Kate & Allie

CBS (ended 1989)





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  • I am bummed that I never knew about this show before now!

    Did anyone notice that the guy who played BOB BARSKEY also played two other characters? He first played a politician that Allie volenteered for and then when Kate decides to take cookie lessons from a woman in her apartment he played the womans ex husband who wants her to act in a movie. I just wanted to be sure that everyone knew that little tid bit. I started watching this show purely by accident one day as it comes on after dharma and greg. After just one episode I am hooked and have been watching it religeously for at least a year. I do hate it though some days they replace the schedule and get back to normal a few days later. There is something about this show that is more than just a comedy or drama about real life and perhaps thats it, it is about real life.