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  • Self-aggrandizement and b*tchiness do not a career make.

    I can forgive her for being talentless. Hell, if I held that against her I\'d have to have VH1 deleted from my cable account for BWE alone.

    I can forgive her for being ugly. Even that science fiction kind of ugly that she\'s got going on. She paid a professional to make her slightly less hideous, but it was a lateral move at best. She\'s still nightmare ugly, but in a different way. I guess if you were flying above her in an airplane and looked down on her- at night- you might suppress your gag reflex a little. Maybe you\'d only throw up in your mouth, and not all over your lap. I especially hate that perpetually surprised look that her Botox treatments have given her.

    But I forgive her ugly face and figger.

    But I can\'t forgive the way she draws attention to the \'good\' she does: going to Iraq, or performing at an AIDS benefit, even babysitting - she does these things only to be able to mention them later as part of the train wreck that is her \'act\', and to convice her audience that a human heart beats in her scaly, reptilian hide. If you think about it, she\'s the liberal, gay-friendly version of Jeff Foxworthy- never really funny, never very clever. It’s just mediocre crap. She\'s doing Joan Rivers material- wait! - with Joan Rivers\' face! Except that when Joan was her age, Joan was actually funny.

    In short- if you don\'t like this horrible harpy or her awful, clumsy \'jokes\', you won\'t like following her around while she stumbles through her daily inability to be a wife, dog owner or \'celebrity\'. A sick stink of a show.