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  • In a sea of terrible celeb-reality shows, "Life on the D-List" is a shining beacon of hilarity.

    Get a peak into the day-to-day life of celebrity-mocker Kathy Griffin, best known for Suddenly Susan and her previous "D-List" comedy specials. The format is pretty standard as she's followed around, both on mundane daily activities and at charity and professional engagements, but subtle differences from this show's VH-1 and MTV cousins make it much better.
    With the focus mostly on Kathy Griffin, and not on an entire family, the show feels a lot more grounded than other shows of this sort where an entire family joins in on the wackiness. A main story was her preparations to host a Toys-for-Tots benefit in her house, as well as haggling to get furnishings for said house for free. Between Costco runs and looking for deals, you see she's very much like a regular person, and even the show's theme states she's "had to work twice as hard to get half as far" as many celebrities. A staple of the show has been her ruminating that her latest indignity is something where "Nicole Kidman never has this happen." The best part of the show is that she comes off very much as someone you'd like to be friends with. She's hilarious, but has that proverbial heart of gold, seeming to do charity events more than pure professional stand-up routines. There is a little bit of time spent with her husband and her parents, but she is clearly the star here. They supplement her show rather than compete with her for camera time, and that makes all the difference when compared to The Osbournes and Hogan Knows Best.
    I'll admit I was a tad skeptical when I tuned in, even being a fan of Kathy's previous work, but the show quickly proved to be worth watching and highly enjoyable. Bravo has another great show on its hands.
  • I'm not normally a fan of reality TV. In fact, most of the time I can't stand it. But Kathy Griffin's reality show on Bravo is completely different. It is hilariously funny.

    It should be said, for the sake of anyone who isn't familiar with Kathy Griffin, that her shtick as a stand-up comedian is poking fun at the entertainment industry and celebrities who are a part of it -- including her own self. In fact, that's the premise of this show. Griffin has declared herself to be a "D-list celebrity," desperately trying to climb the rungs of the ladder in show-biz to make it to the A-list, and she'll do anything (allegedly) to get there. So we, the audience, get to follow her around as she tries to get publicity for herself any way she can. Sometimes it's by doing charitable things. Sometimes, it's finding someone popular or notorious she can go out with and shop on Rodeo Drive in hopes she'll get photographed by the paparazzi and published in a magazine. Part of the fun is watching her interact with her personal assistants and her elderly parents, though, sadly, now it's just her mother. Kathy's father, whom we got to know a bit on the show, finally passed away. He was himself a funny man with quite a sense of humor. Her mother is a gem herself. Griffin has found a resonance with her gay fans, to whom she is grateful for their support and to whom she also frequently plays. She's a flaming liberal and her language is atrocious, so she has a tendency to offend conservatives, all of which is fine with me! She also tends to offend people with no sense of humor and those who are so dense they can't manage to figure out that she's joking. I say, "Bravo Kathleen!"
  • Self-aggrandizement and b*tchiness do not a career make.

    I can forgive her for being talentless. Hell, if I held that against her I\'d have to have VH1 deleted from my cable account for BWE alone.

    I can forgive her for being ugly. Even that science fiction kind of ugly that she\'s got going on. She paid a professional to make her slightly less hideous, but it was a lateral move at best. She\'s still nightmare ugly, but in a different way. I guess if you were flying above her in an airplane and looked down on her- at night- you might suppress your gag reflex a little. Maybe you\'d only throw up in your mouth, and not all over your lap. I especially hate that perpetually surprised look that her Botox treatments have given her.

    But I forgive her ugly face and figger.

    But I can\'t forgive the way she draws attention to the \'good\' she does: going to Iraq, or performing at an AIDS benefit, even babysitting - she does these things only to be able to mention them later as part of the train wreck that is her \'act\', and to convice her audience that a human heart beats in her scaly, reptilian hide. If you think about it, she\'s the liberal, gay-friendly version of Jeff Foxworthy- never really funny, never very clever. It’s just mediocre crap. She\'s doing Joan Rivers material- wait! - with Joan Rivers\' face! Except that when Joan was her age, Joan was actually funny.

    In short- if you don\'t like this horrible harpy or her awful, clumsy \'jokes\', you won\'t like following her around while she stumbles through her daily inability to be a wife, dog owner or \'celebrity\'. A sick stink of a show.

