Season 1 Episode 1

Pushing Back

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 2007 on MTV - Music Television
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Pushing Back
Kaya, a superstar female musician, struggles with fame and success. While in the recording studio, Kaya has problems with her band's new album producer, T. Davis. Because of this, Kaya walks off the stage at one of her live concerts.

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  • great pilot.

    I really liked this episode. It was a great start to this series. I just didn't like how Kaya was kind of a player/flirt. She likes her drummer and her bass player, and she slept with her album person. It was interesting to see, and I loved how they start 3 weeks after, and then they went back and showed everything. I can already tell that I'll like this show a lot. I'm glad they show the bad sides of being a celebrity and what can go wrong; It shows from Kaya's friend because she died from partying too much.

    This was great. I love the band and all the cast looks good! I'm looking forward to next week! (:moreless

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    • (talking about Crossing Clearwaters song)
      T. Davis: Nobody is going to listen to this song, except maybe some cutter laying on the floor of her bathroom with a razorblade in her hand. Look, what makes people buy records?
      Taylor: Uh, the music and the lyrics.
      T. Davis: Oh no. People buy records cause they want to get laid. Twelve year old boys buy records so they can fantacize about getting laid. Teenages buys records that they want to hear, while they are getting laid. 30 somethings buy records so they can remember what it was like when they were really getting laid.
      Kaya: It's supposed to be sexual. Not a club song.

    • Manny: I don't know where there are more crabs; in the ocean, Maryland, or in Taylor's sheets.

    • (People taking pictures of Kaya)
      Manny: What? No one wants to take my picture?
      Gunnar: Your ass isn't nearly that sweet.

    • Man Reporter: So you just signed with the biggest label in the business, congrats.
      Kaya: Thank you. I'm sorry did I miss the question.
      Man Reportwer: No, no. Here's one. Where's your band?
      Kaya: Hah, How would I know?Probably still sleeping or grooming themselves for the party later.
      Male Reporter: What about the rumors that you and your band are breaking up?
      Kaya: Where do you guys come up with this stuff? We just signed a new deal.

    • Reporter: Kaya, your first album went platinum, and you're only 21. What's next?
      Kaya: Uh, well if history serves, I'm either going to OD on drugs or try and save the planet.

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