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  • What the..

    After sitting through this horrible ordeal for a good 20 minutes I simply felt the need to warn the world of this new tv 'show'. It's just awful.

    Is this a sitcom? Or whatever you call those lame shows? If it is, it's even worse than the rest of the genre. The acting. What acting? Camera? It's not a Blair Witch Project!

    The premise of the show is 'funny', but everything about it is just so.. not. I know for a fact this is one show I'll never want to see again. And this is one show that's not going to make it past the first season.
  • Extremely bad... To compare the US version to the Australian version, this is very very very poor. To adapt the Australian comedy to the US market was set to fail from the start.

    Extremely bad... To compare the US version to the Australian version, this is very very very poor. To adapt the Australian comedy to the US market was set to fail from the start.

    The Australian version is original with its own "unique Australian feel". Being and Australian and sitting through the American version, it made me feel insulted that the TV show was even taken to America for the US to "do better". It just can't be done. Remakes / takeoffs NEVER, NEVER do as good as the original. Let the US see the Aussie Version, whilst its weird in the humour, its just so much better.

    What a shame that Aussie Kath and Kim had to be exploited in the US.
  • Not going to work

    Okay , Let's get one thing straight the humour groups are Brits and Aussies together and Americans are on their own.This show was an Australian show made for Australian humour which is different to American humour so already it's looking to be a diaster.Also the fact is that most Australia don't want to watch it because they fear it will wreck the show for them much like with the Australian Top Gear and the British one but that time in reverse.So honestly the show before it has even aired has lost many possible views for that reason but I think that the do an American verison of Australia's beloved Kath and Kim was not well thought out and just plain stupid.
    Yep I know I said this about a million times but it's just not going to work
  • Trash TV thy name is "Kath & Kim"!

    I have watched six consecutive episodes from this season. Before this season I hadn't seen this show before and will not watch it again! The show is mindless and plotless. One episode, around Christmas, had no ending...so they stuck Pamela Anderson in for the close of the show. All everyone of the characters could say, including Pamela, was "Pamela Anderson", "Pamela Anderson", over and over again. The character, Kim Day, is an adult portrayed as a teenager. The portrayal with content is not good for an actual, impressionable teenage female viewer. With Kim's actual age and the teenage way she behaves sends mix messages. Not to mention the show is just another TV dysfunctional family. Let "Kath & Kim" stand on it's own for ratings without "My name is Earl" as a lead. I believe shows overall rating would fall.
  • This completely failed in every way to recapture what made the Australian version funny.

    As an Australian viewer with fond memories of the classic ABC version I can see how their may be a little bias inherit when I procliam "THIS IS GARBAGE". But that would nevertheless be a correct and succinct review.

    This is a "localisation" that NOBODY with half a brain wanted to see come to fruition. The original show is strong enough to stand on it's own.

    That being the case I DO believe the aim of these Americanisations of "foreign" shows is to re-create the things that appealed to the audience of the original show, whilst removing any cultural barriers seperating them from the comprehension of the mainstream American audience.

    In this pursiut the show fails miserably, most noticably in the casting department. Selma Blair, whilst admittedly not an attracive woman is not fat or old enough to lend suitable humour to the "trophy wife" mentality hilariously potrayed by Gina Riley. Molly Shannon's performance also falls flat as the "mutton dressed as lamb" aspect of the Kath character gets completely passed over.

    The problem with this show lies most with the original concept over any execution problems. Re-making a show that's humour was dependent on cultural background is a ludicrously stupid idea. The original was not about Kath and Kim, it was about a culture, a way of life exclusive to it's homeland Aus, this adaption misses the mark at so many points it ceases to be a localisation and becomes pure bastardisation.
  • This is about the best show on US TV, but I wish it wasn't the Brady Bunch, it is meant to be something else completely different.