  • You can learn a lot from a "D-lister." Aside from being a gifted story teller who holds large, gay audiences spellbound with her razor-sharp wit, she lets the cameras into her life and shows you what it's really like climbing the Hollywood ladder.

    It is a fascinating look at: getting ready for red carpet events; getting NOTICED by the papparazzo; convincing E! network to rehire you; getting re-banned from The View; promoting your DVD's; promoting your live gigs; promoting yourself, in general; the crazy diets; the crazy workouts; the botox injections; getting nervous before your show; pigging out after your show; yelling at your assistants; HAVING assistants; scheduling quality time with your family between gigs; Jay Leno making you cry; dating Ron Jeremy; dating Steve Wozniak; remodling your A-list house; and having a down-to-earth relationship with your dogs. Oh yeah, and being laugh-out-loud-funny.
  • Kathy Griffin is the rock

    Kathy Griffin says what you've always thought but never really said. She says everything and anything. She speaks her mind and knows what she wants. Nothing is too outrageous or scandalous for her. Thats why she is one of the most fabulous people in this world. As a comedian, her jokes are mainly celebrity-oriented, which is very much my ride. She tells her stories with excitment and passion, you can really tell she's enjoying herself if you ever watch any of the Bravo Specials. Not only that, its the stories she tells! They're true and unexpected. Its all what we've ever wondered as to what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of the very celebrities we glamorize.

    Watching My Life On The D-List is extremely entertaining. The things she does and goes through are VERY REAL. Not some bullsh1t reality tv show thats staged and written. *ahem*thehills*ahem* Kathy Griffin is a very inspirational person, watching her go through her divorce and her father's death, so strong and standing tall inspires anyone to enjoy life the way she does.
  • Following the life of a D-List star seems like it would be a boring journey. But, boy, when it's Kathy Griffin it sure is hysterical!!

    This show follows Kathy Griffin's life. A somewhat famous comedian who's trying to make it bigger. As it's stated in the opening theme song, she owns the same stuff as all the other A-List stars out there, but she has to work for what she's got. Featuring awesome family members and guest stars, the show is funny, original, and really entertaining. Kathy obviously writes her commentaries that she does for each episode and it makes it that much more funny. Honestly, if any other actor/actress/comedian did this show...it would be a complete waste of everyone's time. Fantastic show! Highly recommended!
  • Climbing the Hollywood ladder…One letter at a time.

    I like to think of Kathy as a walking, talking, much funnier version of TMZ. If that's your idea of funny, then you'll probably get a laugh out both Kathy's stand up and her show.

    If you can get your own reality show and live in a place as nice as Kathy's, it's safe to say folks would volunteer for the D-List anytime. Kathy sometimes portrays her status as a bit of a burden. I think that if this show continues in the direction that it's going, she'll have to upgrade herself to the C-List at some point. I see plenty of A-list celebs bounce in and out of her show every week.

    A really funny watch!
  • Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is a fly on the wall reality show chronicling her daily life.

    Kathy is fantastic. Her comedy style is an honest, no holds barred, stab at the entertainment industry and her crazy peers. She says what we are all thinking about these outrageous celebs and I'm sure the mere mention of her name strikes fear in their hearts. Quite often the repercussions of what she says are funnier than the comments themselves. She's been banned from numerous talk shows and lost red carpet hosting gigs all for the sake of saying what she thinks and sees. Her stories are fantastic and it's really entertaining to hear it from someone who is there and experiences these celebs first hand. She's not quite on the A-List but with all of Kathy's success she's definitely headed to the B-List.
  • This show follows daily life with Kathy Griffin and her struggle to make it in the competitive entertainment industry.

    Although often times crude and harsh, Kathy Griffin is an amazing stand up comic who does not fear being unliked by her audience. She knows how to capture the audience and to turn them into fans. Watching the show shows that there is so much more to the entertainment industry than people know about. She has her entourage with her all the time trying to boost her career and get her out of the "D-List" It really gives the viewer a new outlook and appreciation for entertainment. To those of you not sure whether or not you should watch the show, I tell you this: Give it a chance, you may be surprised at how much you actually like Kathy Griffin and her sarcastic sense of humour.
  • Sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!

