Kavanagh Q.C. - Season 1

ITV (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • The Sweetest Thing
    The Sweetest Thing
    Episode 4
    Kavanagh defends a prostitute accused of murdering a rich and well-known business man who was one of her clients. All the evidence points to her being the killer, but she protests her innocence. Meanwhile, Kavanagh's daughter Lizzie, has an interview for her dream job in Brussels, and a junior in his chambers, Julia, takes part in a cricket match.moreless
  • A Family Affair
    A Family Affair
    Episode 3
    Kavanagh represents a determined father in a bitter child custody battle. His client is a business man has taken the law into his own hands by kidnapping his son. The case is complicated by allegations of child abuse.
  • Heartland
    Episode 2
    Kavanagh prosecutes a former police officer who hit and seriously injured a teenager with his car. The youngster's mother believes the ex-cop has turned vigilante and that the incident wasn't an accident - he was aiming to kill. The mother's appeal persuades Kavanagh, but he finds there's more to it all than meets the eye.moreless
  • Nothing But the Truth
    Kavanagh is called upon to defend an alleged rapist. David Armstrong, a respectable young Cambridge student who was working as an odd-job-man in the vacation, stands accused of raping the middle-aged housewife he was working for. David seems to be the perfect client, while his accuser is shrill and unconvincing. But who is the real victim?moreless