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Kaze no Stigma

Chiba TV (ended 2007)


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Kaze no Stigma

Show Summary

Years ago, Kazuma Kannagi was defeated by his female cousin Ayano Kannagi in a ritual of family succession. After his loss, he was banished. Now Kazuma has returned with a new name, new allegiances and an impressive array of skills and powers. Now his original clan, the Kannagi are being mysteriously killed off. Is Kazuma exacting his revenge?
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  • Despite an unoriginal plotline this is an excellent show and well worth a watch.

    The show centres around Kazuma Kannagi a young man who should have been the successor to a powerful magical family. However, he was always weak and as such got banished. After many years he returns but when he does he has become far more powerful than anyone in his family could ever have imagined. Now, together with his cousin he deals with threats both to the family and to society.

    The plot is very similar to other shows such as bleach or shana but is very well done with great characters and some very interesting plot arcs. The animation is also good and the show is well paced, making it far better than it's plot suggests.moreless
  • An incredible surprise! I was on my seat through the whole story without any break! :)

    I was surprised by the quality of the anime. The story isn't classical although it reminds me a lot of other similar animes.

    There is a great deal of fights with a nice sense of humor thrown here and there without disturbing the story.

    The main character Kazuma is very well imagined: his attitude is most disturbing at first but finds its way through the show. And Ayano is really funny: she is clumsy and hysterical when it comes to Kazuma and her fighting skills are not that bad.

    Overall a nice screenplay with its rebounds. I recommend it to all of those who enjoyed Shaman King.moreless
  • A good anime worth watching.

    Kaze no Stigma is a Fantasy/Romance anime. The story follows Ayano, the heir to the House of Kannagi witch a power over fire, and Kazuma who was banished from the Kannagi House because he couldn't use the fire element. Four years later he returns, with the ability to control wind, and trouble follows him.

    I gave the anime a 8, I thought about giving it a 7 or 8, so I rounded up and gave it a eight. The overall story has been done many times over and over, that's one of the reason why I only gave it a 8. The core story was good, the two man characters were interesting to watch, the rest I didn't care so much for. The music was just ok, nothing special or moving about it. What made it well above a 5 or 6 was the action which was very good, and the animation done by GONZO. Overall a good anime worth checking out.moreless

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