    This girl can make you laugh. I love this show Kathy is great she makes fun of celebs but not in a predictable kind of way she is original. She also makes fun of herself she does not pretend she is a big celeb she knows she is a D list celeb. She is not scared to poke fun at big A list people she is not scared. I love the way she makes fun of E! and seacrest I hate him. My fave episode was the one where she goes to England after that i doubted Ricky Gervais I didn't know he was cowred.
  • TBS.. Very Funny. I mean Kathy Griffin very funny! This show is such a great show! A great example of reality TV!

    Kathy Griffin stars in her own reality show profiling her life on the D-List and her attemps to try and propel her career. This funny show features Kathy Griffin's Life as she stuggles as a comedian. I have to say when I stumbled upon this show when I was channel surfing, I was pleasently suprised. People have been talking about this show for a while and I'm usually like "oh yeah." So anyways I continued to watch the show, laughing that hour away. The timeslot in Canada is sorta junky, 2:30 - 3:30 am. (I'll asume that it was a repeat though.) I thought it might be that I was a little tired making the show more funny, until I found it again.

    When I found it again I laughed and laughed again. I think the episode was about Kathy dating Nick Carter. Anyways, I realized that I had to start watching this show a lot and that's what I did. Kathy Griffin is hilarious and makes this show hilarious with all the cursing. Great show and I love it. The 18+ rating is a little tough just for some language though. If your 13 I think you can watch this show and you'll be alright.

    This is a great example of how reality TV can be wonderful and funny. This show is fresh and I hope it will not go downhill. I will recomend it to my friends, only I hope they don't reply "oh yeah" and shrug it off.
  • this show is full of laughs for teens and adults.

    Welcome to the world of Kathy Griffin, the ultimate D-List celebrity. In Hollywood, where everything is list-oriented, Kathy has made a name for herself by making fun of A-List celebrities (like Nicole Kidman, Renee Zelwegger, Julia Roberts, and Cameron Diaz). In her new, behind-the-scenes show, where she does everything she can to make publicity for herself, Kathy exposes the evils, and the downright hilarious, aspects of Hollywood culture, as well as her surprisingly busy life. Whether attempting to redesign her "A-List" worthy home with her live-in gay visionary Mike Nielsen, all the while trying to get free furniture for the home, trying to organize a fundraiser, or struggling to sell DVDs, you can bet that Kathy Griffin will make you laugh. Despite her "low" status, Kathy has a core support group of family and friends, including her parents, John and Maggie, husband Matthew Moline, and best friends Tony Tripoli and Dennis Hensley, Kathy proves that you can still have fun while living life on the D-List.
  • Kathy is freaking hilarious. Even though I'm straight, I still tune in on Tuesday's to see what crazy roller coaster ride of an episode Bravo has cooked up for me.

    Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List is one of my favorite new shows I've discovered this year. Kathy is so hilarious. And when your watching, you really feel a connection with her because you know that she is brutally honest about everybody and everything.

    This show is real. And you can tell this if you watch it. This woman does not hold back whatsoever. She tells it like it is, and this show is how reality shows really should be. In other shows, you can tell that they change themselves for the camera immensely. But not Kathy. You can be pretty confident that she acts the same with cameras around and without.

    The episodes with Kathy's father being sick really showed that this was true. This is the moment when you really do realize that this show is real, and she's not sugar coating her life whatsoever. When she was upset about her father, she let us know about it. Like I've said, she doesn't hold back.

    In my opinion, very few people can be on a reality show and make it interesting and entertaining to watch. Paula Abdul? No. Kathy Griffin. YES.

    I can't wait for season 4. Lets get Kathy onto the A-List!
  • Kathy makes the D-List seem like a good thing

    I recently started watching her cable show, and I must say, Kathy is probably one of the funniest woman on TV today. It's rare that you find many funny celebs who are funny in their personal lives-but she truly is. Her self depricating humor is always innappropriate, yet she makes vulgar humor look cool somehow. Thanks Kathy for letting your life as a D-lister become a part of my weekly routine!
  • A look into Kathy Griffin extremely interesting life.

