Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List - Season 5



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Episode Guide

  • 8/10/09

    Kathy visits Suzanne Somers' home and gets a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame.

  • 8/3/09

    Kathy gets her hopes up about getting out of her D-list status once she hears a life-size model of her is in the works. Meanwhile, she meets with A-list authors and tries to select a photo for her book jacket.

  • Norma Gay
    Episode 8

    Kathy joins in the protest for gay rights as she travels to Sacramento. She meets up with Melissa Etheridge, who has a new nickname for Kathy.

  • 7/20/09

    Kathy tries to bring in a new audience by appearing at the Apollo Theatre, so she meets Katt Williams for advice.

  • Kathy is looking for a second home and Star Island seems to be the perfect location. Kathy meets up with some fellow celebrities to help her snag her next dream house.

  • 7/6/09

    Kathy is looking for work ideas and helps her mom write and complete a bucket list.

  • 6/29/09

    Kathy realizes that to appeal to the younger generation, she needs to brush shoulders with young Hollywood stars. She lands a spot on a teen drama and spends the day with Paris Hilton, while Maggie tries to set up Kathy's Facebook page.

  • Grammy Shmammy
    Episode 3

    The Grammys are finally here and it's time to see if all Kathy's hard work has paid off. When things don't go as planned, Kathy heads to Paula Deen's home in Georgia to put her disappointment behind her.

  • 6/15/09

    Kathy's determination to get a Grammy nomination has paid off, but she won't rest until she has won the award. Kathy starts calling previous winners in an effort to secure their votes. She then heads to Canada, where she meets with Lily Tomlin.

  • Place Your Bette
    Episode 1

    Kathy starts to think she has a chance of moving off of the D-list after a string of awards and nominations. She heads down to Grammy headquarters in order to convince/bribe them to give her an award; and, Kathy meets up with the great Bette Midler, who offers her a part in the show!

  • Balls of Steel

    Kathy performs live at the San Diego Civic Theatre, where she tells stories about Barbara Walters, Michael Jackson, and spending time at the Teen Choice Awards.