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Love Allie, not Kate so much

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    I just saw the first 2 seasons of this program on cable.  I'd never watched it before but it wasn't bad.  Actually, Jane Curtin on the show was brilliant, it's too bad the rest of the cast wasn't up to par.  I know Susan Saint James has had a long career, but for the life of me I don't know why.  She's one of those actors who always looks like they're acting, and it's just painful to watch, but, for the exception of Jane Curtin, she fit right in with the rest of the cast, although Ari Meyers, the girl who plays Kate's daughter, there might be some potential to rise above the rest, but from what I saw, she wasn't given much of a chance.  I would say that if it weren't for Jane Curtin, this would be an almost unbearable show to watch. 

    I did just see a tv biography (or autobiography) of Susan Saint James....where the woman gets her egotism is beyond me.  She said that she's the one who ended the show because she was tired.  I, for one, wouldn't have missed her because Jane Curtin can stand on her own.

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