Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Season 4 Episode 2

Home is Where the Profit Is

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 19, 2008 on Bravo

Episode Recap

Kathy's dismal t-shirt sales make her think that she must do something different to move her product. Team Griffin decides that if they meet a quota to sell enough of Kathy's stuff, they should get new, company Blackberries. Kathy reluctantly agrees on the deal.
After doing a gig on The Tom Green Show and meeting Coolio, Kathy gets a brilliant idea: She is going to record a CD and try to get a Grammy nomination! Teaming up with Twist, a gay-focused record label, Kathy decides to record her CD in Tiffany's hometown of Tracy, California.
Before Tracy, Kathy, Tom, and Jessica head to St. Louis, the hometown of Tom. Kathy insists that the trip is to make Tiffany and Tom as famous as Jessica, but later confides that really it's to help move Kathy's merchandise - even though she definitely does not want to buy anyone a Blackberry.
Tom gets an awful lot of attention while at home - more attention than Kathy - but the sold-out venue does not help Team Griffin meet their Blackberry quota. However, the girls do get to meet Tom's brother, beat up Tom, and go to a shooting range, where they find that Tom is a little too pumped about firing his gun.
Finally, it's off to Tracy! Tiffany certainly gets a lot of attention as well, but hers is stranger even than Tom's. Kathy also has a revelation that Tiffany may be able to drink more than Maggie. At the Tracy venue, while Kathy records her future Grammy contender CD, Team Griffin meets their quota and Kathy buys Tiffany and Jessica Blackberries. When Tom asks for his, she reminds him that he just wanted a hug and a blow job. She hugs him, then disappears before delivering on the second part of the bargain, at which point Tom hounds Jessica and Tiffany.

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