    I love this show. I am also a fan of the Australian version of the show. The problem that the writers of the original had was the americans wanting to turn it into the Brady Bunch, where as the Australian version is pretty gritty and about the mother/daughter relationship. The other thing that makes the Australian version so funny is that the writers very cleverly play with words, most of which are based on Australian slang. In the US version, the writers are carefully prepping the audience with word plays that I think are just going over the average americans head, given the status of education for most viewers here if you don't understand it. THe other thing that makes Australians love the Australian version is that Australians identify strongly or know people just like those characters in the original K&K. At the moment I am seeing that americans don't identify with the characters in the US version, the word plays are a little too sophisticated and probably the most important aspect of the show is the mother/daughter relationship isn't nasty enough - American's live in Disney land when it comes to TV but nevertheless I still think it is very very funny, and I enjoy watching the show anyway. (btw I am an Aussie living in the US.)
  • Um, not funny.

    This show is completely annoying. I will say that it is so unfunny that it makes me want to watch Fox News. Well, it's not that bad to make me want to do that, but still. I don't understand the point of the show. I know it is supposed to be funny, but it is as unfunny as a bad sitcom. The things I hate about the show are the tired bits and the acting. It seems that they aren't even trying and that the writing is just recycled. It pains me to watch the show so I won't watch. Thank you.
  • Trashy middle class does hair and shops the local mall.

    I look forward each week to watching Kath and Kim. I find it hilarious. They remind me so much of people that I know, I am sorry to say. I find the show clever and well acted. I love the way that everyone is referred to as "Dude". It just fits into the rest of the antics of the show. It is Lucy and Ethyl for the 21st century. The closings are priceless as Kath and Kim sit sunning themselves discussing some off the wall subject only to have it brought to reality. My personal favorite was when they were talking about Pamela Anderson and she is sitting with them telling them to "Just call me Pam."
  • The hilarious cast does a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of the Australian version. Tune in for loads of laughs!

    Being a longtime fan of the Australian version, I was curious to see how the American version would measure up. I was delighted to find that the show did a wonderful job of paying hommage to the original. I love all of the little details and shared storylines referencing the Australian version. I think the cast is superb - Selma and Molly are hilarious. I absolutely love it and recommend it highly. Another aspect of the show that I love are the outfits that Kath and Kim wear - they capture the spirit of the original Kath and Kim. Love it!
  • Supporting Actresses completely outperforming the disappointing lead actresses.

    What a complete waste of time. That's right, it's so bad I had to say it twice. What a great show to display one washed up SNL actress at her worst, and her younger counterpart who would do better in a Taco Bell commercial. The dialogue is cliche and about as funny as watching a pack of dogs make love to a rotweiler in heat (oh wait, that was in the show). The only saving grace are the male counterparts that can make the show have bright spots, but sadly having the supporting actors out perform the main actresses is sad.

    Those who have good things to say about this show and say how they "love it", are only laughing because they identify with the stupidity that is Kath and Kim. They believe that their life is no where like that however they are no smarter than the mindless stupidity that is Molly Shannon. Please, this show is a perfect example of the low IQ of the average American woman. No wonder why so many men treat them like material possessions, as they consistently prove how inferior they are when compared to women of other nationalities.
  • Give me a break

    I thougt it would be a good idea to tryto watch this show...bad idea. It was the silliest thing I had ever seen. Why oh why did NBC rip this off Australia? Bad decision. Great actresses, but that is about it. It is a bomb, not the bomb. There is no hook, no real story line. It seems like a bad Jerry Springer show gone big screen...wait that happened already and it sucked. These comedians are far too talented to be wasted on this show. How about, cancel the show and move the actresses to shows that dont suck. If we are going to rip off a show from Australia, at least do a good job of it.
  • A cute comedy about single mother and her spoiled married live in daughter. It goes over their quirky dynamic, their loves, and their skewed view of the world. Great very for a light hearted laugh.

    I love Kath & Kim it embraces the idiocy of America, general craziness, and is great at presenting it and adding some heart... The AU version is funny, but personally I think the US version is better because there is character development. This show deserves at least 1 season, and show be seen as based on, not the "same" Kath and Kim as the AU. Its a bright light that allows you to laugh and let your mind wander... And it has gotten better with time, the 4th episode is the best yet... All the actors and actresses are great, and while I don't think this is the most intelligent comedy on tv, it is great as a guilty pleasure, cute and somewhat heart warming... People need to get over themselves and just start laughing.
  • This show is absolutely adorable. Selma Blair and Molly Shannon do a great job. It is hilarious and fun to watch. I love this show!

