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CBS (ended 1989)

Kate & Allie--The Animated Series

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    Proposed episodes for the animated Kate & Allie series that was never picked up by either CBS or Filmation Associates:

    1. NOT IN OUR BACKYARD--Kate's boyfriend, Ted, constructs a spaceship in the backyard of Kate and Allie's Greenwich Village apartment, which sends him, the ladies and their children into outer space, a la Gilligan's Planet.

    2. CIRCUS FUN--Kate and Allie join the circus as aerialists and find out that life under the big top isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

    3. ALLERGY TIME--Allie takes the wrong medicine for her allergy and transforms into a bat, much to the consternation of Kate and the children.

    4. THE LAUNDERERS--Kate and Allie attempt to formulate their own money and get in trouble with the cops.

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