding Jai's first wife.moreless
    • Episode #501
      Episode #501
      Episode 501
      Jai ponders over his feelings for Bani, and he's confused why he feels sorry for her. Later at the Walia Mansion, the head shaving ceremony for Varun begins and its a true Punjabi party. Unbeknownst to Jai, however, is that Jigyasa has mixed a few drugs in his drink.
    • Episode #500
      Episode #500
      Episode 500
      In the 500th episode of Kasamh Se Rano, Dadi, and Rashi try to meet Bani in the hotel, but Jigyasa quickly disposes of them. Bani's boss, however, is an extremely strict man who is torturing her due to Jigyasa's orders. While Bani suffers from horrid coughing, Jai expresses her rage toward her.moreless
    • Episode #499
      Episode #499
      Episode 499
      Jigyasa and Karuna concoct a plan to make Jai and Meera bonded forever, and Ganga happily goes to school. However, after the parents find out Ganga has no idea of her father, things become a bit hectic until Jai Walia and Meera enter the school.
    • Episode #498
      Episode #498
      Episode 498
      After the party, Meera realizes that Jai still holds Bani close to his heart, and she plans on finding her. Bani goes to Krishna's and Atharva's graves to lay flowers on them, but Jai violently pushes her out which brings Billo Massi and Jai face to face.
    • Episode #497
      Episode #497
      Episode 497
      Jai hires Bani as a waitress at his party, which leaves the entire Walia family in shock. Bani is forced to serve many drinks on a small plate, and she has a tearful reunion with her family, especially her younger sister, Rano.
    • Episode #496
      Episode #496
      Episode 496
      Bani tells Billo Massi the entire truth that she met Jai, and Bani also finds out that Meera paid the money for Ganga's admission. Bani realizes her new boss is extremely rude, and meanwhile Jai invites Daksh to a party at his mansion. However, Vidya, Rashi's daughter, also invites Ganga.
    • Episode #495
      Episode #495
      Episode 495
      Jai, taking pity on Bani, gives her a job at one of his hotels. He taunts her and and takes pity on her, because it was eleven years ago that Bani and her sisters came to him in the same weather and in the same party. However, Jigyasa worries if this event might bring Bani and Jai closer.moreless
    • Episode #494
      Episode #494
      Episode 494
      Bani searches for a job, but she discovers the Jai Walia has forbidden anyone to give her a job. Although Bani is worried over the money for Ganga's admission, Meera secretly helps her by paying the money. As Bani still tries to find at least something to do, she winds up in front of the Walia Mansion.moreless
    • Episode #493
      Episode #493
      Episode 493
      Jai ignores Bani and Daksh, but when he returns home he takes his anger out on Meera. Meanwhile, Rashi prays for her husband Ranvir in jail, but Nachiket tells her to be careful for what she wishes for. Later, Bani is fired from her job because of her enmity with Jai Walia.moreless
    • Episode #492
      Episode #492
      Episode 492
      Karuna finally sees Bani in her small town, and she reports this back to Jigyasa. Meanwhile, Daksh is angry at Bani since he believes she switched Ganga's present and they have a small coversation outside. However, they soon find out Jai Walia was listening to them, and now Bani, along with Daksh, and Jai are face to face.moreless
    • Episode #491
      Episode #491
      Episode 491
      Meera's and Ganga's birthday gifts become switched up by accident, which leads to a misunderstanding by Rashi. Bani faces difficulties with the school she is trying to enroll Ganga in, and things may take a drastic turn when Jai is fatefully near Bani.
    • Episode #490
      Episode #490
      Episode 490
      Bani refuses to use Daksh's money to enroll Ganga in school, and she desperately searches for a job and she luckily gets one as a waitress. Meanwhile, Ganga celebrates her sixth birthday and Meera tries to find happiness on her own birthday.
    • Episode #489
      Episode #489
      Episode 489
      It turns out that Ganga and Rashi's daughter, Vidya, go to the same school. Meanwhile, Jai confesses to Jigyasa that he feels Bani has returned to Mumbai which greatly upsets her. However, Jigyasa and Karuna both see Daksh in the streets, and he soon committs a sacrifice to help Bani.