    This show is about a young married couple having problems, and a middle- aged woman experiencing love. The characters are funny, witty, and very interesting. The plots are always amazing and the character chemistry is unbelievable. Selma Blair definitely brings spunk, and their outfits are also extremely outgoing and fun. This show is worth watching and has become one of my favorite shows. Molly Shannon also does a great interpretation of middle-aged women that experiences a teenaged fairytale wedding. I have recommended this show to many people and have had the same excited responses. Definitely adorable and seemingly addictive. And definitely underrated as a new show.
  • Dissapointing!

    I watched it thinking that I would have another Thursday set up show that I could just enjoy after an always funny 'My name is Earl',' The Office', '30 Rock'. And live up to the show 'Scrubs' that it replacement. Sadly I found myself forcing my face into a smile so that I could enjoy it. It was sad that the bet jokes they had were on the commercial, and then again weren't even that funny. I had high hopes for Molly Shannon; because of course I had seen her in other things. The actress that plays Kim, Selma Blair (I might be wrong, but pretty sure that's her name) I hadn't seen anything with her in it that I could judge whether or not she would be funny. But 50% of a funny show is being able to deliver you lines, because you have the funniest joke in the world but if you acting sucks then the joke sucks to (or at least that's my opinion). But really there's nothing wrong with the actors to me they all do well. It's the writers that need work. So basically the show was a waste of 30 minutes that I could have used better. I would have given it a lower score but the new TV.com won't let me go lower than 1. Sad.
  • Here Kath is in love with Phil, while Kim gets separated from her husband of six weeks. When Kim decides to move back home, it hinders Kath's new romance and mayhem ensues... No wait, mayhem does not ensue and there lies the problem.

    Never Judge A Show by It's Pilot: Kath & Kim We in America have invented some of the greatest things in the world like the car, the telephone and the television. It seem that many of our creations have had good runs as an American made product often people in other countries take our ideas and make them better and cheaper. Still we are very good at the creative part. The American Sitcom had a great run in the 1950s & 60s (Thanks in great part to Desi Arnaz) and then things started to get stagnant. Really, how many times can you do and episode around a bad report card or the boss coming to dinner on short notice. In the 1970s we had a sitcom renascence thanks to people like Norman Lear, adding controversial issues to his sitcom All in the Family, that was based on Johnny Speight's British sitcom Till Death Us Do Part. Then Ray Galton and Alan Simpson's British sitcom Steptoe and Son, was adapted for American Television as Sanford and Son and a few years later the sexy British sitcom Man About the House (Created by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke) was adapted for American television as Three's Company. Now we have a good track record in taking a foreign product and successfully make it our own. How did we do this? We killed all the sacred cows. We talked about social issues. We laughed at our faults. We were topical. We did what the creators of the British versions of these shows did and that was to take the attitude that nothing is sacred then laugh at themselves. In other words they were successful by not playing it safe.

    What happened? Somehow the sacred cows are back and they are now on steroids. Today Archie Bunker would be accused of glamorizing bigotry. The Sweathogs (Welcome Back, Kotter) would be accused of glamorizing remedial education or mocking inner city youth. M*A*S*H today would be seen a product of liberal Hollywood elitists who don't represent the real America and hate the troops. In other words we are playing it safe. The Office and Ugly Betty (Both Reveille Productions) seem to be the exception to the rule.

    Kath & Kim is American adaptation of an popular Australian television series starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair and produced by Reveille Productions in association with Universal Media Studio. I saw the pilot. Molly Shannon is Kath Day the forty-something mother and Selma Blair is Kim her self-absorbed daughter. John Michael Higgins plays Kath's boyfriend Phil Knight a sandwich shop owner, and Mikey Day plays Kim's newly separated husband Craig, who works at the electronics store Circuit Surplus. The actors are great and they are doing the best they can with the material they have. I really like the characters and they would be perfect if they were in an eight minute sketch on Saturday Night Live. For a situation comedy the plot and the characters are not fully developed. Sometimes I see a character on a show and say, "I know that person" here I see the character's and say, "I know that type". All four characters see them selves as big fish but don't see that they are in a small bowl let alone a pond. Molly Shannon and Selma Blair are great at making entrances and exits. In my opinion they are both too pretty for these parts. You also really believe that these two think that reading People magazine and watching TMZ is keeping up on current events. Kim not only sees her self as a trophy wife but also think that being a trophy wife is something to aspire to. Again, you know the type.

