Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List - Season 3



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Episode Guide

  • 7/24/07

    Kathy gets an award from Irish American Magazine, and then gets to travel to Ireland. Maggie asks Kathy if she will scatter some of her father's ashes there.

  • 7/17/07

    Kathy goes to London to celebrate her show's premiere over the pond.

  • 7/10/07

    Kathy hosts the Gay Porn Awards and performs at a prison.

  • 6/26/07

    Following her tragic family loss, Kathy begins to ponder her legacy and wishes to resolve all her relationship issues. In the meantime, she is also offered a gig on a home-shopping network, hosts a performance in her hometown of Chicago, and reconnects with an old high-school love.

  • 6/19/07

    Kathy is ready to set out on Rosie O'Donnell's lesbian cruise, but soon realizes that she must adjust her comedic material to captivate the lesbian audience. To do so, she enlists assistance from Work Out star Jackie Warner. However, Kathy's comedy is not her only impediment, as she receives horrible news that may shake the entire course of her life from this point forward.

  • 6/12/07

    Now that she is single again, Kathy plans on jumping back into the dating pool and making a big splash by dating someone who will get her all the publicity that she needs. First in the mix is Nick Carter, whom she ends up going out with, but whose publicist tries to maintain the encounter out of the press.

  • Suddenly Single
    Episode 1

    Life is busier than ever for Kathy since last season, and she's hired two more assistants to help her keep up with the pace. Some of her upcoming events include a visit to the ladies of The View, a gig hosting a corporate film for Redken sales reps, and most importantly, a sold out show at Carnegie Hall!But not all of Kathy's recent changes have been pleasant; she and Matt Moline are now officially divorced, and Kathy's not sure she's ready to face the world alone.

  • Kathy Griffin: Straight to Hell

    Kathy gives the gossip on her time on The View, especially on Martha Stewart's guest appearance. Dr Phil takes a bashing, and celebrity socialite Paris Hilton doesn't get left out either!

  • Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It

    Kathy Griffin is back to her bitchy best. Whether her topic is award shows or Los Angeles clubs, nothing is safe from her lashings!