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Legendary swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki made over 1000 swords in his career but his 12 greatest weapons each hold a power so extraordinary that one man could defeat small armies. Shogunate strategist Togame has been ordered to recover all 12 swords but anyone she hires will want to keep the weapons for themselves. As such she hires Shichika, the only man in Japan who has no use for the wepons because he is the last practitioner of the Kyotoryuu - the No Sword School. Opening Theme:
"Meiya Kadenrou by Minami Kuribayashi Ending Theme:
"Tasogare no Getsuka" by Yousei Teikoku
"Refulgence" by Shoujobyo
"Senhon Senjo no Jinkyuu Uta" by Aki Hata

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Season 1 : Episode 12

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  • If you are a Shura no Toki fan then this is the show for you.

    The show follows the adventures of Shichika Yasuri the last in a long line of skilled martial artists who are famed for their ability to defeat sword with their bare hands. Shichika is recruited by beautiful military strategist Togame to recover 12 magical swords for the shogun and the two of them journey the country togeher in order to carry out the task.

    Firstly let me comment on the only negative aspect of the show... the animation. The animation is very stylised and quite childish whch is far from being to my taste and would have normally turned me off of the show, the fact that it didn't is a testament to how good everything else is.

    The characters are well rounded and not your usual stereotypical period anime characters. The script is surprisingly good and has some great comedy elements thrown in to keep you from getting bored with some of the more formal dialogue.

    There is plenty of action as well and the main characters slightly bumbling nature makes it even more impressive when he does fight.

    I also like the way the story is being told. They are realising one fifty minute episode every month for the whole of 2010. This means that you get longer episodes as with an OVA but there are not huge gaps between the release of each episode. All in all this ia a very good show and would have gotten a higher score if it weren't for the animation.moreless

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