    What can I say? This is such a great show, and it's extremely funny. Kathy Griffin is my all time favorite comedian, and I love being able to catch a glimpse into her fascinating life on My Life On The D-List. I have recently actually had the chance to see her do a live stand up performance, and I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable experience of my life. Both Kathy herself, and this show is absolutely hilarious. I have loved watching My Life On The D-List in the past, and I'm looking forward to the show's third season. I always get a kick out of Kathy's behavior and her personality. All in all, I would say that My Life On The D-List is the best reality show on TV today.
  • MISS IT!!

    commmeee baacckk!! i cant wait for the net season of my life on the d list. its one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. kathy is one of the funniest people i've ever seen in my life, and i cant wait to get to see one of her acts live. i love the dogs, her AMAZING house, and her sense of humor. her parents are so funny, and its sad to hear what happened to her dad. also whats going on with her and matt. but she'l get through it, shes strong, and SO AWESOME! if anything, these painful times will just give her more to talk about on the show, which i think is a great way to vent, while connecting with the fans.

  • i heart kathy

    kathy is one of the funniest people evveerr! i love how no matter what she says its funny, and if someone else said it, it would be horrible. i think matt sucks... i llooovveee lance and i know kathy hangs out with him. i honestly think she doesnt give herself enough credit. she always says shes ssoo d-list but i would lloovee to do ANY of those things. like i think shes SO famous and SO lucky to talk to all those people. and i lovvee her house! its soo pretty! when i get older i hope to meet kathy and lance.

    llaannnccceeeee <33
  • She is soo funny!

    Everytime i watch her tv show "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List" I laugh at just about everything she says. Kathy is such a funny person. I don't see how she could be on the D list, I mean with her show and nominated for an Emmy(i spelled it wrong i know). But, I think this is one of the shows I actlly watch because I know I will Laugh. I love that episode when her niece and Nephew come over to her house and, she was like "I'm going to gab you in the throat with this fork" or something along thosse lines. So, yeah if you want to watch a very funny tv show, "Kathy Griffin: My life on the D-list" is the right show for you!
  • Kathy Griffin is just hilarious in this reality show. It is no surprise that "My Life on the D-List" has been nominated for an Emmy.

    This is perhaps one of the funniest and most interesting reality shows out there. Unlike other shows, this one is realistic and the cast certainly doesn't create fake drama for the cameras. Kathy's adventures are just worth following because of the humor she brings to them. I can't stop laughing because of the stuff she says and does most of the time. I'm hooked. This show rocks!
  • Only one word HILARIOUS

    This show has the comedic talent of kathy griffin in it of course its going to be funny. If you dont want to watch this hilarious theres channel up and down buttons on your remote use them she doesnt care if you like her show. soo you can just keep your low ratings to yourself. From her husband doing her hair for every event she attends to joking around with the troops in baghdad. I don't see you over in Iraq during the war trying to make them feel better. I know im all over the place with this review so im just going to end it
  • Kathy Griffin is so funny!

    Kathy Griffin: My Lfe on the D-List is a very funny show about Kathy's life obviously. Kathy makes this show so funny by the way that she accepts things the way they are. Sh emakes her show interesting because not only does she make funny jokes, she also goes to Iraq to go greet and make the soldiers there laugh which I think is very nice of Kathy and her husband and her friend. Kathy is very goving and caring and also very funny. I woudl say that her show should be given another season and see what that shows us.
  • This is only one of three reality shows I watch. The others are "My Super Sweet Sixteen" and "Room Raiders" on MTV. You know, the fun ones.

    Say what you want of my undying devotion to Kathy Griffin. She is the girl that was my best friend in high school, my college roommate's girlfriend that I had lunch with, the co-worker whose jokes you got.

    Say what you want about Kathy Griffin -- really, say it. I mean, what could you say about her that she hasn't said about someone else. Kathy Griffin can take it. Hell, she went to Iraq to entertain the troops, she can take anything.

    She's funny. She's very funny. And you know, she works harder that 99 per cent of the rest of them.

    Whew, that last line was my 101st. Can I stop now?
  • Kathy Griffin has her own reality show and it\'s downright funny. This one-woman show, with the help of her family and friends, keeps the audience laughing. She\'s well off the D-List and on to the A-List with this show.