    • Episode #488
      Episode #488
      Episode 488
      While Bani remembers Krishna and Atharva, Mr. Walia soon also begins to feel that Bani is back in Mumbai. Bani, Ganga, and Billo Massi go to the priest's house as suggested by their thakur, and there they make their new home.
    • Episode #487
      Episode #487
      Episode 487
      Bani, Ganga, and Billo Massi arrive in Mumbai, and Bani begins to reminisce about her past ten years ago when she and her two other sisters arrived in Mumbai. A lot has changed since then. Meanwhile, Jigyasa threatens Dadi to not go to Meerut while Bani discovers Krishna and Atharva's graves.moreless
    • Episode #486
      Episode #486
      Episode 486
      Although Bani can know stay with her canteen, the thakurain still throws her out and accuses her of being promiscous. Heartbroken, Bani, Ganga, and Billo Massi leave and plan to go to Mumbai. However, Jigyasa tries her best to hide the fact that Bani is in Meerut.
    • Episode #485
      Episode #485
      Episode 485
      Ganga tries to stop Jai from selling her canteen and with many various attempts, she succeeds. This makes Bani and Billo Massi very jubilant, but it puts a sour face of Jigyasa and the thakurain.
    • Episode #484
      Episode #484
      Episode 484
      Bani is not seen by Jai, but her world is disrupted when she finds out that her thakurain has sold her canteen away to a businessman. Heartbroken, Bani has no idea what to do, but Ganga tries to talk to Meera.
    • Episode #483
      Episode #483
      Episode 483
      Bani is not seen by Jai, but her world is disrupted when she finds out that her thakurain has sold her canteen away to a businessman. Heartbroken, Bani has no idea what to do, but Ganga tries to talk to Meera.
    • Episode #482
      Episode #482
      Episode 482
      Bani stays away from Jai, but she has a feeling that Jai is somehow related to the wedding she's catering for. Bani tries to find out what relation Jai has to the wedding, but she cannot find any evidence. Meanwhile, Jigyasa returns from London and arrives at the wedding.
    • Episode #481
      Episode #481
      Episode 481
      Dadi decides not to tell Jai that Bani is in Meerut, and leaves it up to God to decide. Meanwhile, Ganga has a school award ceremony at her school and Jai is the chief guest. When the ceremony goes horribly wrong, things take a dramatic turn when Bani finally sees Jai.moreless
    • Episode #480
      Episode #480
      Episode 480
      Jai loves the sweet rice, and thakurain's plan totally backfires. As the party continues, Karuna controls everyone and everything, including the food. However, things may take a drastic change when Dadi sees Bani working in the kitchen.
    • Episode #479
      Episode #479
      Episode 479
      Bani starts to prepare for the wedding feast and with the help of her friends and neighbors, she does an excellent job. While Ganga and Jai have more clashing encounters, Bani's thakurain becomes angry by Bani's success, and plans to embarrass her in front of everyone.