    One of the reasons I never judge a show by it's pilot is that often the pilot has dedicated the entire episode to setting up the premise of the series. Here Kath is in love with Phil, while Kim gets separated from her husband of six weeks. When Kim decides to move back home, it hinders Kath's new romance and mayhem ensues... No wait, mayhem does not ensue and there lies the problem. I saw the next episode. Kath wants to promote her home salon business. Phil helps her out by standing up to the mall hierarchy and getting her a booth at the mall's prom event. Kim, while working as Kath's hair model, gets Craig fired from his job at Circuit Surplus. They talk about pop culture not social issues. We laughed (or didn't laugh) at the faults of people we don't identify with. The characters show their ignorance to anything topical and sadly I think viewers can identify with that and not get the joke. We did not do what the creators of the Australian versions of the show did, and that was to take the attitude that nothing is sacred then laugh at themselves. In other words this new American version has played it safe. To quote Kim, "Well, I didn't sign up for cooking dinner or being interested in how somebody's day was. I'm a trophy wife! Like Miliana Trump and Mrs. Larry King Live."

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • American version is way better than Aussie version.

    Kath and Kim has got to be the funniest show I've watched on NBC since Friends. It had me laughing the entire show. I watched the Aussie version and it wasn't funny at all. The U.S. version beats the Aussie version hands down. How many comedians from Australia have gained worldwide exposure? None. And how many from the U.S. have? Thousands. Why? Because no one appreciates Australians weird, flawed sense of humor. Aussies aren't funny and Americans are bottom line. I will definitely be tuning in to NBC every Thursday night to watch my new favorite show Kath & Kim...Molly Shannon and Selma Blair are great together. Sooo funny.
  • This should not have been made at all. They've turned the humour to suit the US audience

    This should not have been made at all. They've turned the humour to suit the US audience and as a result has completely lost in translation of the Australian version. I'm not saying this just because I'm an Aussie, i enjoy many US comedies but this is the worst. I don't find it the least funny even if it was not call Kath & Kim. US should stick to their own productions or better still, if they want to make a show based on our Kath & Kim, at least have the original actors and actresses of Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Glenn Robbins, Peter Rowsthorn and Magda Szubanski, but I doubt the US will understand our sense of humour. Kath & Kim is one of a kind and it's not meant to be reproduced in anyway. 'Look at me...look at me', quit while you still can.
  • Better than I expected

    I have seen the Australian version and didn't think it was funny at all. I expected to hate this, but watched because I love Selma Blair. I actually laughed a lot. I especially love Selma's character, sort of a responsibility retarded 16 year old. Didn't resonate as much to the two adult characters, but felt they were realized correctly for who they are supposed to be. The three main actors are all good actors, sometimes the material is beneath them. But all in all, when writers and actors get their bearings, this promises to me to be really good. I am not a fan of most mainstream comedy, I prefer stuff like "Andy Richter Controls The Universe", and "Action". I consider this more mainstream, but liked it anyhow.
  • Aussie one is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy better...

    OK, let me just start by saying that this show is really really its horrible, its not even funny, What makes the Aussie one better is that their accents, their names (Kel, Brett, Cujio ect.) and the worst part of it is there is no Sharon:o Like, OMG how could you not have Sharon in K&K?? it's just like, blastphemy! Also, I dont like how Kel's name was Phil, Brett's name was Craig and Cuijo's name (the dog) was Ginger, I think, so really the only names that are the same are Kath and Kim. If you are going to base a show on another one that use the same names. Also Kath has, like a mini afro in Aussie one too.

    I know that they made the show so Americans can better understand the jokes, but It's not even funny, and I think that they could alredy understand the jokes perfectly fine.

    My advice? Watch the Orignal Aussie Series, Its better than this one.
  • Oh please stop this before viewers and camera men go blind from the horror

    Once again something that works as an original has been shaped and molded into an expensive disaster. This has to be the worst adaption of any overseas program I have ever seen. I want to appologise to Australia for what we have done to your show.

