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Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
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AIRED ON 8/3/2010

Season 6 : Episode 9

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Welcome to the world of Kathy Griffin, the ultimate D-List celebrity! In Hollywood, where everything is list-oriented, Kathy makes a name for herself by making fun of A-List celebrities. In her behind-the-scenes show, where she does everything she can to make publicity for herself, Kathy exposes the evils and the downright hilarious aspects of Hollywood culture, as well as her surprisingly busy life. Between performing standup and managing her personal life, Kathy takes comfort from the few people in her corner, and watches her back for any celebrities that may be less-than-pleased with her brutal honesty about them!


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    • In a sea of terrible celeb-reality shows, "Life on the D-List" is a shining beacon of hilarity.

      Get a peak into the day-to-day life of celebrity-mocker Kathy Griffin, best known for Suddenly Susan and her previous "D-List" comedy specials. The format is pretty standard as she's followed around, both on mundane daily activities and at charity and professional engagements, but subtle differences from this show's VH-1 and MTV cousins make it much better.

      With the focus mostly on Kathy Griffin, and not on an entire family, the show feels a lot more grounded than other shows of this sort where an entire family joins in on the wackiness. A main story was her preparations to host a Toys-for-Tots benefit in her house, as well as haggling to get furnishings for said house for free. Between Costco runs and looking for deals, you see she's very much like a regular person, and even the show's theme states she's "had to work twice as hard to get half as far" as many celebrities. A staple of the show has been her ruminating that her latest indignity is something where "Nicole Kidman never has this happen." The best part of the show is that she comes off very much as someone you'd like to be friends with. She's hilarious, but has that proverbial heart of gold, seeming to do charity events more than pure professional stand-up routines. There is a little bit of time spent with her husband and her parents, but she is clearly the star here. They supplement her show rather than compete with her for camera time, and that makes all the difference when compared to The Osbournes and Hogan Knows Best.

      I'll admit I was a tad skeptical when I tuned in, even being a fan of Kathy's previous work, but the show quickly proved to be worth watching and highly enjoyable. Bravo has another great show on its hands.moreless
    • I'm not normally a fan of reality TV. In fact, most of the time I can't stand it. But Kathy Griffin's reality show on Bravo is completely different. It is hilariously funny.moreless

      It should be said, for the sake of anyone who isn't familiar with Kathy Griffin, that her shtick as a stand-up comedian is poking fun at the entertainment industry and celebrities who are a part of it -- including her own self. In fact, that's the premise of this show. Griffin has declared herself to be a "D-list celebrity," desperately trying to climb the rungs of the ladder in show-biz to make it to the A-list, and she'll do anything (allegedly) to get there. So we, the audience, get to follow her around as she tries to get publicity for herself any way she can. Sometimes it's by doing charitable things. Sometimes, it's finding someone popular or notorious she can go out with and shop on Rodeo Drive in hopes she'll get photographed by the paparazzi and published in a magazine. Part of the fun is watching her interact with her personal assistants and her elderly parents, though, sadly, now it's just her mother. Kathy's father, whom we got to know a bit on the show, finally passed away. He was himself a funny man with quite a sense of humor. Her mother is a gem herself. Griffin has found a resonance with her gay fans, to whom she is grateful for their support and to whom she also frequently plays. She's a flaming liberal and her language is atrocious, so she has a tendency to offend conservatives, all of which is fine with me! She also tends to offend people with no sense of humor and those who are so dense they can't manage to figure out that she's joking. I say, "Bravo Kathleen!"moreless
    • Self-aggrandizement and b*tchiness do not a career make.

      I can forgive her for being talentless. Hell, if I held that against her I\'d have to have VH1 deleted from my cable account for BWE alone.

      I can forgive her for being ugly. Even that science fiction kind of ugly that she\'s got going on. She paid a professional to make her slightly less hideous, but it was a lateral move at best. She\'s still nightmare ugly, but in a different way. I guess if you were flying above her in an airplane and looked down on her- at night- you might suppress your gag reflex a little. Maybe you\'d only throw up in your mouth, and not all over your lap. I especially hate that perpetually surprised look that her Botox treatments have given her.

      But I forgive her ugly face and figger.

      But I can\'t forgive the way she draws attention to the \'good\' she does: going to Iraq, or performing at an AIDS benefit, even babysitting - she does these things only to be able to mention them later as part of the train wreck that is her \'act\', and to convice her audience that a human heart beats in her scaly, reptilian hide. If you think about it, she\'s the liberal, gay-friendly version of Jeff Foxworthy- never really funny, never very clever. It’s just mediocre crap. She\'s doing Joan Rivers material- wait! - with Joan Rivers\' face! Except that when Joan was her age, Joan was actually funny.

      In short- if you don\'t like this horrible harpy or her awful, clumsy \'jokes\', you won\'t like following her around while she stumbles through her daily inability to be a wife, dog owner or \'celebrity\'. A sick stink of a show.

    • You can learn a lot from a "D-lister." Aside from being a gifted story teller who holds large, gay audiences spellbound with her razor-sharp wit, she lets the cameras into her life and shows you what it's really like climbing the Hollywood ladder.moreless

      It is a fascinating look at: getting ready for red carpet events; getting NOTICED by the papparazzo; convincing E! network to rehire you; getting re-banned from The View; promoting your DVD's; promoting your live gigs; promoting yourself, in general; the crazy diets; the crazy workouts; the botox injections; getting nervous before your show; pigging out after your show; yelling at your assistants; HAVING assistants; scheduling quality time with your family between gigs; Jay Leno making you cry; dating Ron Jeremy; dating Steve Wozniak; remodling your A-list house; and having a down-to-earth relationship with your dogs. Oh yeah, and being laugh-out-loud-funny.moreless
    • Kathy Griffin is the rock

      Kathy Griffin says what you've always thought but never really said. She says everything and anything. She speaks her mind and knows what she wants. Nothing is too outrageous or scandalous for her. Thats why she is one of the most fabulous people in this world. As a comedian, her jokes are mainly celebrity-oriented, which is very much my ride. She tells her stories with excitment and passion, you can really tell she's enjoying herself if you ever watch any of the Bravo Specials. Not only that, its the stories she tells! They're true and unexpected. Its all what we've ever wondered as to what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of the very celebrities we glamorize.

      Watching My Life On The D-List is extremely entertaining. The things she does and goes through are VERY REAL. Not some bullsh1t reality tv show thats staged and written. *ahem*thehills*ahem* Kathy Griffin is a very inspirational person, watching her go through her divorce and her father's death, so strong and standing tall inspires anyone to enjoy life the way she does.moreless

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