    I wish I could come up with the things Kathy says as fast as she could. She has fast and funny comebacks, always looking to make a person laugh, and just wants a little more credit and respect for her service to the public.
    There are guaranteed laugh-out-loud moments in every episode. The show premiered in 2005 and is just great. From going on Tyra Banks\' show, Emmys, and Iraq, to having a guest over at her house, Kathy Griffin keeps the audience entertained.
  • oh! Kathy is down right hilarious.

    Kathy Griffin: My life on the D-List! How I feel about it, one word, Aws-freakin-some...this show is so hilarious, but come on...I think Kathy isnt a D lister...maybe a high C..
    But really this show is awsome and cant wait to see all the new episodes and so glab it came back for a second season, Kathy isnt afraid to talk about anyone, (Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Clay Aikin, Brad Pitt, Barbra Walters, even Oprah)
  • You could tell right from the start that tonight’s episode was going to be a good one. In the previous cliff-hanger we were left with a fatal car crash, not knowing anything else about the accident besides the fact that it happened.

    You could tell right from the start that tonight’s episode was going to be a good one. In the previous cliff-hanger we were left with a fatal car crash, not knowing anything else about the accident besides the fact that it happened. Tonight’s story opens with Alf in a dark hospital waiting room. In the background two nurses are talking. One says "he hasn't said a word since he found out". The other replies: "Some people need time... she's only been dead for 2 hours".
  • Gotta Love Her!

    I love that Kathy has such a sence of humor about being on the "D-List". For her to make a show on the very subject really shows the type of person she is. Hopefully her and her husband can work things out where they can flim my shows. I know that may seem kind of mean, but who knows with Kathy she may go there and have you go inside marriage therapy with her. I know she's one of my favorite comedians and even though she doesn't have the same celebrity status has most, she really knows how to have fun and make life a lot of fun.
  • Kathy steps out in front of the camera, to show us what shes REALLY like without a stage and Microphone. Surprising, is how I would categorize this show. I found out a Lot about her that I liked knowing. Shes a bit controlling, to say the least....

    I find Kathy Griffin EXTREMELY funny. Then again, she is VERY mean to get those laughs. By watching her on reality t.v, she gives us an inside look at her personal life. I like her husband, Matt. He seems so unaffected by her fame. He sells her dvds out front, and doesnt feel belittled. Cool guy. On the other hand, he seems to block her out a lot, I guess thats how he stays so unaffected, ya think? Kathy likes to pester her subjects to tears, but does not have tough skin to take the backlash. I saw her cry, and be hurt and offended by people calling her ugly, or not knowing who she is several times. Cmon my Kathy girl, dont dish it out, if you cant take it. That makes her seem like a hypocrite. Maybe not, maybe just human. She Loves to score free things, but has to basically beg for it, and barter...but I suppose thats why the show is what it is, the life of a D lister gone amok. Guilty pleasure? Yes. Turn the channel? no way.
  • You never realize how funny some one is...

    I've never not like Kathy Griffin. I've always thought she's a silly little lady. But it wasn't until I accidentally happened upon her show that I realized just how hysterical she is. Her dark, self-depricating humor is right up my ally, and her absolute refusal to play into hollywood's fame game is what I'd like to see from more people.
  • This is the kind of reality I want to see. None of that Amazing Race or Big Brother fake reality tv. Hope there's another season.

    Hers is the life of a celebrity who has not and might never reach the highest pinnacles of fame. Griffin's personal assistant and publicists spend a good part of their time trying to wangle goods and services for her for free. Gift bags are gratefully accepted, their contents used for "re-gifting." Clothing and accessories are solicited with promises that they will be worn in places where photos will be taken.

    Adding to the fun are the characters that surround Griffin, including her husband, Matt, her assistant, Jessica, and her wisecracking parents. Judicious use of voice-overs and fast-paced edits make this the one celebrity reality show worth watching.
  • This woman is hilarious!

    Too funy for words. It's delightful. Griffin is so real and it's ridiculous that she considers herself on the D-list when she lives in a glorious Hollywood Hills manison, drives a fine German car and has hair and make-up people and a styist. D-list is Jimmy's Beer Barn, not Hollywood. That said, wonderful, funny insights on what it's like to be a "star," even wan trying damn hard to keep the lights going. It's the true life Comeback, just mutch funnier than the Lisa Kudrow show. All About Eve meets The Comeback meets Roseanne.
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