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  • Classic 80's

    Anyone who doesn't like this just get it, or doesn't love the 80's. To me it was one of the best sitcom's of that decade. Many women at the time were getting divorced and became single moms. I don't think any other show was portraying life like Kate and Allie. They definitely had money, because two single moms couldn't otherwise afford a place in The Village. Other than that it was pretty true to life. Don't pay attention to that one guy below who watches tv with his mom and loves anime cartoons. :D
  • A show that needs to be rediscovered!

    This show is just so special on so many levels. I watched it constantly when it was on, and then repeatedly when it used to be in reruns. The interesting thing about this show is that it really was a forerunner for shows dealing with "new" families. Jane Curtin and Susan St. James were superb in their roles and the supporting cast of child/teen actors complemented them so well. The episodes were filled with not only comedy but with life lessons too--it is a shame that this show is not yet on DVD---a whole new generation needs to see this!
  • "Kate & Allie" IS the quintessential New York sitcom! No other sitcom--not even "Seinfeld"--can define life in the Big Apple as brilliantly as this gem.

    As a college student at Ball State University, I wanted to enter the screenwriting field as a staff writer for "Kate & Allie". I entered a spec script in BSU's David Letterman screenplay competition--one in which Kate and Allie were to fly to Los Angeles to appear on a "Let's Make a Deal"-type game show. Unfortunately, the ladies trade in a coffee pot that contained $5000 for 500 cans of tuna; and Kate gets arrested for public intoxication after having had too much champagne on the flight out west, leaving Allie to use their leftover funds to bail Kate out of jail. As it might be expected, I lost the competition, but I had the brief honor of having written for what has been a truly memorable show with quality acting and writing.
  • Absolutely, positively, outrageously, BORING!

    Oh my, this show is just terrible! You see, my mom and I have become Dharma and Greg fanatics, and this happens to be on after said show. I said, "Hey, this looks interesting." Mom said, "What is it?" "Kate and Allie." My poor mother's eyes grew wide and she began to shake and said, "NO! Anything but that!" So I didn't listen to my mother and I watched it anyway. It's so FAKE! The acting is horrible and they laugh at jokes that aren't even funny! I don't know how anyone could bare to watch it! Anime is soooooooo much better. Trust me.
  • A great sitcom.

    So I started watching this in reruns one day (I wasn't alive during it's original airings) purely for Jane Curtin. Despite my general dislike of Susan St. James, I really, really love this show! It's funny, but not "stupid" humor. Also, it's completely quotable, with such great lines as "You are a wanton trollop and a compulsive liar." Classic! I also love the dynamic between Kate and Allie. They balance each other out with their respective neuroses but at the heart of it really love each other and would do anything for one another. Even after Allie married Bob, I think the show still survived. I need to go out and get the DVD sets!
  • I am bummed that I never knew about this show before now!

    Did anyone notice that the guy who played BOB BARSKEY also played two other characters? He first played a politician that Allie volenteered for and then when Kate decides to take cookie lessons from a woman in her apartment he played the womans ex husband who wants her to act in a movie. I just wanted to be sure that everyone knew that little tid bit. I started watching this show purely by accident one day as it comes on after dharma and greg. After just one episode I am hooked and have been watching it religeously for at least a year. I do hate it though some days they replace the schedule and get back to normal a few days later. There is something about this show that is more than just a comedy or drama about real life and perhaps thats it, it is about real life.
  • Totally a great show! Laugh with them and feel their excitement getting back into life without husbands.

    I loved this show when it was originally on in the 80's. My kids were young and Kate and Allie were older moms than I was at the time. I loved their friendship and the way they related to their kids back then. Scary to think that they were living in New York City and newly divorced. I am very excited that the WE channel has brought this show back in 2007. The girls (Jane Curtain and Susan St. James) are still classic! Now of course my own kids are in their mid twenties and have past through many of the tv show kids experiences. I could laugh and not sweat the small stuff when I remembered that kids problems get bigger and harder as they get older. Now I just enjoy Kate and Allie purely for the entertainment. Tonight I watched the episode that took place during a blizzard. Allie and her friend Eddie had to fill 8 hours of live tv at the tv station...all that made it to work were the elderly camera man and his dog, and the young kid that was working at the station. I found myself laughing outloud hysterically! Thanks for an awesome show.
  • 2 mommies-just not in that way

    I didn't realize the subtext until years later. Like that of My Two Dads. It was still a great show. Jane Curtain is a pretty good comedic actress. Besides her, I haven't seen any of these actors again in major roles. I'd hate to think they'd peaked. But, if they were to do that on this show, than that's excusable. I loved a lot about this comedy, but the best part was the theme song. In the 80's seems like people really cared about that, and now not so much. The details were a lot more important, evident on this show and others.
  • GReat show

    A great show! Underestimated. It is a very funny show with class and character. Kate (Susan James) and Allie (James Curtin) were hilarious in this awesome tv classic! They should really bring this show back to show. The old re-runs will still bright up anyones day. It was formerly showed on \'Oh! Oxygen\' but recently taken off.
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