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  • I had read about this. Does anyone know why it hasn\'t premiered?

    I\'ve always thought that Anneliese deserved a bit more screen time. I never understood why she wasn\'t cast in her own DCOM, but I suppose that could just be politics at Disney. I was looking forward to something else from her, but it seems like this show isn\'t going to air on Disney. Maybe it will air on Toon Disney instead? Odd that Disney has had so many \"reported projects\" for the year that just haven\'t turned out. I\'m hoping to see Anneliese again, but I\'m not sure that it will be on the Disney Channel, and that\'s a shame. She deserves a better part than ditzy Chelsea on That\'s So Raven.
  • Looked like it would have been a decent show.

    Honestly, the only reason I wouldve watched this would be for Anneliese van der Pol. I am pretty disappointed that it has been cancelled. I think it would have been more successful than people think it wouldve been. There are certain reasons that it looks like it wouldve been a bad show, but come on, its Disney Channel. What do you expect? All of the cartoons on there are horrible anyways. But I was looking forward to seeing it.
  • This show is really about an Alien Cat named Katbot who\'s from out of space and from a planet named, \"Katonia\". She is sent to Earth on her 12th Birthday to learn all about the life and adventures of Tweenhood. Her human form name is Katrina aka Kat.

    If the episode sypnosis are true and what I think they are, then I totally love this show. I so think it will further rock on in the future. It will attract both kids and tweens and maybe even some teens. A series about an alien cat from out of space, I mean come on! That is so original and unique. But that\'s how disney is, unique. This show is staring Anneliese Van Der Pol so it\'s sure to attract manny fans, since Anneliese is the funniest thing ever on That\'s So Raven. This show will do great in the future.