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  • "Katie And Orbie" should be rebroadcast.

    This show teaches kids lessons about life in an easy to understand and entertaining way. And Leslie Nielson's gentle voice and kindly demeanor is just the right match for the program (he even laughs at some of Katie and Orbie's antics!). The way it is presented as a series of slides is quite unusual, but it allows every child's mind to absorb each and every scene. A top pick, and one I would gladly watch with my kids. We need more kid's programming like this, something that actually makes some sense instead of the usual garbage that they pass off as "children's entertainment". Pity it isn't broadcast anymore.
  • Narrated by Leslie Nielson, Katie is a pre-schooler and Orbie is a pre-school alien creature. they discover life and the world together.

    I watched this every day with my (then) 4 year old daughter, and she loved it. I thought it was pretty good also, it taught a lot of valuable lessons for kids in that age group, not the least of which was "tolerance", a trait that IMHO is sorely lacking these days.
    Orbie seemed to be about the same age as Katie, which would explain her parents decision to let him stay with them, I think that is so because there were a few instances that Orbie was scared of something (like; The Dark, Lightning...etc) that was a common "childhood fear".
    Leslie Nielson narrated with a "grandfatherly" like tone, otherwise there was no dialog spoken, except for the squeeks and squacks from orbie, and the laughter and gigles from katie, both of which were quite subdued.
    Have an open mind, and give it a chance
  • Not even recommendable for younger kids, in my opinion.

    A young girl meets a strange alien who comes from another planet. They meet, become friends, and the young girl's parents enable the alien to saty at their house until he finds his way home (supposedly). They go on lame and pointless adventures that always leave viewers in regret. You will easily hate it from the first episode you watch.
  • I remember watching Katie and Orbie on Disney Channel in the US back before the turn of the new milleneum. I especially admire Leslie Neilsen's narration of the stories. However, some of the show is kind of pointless


    Not too long ago, I dug out some old VHS tapes I made of Katie and Orbie. I remember watching this show back around 1998 on Disney. When I did my research on this program, I had no idea that it was produced in Canada. Little did I also know that Leslie Nielsen, who narrated the stories for the show, was Canadian too.

    This show, at one time or other, is pointless because Katie and Orbie are learning life's lessons like exploring nature, being cosiderate of other's feelings, meeting new people, etc. Another thing about this show that is pointless is thatit has very limited or no animation. It's all just a blend of storybook-like frames and sound effects put together. I do admire Leslie Nielsen's narration though. That's the thing I give the thumbs up.

    I usually watch this program just to relive that old shows they used to air back in the '90s. At 1-2 being the worst score one can give, I would rate Katie and Orbie a reasonable 5.5 overall. One more thing I have to say: May Leslie Nielsen always R.I.S.P. (rest in such peace).

  • Very cute tv series for little kids!

    It's about a little girl named Katie who has a friend from Outer Space named Orbie and they are Brother and Sister. They do alot of fun stuff and learn new things together. Sure it may just be like a story book read to kids without words written and doesn't have much animation but I think it's a very cute tv series for little kids. I loved it when I was 6 and even though I'm a teenager now, I still love watching it. Seeing this tv series brings back good memories of my childhood and I'm letting my younger cousins grow up with it too.
  • Clean, fun show about a little girl with an alien friend. Together they teach people that being different is OK.

    I think Katie and Orbie is a cute,fun and clean show for young children to watch. There is a moral in each show, and it is not mind-numbing nonsense like other shows that we too readily allow children to watch i.e. spongebob garbage. Children should be allowed to listen to the narrator tell the story and let their imaginations help them along in this wonderful show.