Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List - Season 4



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Episode Guide

  • 8/14/08

    Kathy scoots off to the U.S. capitol where she performs at the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital.

  • 8/7/08

    Kathy joins up with Steve Wozniak to host a charity affair, although it makes Kathy question their relationship.

  • 7/31/08

    Kathy has an idea how she can promote her new CD, one which involves going on an unusual date. The problem is, her mom is the one getting all the attention from the media!

  • 7/24/08

    Kathy heads to Bora Bora to perform stand up and to greet fans. Also, she attempts to get her mother to leave her house and move to a retirement home.

  • 7/17/08

    Kathy opens up the Kathy Griffin Leadership Academy down in Mexico.

  • 7/3/08

    Kathy introduces Team Griffin to Team Wozniak, and then combines the two so that she can move product when she performs for a bunch of bears!

  • 7/10/08

    Kathy visits The Bad Girls Club cast in Brooklyn and tries to learn how to "pop off." Meanwhile, Rosie O'Donnell has done unspeakable things to her Emmys that mortifies Kathy. And, Kathy marries a couple!

  • 6/26/08

    Kathy sets off to the land Down Under, where she takes part in the Mardi Gras parade. Before she even gets there, her trip is eventful as she does a standup act on the airplane and the plane's passengers consist mainly of gays and drag queens.

  • 6/19/08

    Kathy takes a trip to meet the families of Tom and Tiffany, and also has a look around their hometowns. The Emmy frontier conquered, she now sets her sights on winning a Grammy.

  • 6/12/08

    Kathy's back with another packed season, which sees her kick things off at CNN's New Year's Eve countdown show with Anderson Cooper! Also, Kathy is nominated for and gets to present an award at the Producers Guild Awards. Alongside new boyfriend Steve Wozniak, she rubs shoulders with some of Hollywood's most valuable players.

  • She'll Cut a Bitch

    Kathy performs at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, where she dishes on the Grammys and meeting a very A-list, gay icon - Cher!