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  • I'm not normally a fan of reality TV. In fact, most of the time I can't stand it. But Kathy Griffin's reality show on Bravo is completely different. It is hilariously funny.

    It should be said, for the sake of anyone who isn't familiar with Kathy Griffin, that her shtick as a stand-up comedian is poking fun at the entertainment industry and celebrities who are a part of it -- including her own self. In fact, that's the premise of this show. Griffin has declared herself to be a "D-list celebrity," desperately trying to climb the rungs of the ladder in show-biz to make it to the A-list, and she'll do anything (allegedly) to get there. So we, the audience, get to follow her around as she tries to get publicity for herself any way she can. Sometimes it's by doing charitable things. Sometimes, it's finding someone popular or notorious she can go out with and shop on Rodeo Drive in hopes she'll get photographed by the paparazzi and published in a magazine. Part of the fun is watching her interact with her personal assistants and her elderly parents, though, sadly, now it's just her mother. Kathy's father, whom we got to know a bit on the show, finally passed away. He was himself a funny man with quite a sense of humor. Her mother is a gem herself. Griffin has found a resonance with her gay fans, to whom she is grateful for their support and to whom she also frequently plays. She's a flaming liberal and her language is atrocious, so she has a tendency to offend conservatives, all of which is fine with me! She also tends to offend people with no sense of humor and those who are so dense they can't manage to figure out that she's joking. I say, "Bravo Kathleen!"