    • Episode #478
      Episode #478
      Episode 478
      Ganga is able to save Jai from being crushed by the chandelier but she becomes upset when he doesn't thank her. Ganga, filled with sass and attitude, retorts that its rude manners not to say thanks but she isn't able to change Jai at all. However, Meera, who has not seen Bani before, finally meets her and gives her the contract for the wedding. Meanwhile, Ganga and Jai have some more bitter encounters.moreless
    • Episode #742
      Episode #742
      Episode 477
      One year later, the Walia family is celebrating the festival of Holi. Happiness has spread throughout the entire home, and Ganga is pregnant while Mr. Walia is in better health. On this auspicious day, Bani and Jai remember their entire journey with each other and how they came to love each other. Bani, Pia, and Rano watch as their entire family celebrates with joy. Throughout all their hardships, betrayals, and obstacles, the three sisters still maintain their relationship and love for one another. The journey and promise of three sisters has come to an end, but they will always remain in everyone's hearts... Kasamh se.moreless
    • Episode #477
      Episode #477
      Episode 477
      Ganga collects money to save her mother from the false allegations put on her and meanwhile, the Walia family travels to Meerut to meet the groom's family. Ganga, who wants to see these new people, sneaks into the house and unknowingly befriends Meera. Ganga then tries to convince Meera to let her mother supply the food for the wedding.moreless
    • Episode #476
      Episode #476
      Episode 476
      Meera is introduced as Jai's wife at the party, but Jai totally ignores her. Back at Meerut, Bani hears of a wedding taking place between a boy of Meerut and a daughter of the family of a business tycoon. The wedding shall take place in Meerut, but someone needs to provide the food. Bani tries to obtain this job, but what she doesn't know is that the wedding is related to the Walia family.moreless
    • Episode #475
      Episode #475
      Episode 475
      Jai Walia has become a ruthless man who believes his workers are slaves, and there is a party celebrating his 300th take over of a company. Jigyasa is in London and Karuna has returned and is hosting the party. During the party and after insulting her own family, Karuna introduces someone very special: Jai Walia's new wife.moreless
    • Episode #474
      Episode #474
      Episode 474
      Five years have passed since Bani left the Walia mansion. Bani has changed her name to Maithali and now lives in Meerut with Massi, Daksh, and her daughter, Ganga. Bani and Mausi have opened up their own small canteen and live off by the little money they make. Meanwhile, a new Jai Walia runs his business elsewhere.moreless
    • Episode #473
      Episode #473
      Episode 473
      Bani leaves the Walia mansion after Jai kicks her out and blamed the death of the kids on her. Bani plans to commit suicide and meanwhile Jai, in a fit of anger, destroys all of Bani's belongings. Luckily, Bani is saved by Massi and Daksh, and they discover that Bani is pregnant.

      The events of this separation leads to another five year skip in Kasamh Se.moreless
    • Episode #472
      Episode #472
      Episode 472
      With Mahi, the black witch, entering the mansion more trouble begins. Taking advantage of the situation, Jigyasa tells Jai about Bani's affair with Daksh. Jigyasa's plan finally works, and her actions cause effects which will separate Jai and Bani, possibly forever.
    • Episode #471
      Episode #471
      Episode 471
      Bani and Jai chase after the cars who are holding Krishna and Atharva. In a futile attempt they try to rescue their kids, but they fail. Despite all their hopes and wishes, Krishna and Atharva, who reunited Bani and Jai after five years, are murdered.
    • Episode #30
      Episode #30
      Episode 30
      Rano and Bani are upset by Pia's decision, and she still refuses to change her mind. Jai give an expensive diamond necklace to Pia, but Pia tries to cover up everything when Pushkar arrives. Unfortunately, Pushkar become shattered when he finds out that Pia is marrying his boss.
    • Episode #29
      Episode #29
      Episode 29
      Pia agrees to marry Jai instead of Pushkar because he obviously has more money. She believes that Jai will give her more things that Pushkar could ever give. As Bani tries to make Pia change her mind, Jigyasa tries to do the same thing to Jai.
    • Episode #28
      Episode #28
      Episode 28
      Bani and Pushkar go to Mount Abu for some business, and she realizes her house has been sold. When they return back to the Walia Mansion, they find out Jai is hosting a party for his new engagement. Surprisingly, Pia is his fiancée.
    • Episode #27
      Episode #27
      Episode 27
      Jai thinks about his intentions of getting close to Pia while Pushkar proposes to Pia. Pia happily agrees and Pushkar then goes to Jai and announces his marriage. Jai is happy for him, but Pushkar says he'll be more surprised to find out who he's marrying.
    • Episode #26
      Episode #26
      Episode 26
      Pia and Rano rush to jail to see Bani, and Pia then seeks Pushkar so that he could free her from jail. Soon Bani is released, but its not by Pushkar. Jai Walia released Bani from jail, which starts Bani to think that the mysterious gifts that Pia is receiving are from Jai, not Pushkar.moreless
    • Episode #25
      Episode #25
      Episode 25
      Pia is invited once again to Pushkar's house, but meanwhile Ranvir forces Bani to give him the papers of the new project. Frightened, Bani throws a vase at him but unfortunately, she gets arrested for manipulating a deal in the office.
