Kath & Kim (Australia)

Sunday 7:30 PM on Channel Seven Premiered May 01, 2002 Between Seasons





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  • Kath and Kim was a great show, that has now been ruined by the American Version.

    Kath and Kim is a show about a bogan Melbourne family without an ounce of class. It's about a Mother who is always trying to look good, who cooks tries to improve her foul mouth daughters appearance by telling her to look and do things more professional. And her husband who is usually smooth and charming who acts cool and feels cool. Then there's Kim who is the daughter of Kath who is lazy, complains and never impresses her mother. She was pregnant with her husband (Brett) who is a genuine nice gentleman who is usually pushed around by Kim and never has the last word. Then the whole families friend ''Sharron''. Sharron usually pops up in their house because she is a family friend and Kim's best friend. She is into sports (despite her size) and is not a very happy person. The show was hilarious because of it's charm, it's reality and the great cast of actors who all fitted in well with their characters. But when I saw the American version I was disgusted. They sure did sell out, but the original Australian version will always be a great Aussie comedy Icon.