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  • Kathy Griffin is the rock

    Kathy Griffin says what you've always thought but never really said. She says everything and anything. She speaks her mind and knows what she wants. Nothing is too outrageous or scandalous for her. Thats why she is one of the most fabulous people in this world. As a comedian, her jokes are mainly celebrity-oriented, which is very much my ride. She tells her stories with excitment and passion, you can really tell she's enjoying herself if you ever watch any of the Bravo Specials. Not only that, its the stories she tells! They're true and unexpected. Its all what we've ever wondered as to what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of the very celebrities we glamorize.

    Watching My Life On The D-List is extremely entertaining. The things she does and goes through are VERY REAL. Not some bullsh1t reality tv show thats staged and written. *ahem*thehills*ahem* Kathy Griffin is a very inspirational person, watching her go through her divorce and her father's death, so strong and standing tall inspires anyone to enjoy life the way she does.