    • Episode #24
      Episode #24
      Episode 24
      Pia meets Pushkar's family, and she is gifted a pair of bangles from his mother. Bani adores them, but Pia thinks they're old fashioned. At the office, Jai announces a new business project which will be head by Pushkar, and assisted by Bani.
    • Episode #23
      Episode #23
      Episode 23
      Ranvir blackmails Bani into signing some papers and meanhwile, Pia is invited by Pushkar to visit his house later in the evening. After signing these mysterious papers, Bani knows its time to talk to Pushkar about Pia's marriage.
    • Episode #22
      Episode #22
      Episode 22
      Ranvir blackmails Bani with his CD of Pushkar and Pia, and he enjoys seeing her worry and panic. With no way to escape, Bani is forced to listen and obey Ranvir's orders.
    • Episode #21
      Episode #21
      Episode 21
      Ranvir secretly tapes Pia and Pushkar in the hotel room, and meanwhile Bani decides she must find a different place to live. Although Jigyasa is very happy to here about this, her hopes are destroyed when Jai brings the three sisters back into the Walia Mansion.
    • Episode #20
      Episode #20
      Episode 20
      Jai favors Bani over Ranvir and doubles her salary, making Ranvir very irate. Later in the day, the entire Walia family, including Bani, Pia, Rano, and Pushkar go to the premiere of Sonali's new movie. A small misunderstanding between Pushkar and Pia leads to a small quarrel, but they make up quickly. Little do they know that Ranvir has a plan to throw the sisters out of the Walia Mansion.moreless
    • Episode #19
      Episode #19
      Episode 19
      Mohan ends the idea of marriage between Bani and him because Sonali told him that she loved Pushkar. Pushkar, who is very happy about this, tries to protect Bani from a quarrel at the office with Ranvir, which annoys her. Pushkar then asks if he can continue his relationship with her sister and she agrees. Bani may have lost in love, but she has won in friendship.moreless
    • Episode #18
      Episode #18
      Episode 18
      Bani, who is shattered after seeing Pushkar and Pia together, is heartbroken. Sonali, Jai's friend, tries to comfort her by saying its better to marry someone who loves you rather than someone you love. Taking this advice, Bani enters the party and agrees to marry Mohan.
    • Episode #17
      Episode #17
      Episode 17
      Pia is introduced to Mohan at the Pre-Valentine party and once Pushkar hears the news of Pia's marriage, he is shattered. Pushkar tries to change Pia's mind to not marry Mohan and takes her outside the mansion. Pushkar declares his love for Pia and kisses her.
    • Episode #16
      Episode #16
      Episode 16
      Bani pulls off a great presentation at the office despite Ranvir's anger, and back at home Mohan proposes to Bani. Although Bani quickly rejects his proposal, Jigyasa tries to persuade Bani to marrry him. Bani does not listen, but Pia tells Jigyasa that she will marry Mohan.
    • Episode #15
      Episode #15
      Episode 15
      Pia and Pushkar depart from the club, but they get into a small accident. Inside the car, however, Pushkar kisses Pia which angers her. Pia leaves and runs to the Walia outhouse, leaving a besotted Pushkar behind. Later in the day, Jai's friend, Mohan Khandelwal, comes to visit.
    • Episode #14
      Episode #14
      Episode 14
      Pia feels guilty toward Pushkar for what she said the day before, and Mr. Walia listens to Pia's advice and changes his wardrobe. Pushkar beats up Sahil and his friends and makes them all apologize to Bani for what they did. However, Pushkar's actions greatly upsets Sahil's older brother.
    • Episode #13
      Episode #13
      Episode 13
      Jai promotes Bani to general manager at his office, which delights the three sisters. Pia and Rano then force Bani to go to a party later in the day, and Pia goes along. However, things go haywire when Sahil and his friends plan revenge against Bani.
