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  • In a sea of terrible celeb-reality shows, "Life on the D-List" is a shining beacon of hilarity.

    Get a peak into the day-to-day life of celebrity-mocker Kathy Griffin, best known for Suddenly Susan and her previous "D-List" comedy specials. The format is pretty standard as she's followed around, both on mundane daily activities and at charity and professional engagements, but subtle differences from this show's VH-1 and MTV cousins make it much better.
    With the focus mostly on Kathy Griffin, and not on an entire family, the show feels a lot more grounded than other shows of this sort where an entire family joins in on the wackiness. A main story was her preparations to host a Toys-for-Tots benefit in her house, as well as haggling to get furnishings for said house for free. Between Costco runs and looking for deals, you see she's very much like a regular person, and even the show's theme states she's "had to work twice as hard to get half as far" as many celebrities. A staple of the show has been her ruminating that her latest indignity is something where "Nicole Kidman never has this happen." The best part of the show is that she comes off very much as someone you'd like to be friends with. She's hilarious, but has that proverbial heart of gold, seeming to do charity events more than pure professional stand-up routines. There is a little bit of time spent with her husband and her parents, but she is clearly the star here. They supplement her show rather than compete with her for camera time, and that makes all the difference when compared to The Osbournes and Hogan Knows Best.
    I'll admit I was a tad skeptical when I tuned in, even being a fan of Kathy's previous work, but the show quickly proved to be worth watching and highly enjoyable. Bravo has another great show on its hands.