Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Season 3 Episode 4

What I Won't Do for a Buck

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 26, 2007 on Bravo
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Following her tragic family loss, Kathy begins to ponder her legacy and wishes to resolve all her relationship issues. In the meantime, she is also offered a gig on a home-shopping network, hosts a performance in her hometown of Chicago, and reconnects with an old high-school love.

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  • HSN...

    The Home Shopping Network – the home of Suzanne Sommers – Kathy’s D-List idol. The woman is the queen of the home shopping network with a million things for sale – she has built an empire. Kathy can’t meet her so she settles for the next best person – Mrs. Stallone – who also reigns at HSN. Kathy has no idea what she wants to sell, but knows that it must be something that everyone wants. She does three guest spots, a steam cleaner, a computer and some make-up. Mrs. Stallone’s make-up to be exact and she has to be the before after girl and Mrs. Stallone gets very b*tchy about how bad Kathy looked as the before – oh well – the execs liked her and one of her products sold out.moreless
  • In the days following her father's passing, Kathy goes on a date with Ron Jeremy, goes on the Home Shopping Network, and travels back to her home town of Chicago to do a show and speek at her nephew's middle school.moreless

    Kathy Griffin is officially the funniest person I know. She is preparing for her journey to Home Shopping Newtwork by talking with Tiffany's grandmother who is an avid watcher. Tiffany's grandma, Millie, tells Kathy she should put the makeup on right on air which make Kathy say possibly one of the funniest lines ever: "I am not doing that at this stage of the game. What's next? Oh, maybe if you show a close up of your cellulite people will wanna buy anti-vomit potion." HILARIOUS! When she travels to Roosevelt Middle School to talk to her nephew J.P.'s class, she tells the girls it will help if they get boob jobs and guys if they're gay Then when a kid asks how many Emmy's she's won, she says she was beat by the "bastards of Extreme Makeover Home Edition" and that "Ty Pennington can suck it." LOL. This is my favorite episode of all the seasons by far!moreless
  • Funniest episode so far this season! Kathy does the Home Shopping Network, dates Ron Jeremy, and performs for some 12 year olds.

    I absolutely loved this episode. Kathy was top notch, cracking joke after joke. I was seriously in stitches. First, she visited her newphews school for a speech about how to succeed in television. After bombing during her intro, she began cursing and got the kids laughing. Very clever editing during this part, I must say. So she ended up being adored by the kids and loathed by the adults who hired her. Plus, her nephew got some instant popularity. Then, she was off on a date with... actor, Ron Jeremy. The date was a total success- even though Ron was mobbed for autographs while Kathy was pretty much ignored. But she kinda loved it- being with a celebrity, as she called it. She definitely got her pictue taken by the paparazzi. Then, Kathy auditioned for the Home Shopping Network. She did fine with her first sell- a camcorder. But she absolutely failed with a steam cleaner, making for some funny moments. But these two sells were just practice. After meeting with some important heads at HSN (whom she claims hated her), Kathy moved on to the live segments. First, the sold some skin products with Sylvestor Stallone's wife. Kathy claimed the woman was "very glowy" and like a mean cheerleader. Then Kathy conquered the steam cleaner for another sell and sold out an expensive laptop. Needless to say, she was aked back for a summer gig. This episode was so very funny, and I loved every minute of it.moreless

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    • (Responding to wearing no make-up while going on HSN) Kathy: I am not doin' that at this stage of the game. What's next? Oh, maybe if you show a close-up of your cellulite, people will wanna buy anti-vomit potion! That's not a good plan for me.

    • Kathy: So, you guys know I'm not supposed to swear or use bad language, which is very difficult for me, since in show business you swear a lot. Um, also in show business: Girls, it'll help if you get boob jobs and boys, if you're gay that would be great.

    • Kathy: I thought it would be fun to embarrass J.P. to the point where he didn't even have to go to school anymore, and he could just go get tutored in a hut somewhere in some hippie forest.

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