    • Episode #12
      Episode #12
      Episode 12
      Although shocked by seeing Jigyasa caring for Rano, Bani is interrogated by Mr. Walia about his own money. Insulted, Bani decides to leave the house until Pushkar finds out the truth. Sahil had actually stolen the money for some personal gain, and he is fired by Jai.
    • Episode #11
      Episode #11
      Episode 11
      The police arrest Bani on charges of thievery from the restaurant by Ranvir, but Pushkar is able get Bani out. Bani and Pia then take Rano back to the Walia mansion from the hospital, but Bani soon finds out that Pushkar did not pay the balance amount at the hospital.
    • Episode #10
      Episode #10
      Episode 10
      The doctors tell Pia and Bani that Rano needs an operation but they need to deposit three lacs. Bani deposits one lac from the money she was given from the restaurant, and Pia signs up for the modeling job to pay for Rano's operation. Meanwhile, Ranvir becomes angry at a misunderstanding with Bani.moreless
    • Episode #9
      Episode #9
      Episode 9
      Bani and Pushkar go out for dinner while Pia and Rano go out shopping. Pia declines an offer to be a model and while she shops some more, Rano leaves to go back home. However, on the way home she meett with a fatal accident.
    • Episode #8
      Episode #8
      Episode 8
      The misunderstanding between Bani and Pia about the food for the party is cleared up, and it seems that Jigyasa's plan has once again been foiled. The next day Bani meets Mohan Khandelwal, who wants to buy the sister's house in Mount Abu, which greatly upsets Bani.
    • Episode #7
      Episode #7
      Episode 7
      Jigyasa makes another plan to humiliate Bani at a party which occurring at the Walia mansion. However, Pushkar luckily intervenes and Jigyasa's plan fails. During the party Pushkar meets Pia and he takes an instant attraction to her, but Jigyasa's second plan creates more distance between Bani and Pia.
    • Episode #6
      Episode #6
      Episode 6
      Rano's birthday is coming up, and Pia starts to plan out a party for her. Meanwhile, Jigyasa launches a plan to degrade Bani in her brother's eyes and embarass her. Jigyasa's plan eventually succeeds, and Jai fires Bani from her job as waitress.
    • Episode #5
      Episode #5
      Episode 5
      Jai, who is extremely irate at Pia, shouts at Bani because of her sister's stupidity. Jai rescues Pia and Sahil from the police even though Bani is also angry with Pia's act. Through a large misunderstanding caused by Sahil, Bani believes Pushkar is Jigyasa's son. After hearing Pia's account of what happened at the disco, Bani slaps Pushkar. Although Bani soon figures out her mistake, Jigyasa's hatred toward Bani increases.moreless
    • Episode #4
      Episode #4
      Episode 4
      Bani, Pia, and Rano are settling into their outhouse and they begin to realize Jai's strictness. Luckily, Bani is able to receive a job as a waitress thanks to Jai Walia. While Jai handles some business matters with his employee Pushkar, Pia enters a disco where some trouble erupts with Jigyasa's younger son, Sahil, and his friends.moreless
    • Episode #3
      Episode #3
      Episode 3
      Following the advice from their father, Bani, Pia, and Rano travel to Mumbai by train. Unfortunately, their belongings get stolen and with the help of the police the girls find the Walia mansion. They then meet the Walia family including Jai Walia himself and his friend Sonali. The three sisters soon realize that they are not welcomed at all by Jai's younger sister, Jigyasa, but they are allowed to stay at their outhouse.moreless
    • Episode #2
      Episode #2
      Episode 2
      Nishikant leaves the restaurant after seeing his daughter as a waitress with a feeling of failure. In his loneliness, he gets a heart attack and his daughters rush him to the hospital. He unfortunately dies, but he takes a promise from Bani that she will take care of her sisters forever. After his death, Bani realizes she will have to work even harder to fulfill her promise.moreless
    • Episode #1
      Episode #1
      Episode 1
      Bani, Pia, and Rano are three sisters who live at Mount Abu, India, with their father Nishikant Dixit. Their mother died seven years ago which caused their father to become an alcoholic. The three sisters plan a surprise birthday party for their father, but it might not turn out as planned.moreless