    The Australian show was so genuine and deeply rooted in their sense of humor and it makes them what they are. This being a people that can laugh at themselves and see themselves or their friends in the middle class that is Kath and Kim. All America has done is make a detached punch and judy show that bears no identification with anyone in america
    Sorry Australia
  • Very disappointing

    I have seen the Australian version of this show and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately this show really misses the mark. The humour is really forced and the actors deliver their dialogue with a lot of strain. Whilst you certainly don't expect it to be exact to the original, this US version attempts to be more off-the-wall rather than fly-on-the-wall. The Aussie Kath and Kim attempts to show Australians how they really are, with all their comical faults and quirk, but this unfunny attempt just succeeds in being unbelievable, over-the-top and cliched. Perhaps the creators should concentrate their efforts in showing Americans how lovable their alternate lifestyles are, rather than making them cringe when they tune in.
  • Just not even funny

    Maybe it's because i've seent he aussie one, but this was pathetic. Kath and Kim were far too stylish. Selma is too thin for the role. Kath needs a perm. They changed far too many character's names. There was no lookatmoi kimmoi, not even one. Where are any of the things that made the Aussie version funny? The soliloquies, just seemed wrong. Kath looked about the same age as Kim, which was just wrong.

    Maybe its because the actors aren't comedians, arent the producers and writers, because this was downright unfunny. I won't be tuning in again, ever! Stick with the Aussie version.
  • Dreadful!!

    This remake of the funny Australian show is just abominable. Not funny. All the Australian nuances are completely lost. US humour and Australian humour is completely different...please can we have our show back!!! There is no Sharon, who was the stalwart of the Aussie show, Selma Blair looks like she is retarded and Molly Shannon is trying so hard it is ridiculous. Kim's husband is not funny, the comedic timing does not exist with any of the actors, and the whole concept of the show is completely lost. No Australian humour is understood from the Aussie series. Why this show was even thought of at NBC is beyond me!!
  • Kath, Kim, Craig and Phil are fantastic characters in this fantastic show!! Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it to death

    I loved it. Every single part of the show was brilliance. Molly Shannon as Kath and Selma Blair as Kim were fantastic. I loved it when Kim comes home and says 'My marriage is over. O V U R' So funny!! When Kim meets Phil for the first time. So funny. I almost peed my pants when Phil tried to kiss Kim on the cheek but pulled back. When Phil says 'your mother has told me so much about...' and Kim walks off...genious

    10 / 10 for me. Loved it to death. Will watch it again. Bring on episode 2.
  • Sub-par, even for a remake. Not a whole lot of laughs.

    A single mom decides to get on with her life after her daughter's marriage, and meets a man she wants to marry, when all of a sudden, her spoiled daughter decides to leave her husband and move back in with Mom, because her husband decides she should (gasp!) cook and clean!

    I saw this show as a free preview on Amazon.com, so I got to see it a week before everyone else, without the commercials. I have to say, I really was not that impressed. When I read that it was an adaptation of an Australian sitcom, that set off a red flag, because in recent years, with the exception of The Office, most American adaptations of foreign shows are barely watchable. Sure enough, in a half-hour premiere episode, I only laughed once, and that was in the last 10 seconds! I may be prejudiced, of course, because I am not a big fan of Molly Shannon, and her 'quirky' characters. I thought this might, however, be offset by Selma Blair. I have been a fan of Selma since "Dangerous Liaisons". However, Ms. Blair left me cold, as well, as her character was played shallow and annoying. Think of Jackie from "That 70's Show", minus a few IQ points. All in all, I really didn't enjoy this show.
  • Hooked on the original Australian show and hope this adaption will be just as good.

    I became hooked on the Australian version of this show while traveling Down Under...so much I purchased and had Seasons 1-4 shipped on DVD to the USA. I hope that this adaption will be a success. The content is far from wholesome and my wife cringes at the crude and dry humor. Part of the allure has been listening to the Aussie accents and the day to day activities of a working class family in another country. If they can successfully duplicate the humor and maintain the strong characters from the original, I believe this will be a lighthearted and enjoyable comedy.
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